Chase Adding New Temporary Benefits For Sapphire Cards Due To COVID-19!

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Chase is continuing to add new temporary benefits to their Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred cards to make up for the travel slowdown caused by COVID-19. Registration for these offers is not required.

Chase previously announced that they would continue offering the popular Pay Yourself Back program on Sapphire cards through 4/30/21. That allows you to offset any dining, grocery store, or home improvement purchases at a rate greater than 1.25 or 1.5 cents per point.

Chase previously announced that you will get automatically reimbursed for gas and groceries with your Sapphire Reserve $300 travel credit. Chase announced today that the gas and groceries reimbursement has now been extended through 6/30/21!

Chase also announced today that new and existing Sapphire cardholders will earn a bonus on grocery spending from 11/1/20-4/30/21. Sapphire Reserve will earn 3 points per dollar and Sapphire Preferred will earn 2 points per dollar, both with a $1,000 monthly spending cap.

That’s excellent as grocery spending is a Pay Yourself Back category and you get to keep the points on those purchases when you reimburse yourself for them!

In other words, if you spend $300 on groceries or dining on Sapphire Reserve, you can use 20,000 points to offset that purchase and make it free. Plus, you’ll still earn the 900 points for groceries or dining, so you effectively used 19,100 points to offset the purchase. That means your points were actually worth 1.57 cents each!

At that value grocery store purchases effectively earn 3 points per dollar at 1.57 cents per point, or 4.71% back.

Plus, grocery purchases are eligible for the $300 travel credit through 6/30/21, and you can actually offset grocery purchases twice, once with the $300 travel credit, and again with points! That means if you make a $300 grocery purchase during your 2020 or 2021 travel credit year, you can use 19,100 points to offset it and you will get back $600 in credits!

The grocery spending benefits are not quite as strong as they are for new Freedom Flex and Freedom Unlimited cardholders, but they’re certainly a great addition to the Sapphire cards. Here’s hoping they become a permanent addition!

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I thought only new Freedom Unlimited cardholders got 5x on groceries. If not is it also a $1000 monthly cap? And how long is this extended to?


That’s correct
Is a yearly cap ($12,000)
For the freedom cards is one year from signup.


Very confused. If I get 3 points per dollar on groceries and then redeem then isnt it worth 4.5 not 1.57?


This is great news! I wonder if Amex will follow this and extend the dining eligibility for the travel credit for Hilton Aspire and Bonvoy Brilliant cards like was done earlier in the year through August.


Is 3 points per dollar on CSR with PYB worth more then 6% cash back on Amex blue cash preferred?


No, since it’s tough to get 2 cents per Chase point these days. But the 6% rate has a pretty low cap of $6k per year, so you can still take advantage of this deal as well once you’re maxed out (Or finish maxing out after April, when this expires, depending on when your anniversary is.)
Also, this Chase deal earns the bonus at Walmart neighborhood stores, while no Amex card earns grocery bonus at any Walmart.


Thanks for the replies!


Slightly unrelated to the post, but if I received the bonus on October 24, 2016 and want to reapply, when should I do it? October 25? Wait a few days?


Does the grocery benefit work in Israel? That’s the worst part about Amex Gold – the 4x points on groceries is only in the US.


Ditto, I have the same question.


Note that Shufersal Online does not code as grocery, but Rami Levi, Osher Ad, and Shufersal in store are all recognized


Do we know if this is limited to US groceries

Traveler Mike

Yes, this is nice, but … AmEx: 4x ($250 card) or 6% ($95 card), Citi: 3x ($95 card), now Chase: 3x (on $550 card) … It won’t change my spend pattern.


Why wouldn’t you get a Freedom Unlimited or a Freedom Flex to get 5X on groceries for a year?


Citi also has targeted 5x TY points ($500 limit) on $0 cards currently. Also 4.5x on Amex Everyday Preferred ($95 AF, $6000 limit).


Would you value the 3 CSR points higher than the AMEX Gold 4 points for groceries?


It’s a close one. But remember that the CSR will earn the bonus at walmart neighborhood market, and amex won’t.


Would still rather get groceries on Amex gold and get 4x points or 7x for next 3 months


The 7x makes it a no-brainer if you have it.


$300 goes by calendar year or by signup date?


It depends on when you got the card. At the beginning of the card rollout it went by calendar year buy chase changed it to when you signed up.


Looks like Chase is doing things right. My $450 AF just posted, will gladly pay it for another year with the current benefits.


So it pays to pay the $95 fee for the Sapphire Preferred? how much money in groceries do I need to purchase to “wash” the fee.


If you’re talking about a new card, consider one the Freedom family for 5x for the first year (up to $12K).


I think its important to emphasize that this starts on November 1st

Dan did mention it

Thank for the update


What starts on nov 1?


“Chase also announced today that new and existing Sapphire cardholders will earn a bonus on grocery spending from 11/1/20-4/30/21.”

Sanity please

Does anyone know, if I have a Sapphire Reserve and my wife has regular Sapphire (not preferred) will she be able to transfer her chase points to me?




So it can be transferred from spouse to spouse from Sapphire Regular to Sapphire Reserve, and from Sapphire Reserve to Sapphire Regular.
Thanks a lot for the info.


Still need to spend 8k on the new freedom unlimited for 5 ppd on groceries


Huh? You get 5x on up to $12K for the first year on both the CFU and the CFF. It’s not like the typical sign up bonus where if you don’t meet the threshold you get bupkis. It’s in addition to the $200 (20K UR) for spending $500. So if you just spend $12K at grocery stores you get 80K UR.


Aha … I meant that 5x is better than 3x…. But thanks anyways


Can I transfer points from my ink into my sapphire reserve account?


@Dan Still don’t get your logic here. “ you get to keep the points on those purchases when you reimburse yourself for them!” If I earn 100 pts and then PYB 100 pts, my balance is 0 pts. Or if I earn 20k pts and then PYB 20k pts then my balance is 0 pts, not 900. What are you talking about keeping points? If you use them then they’re gone, not kept.

Clare Neuman

If I buy groceries through Instacart, do the higher points earned apply? In other words, is Instacart considered to be a qualified grocery purchase?


Is there a cap on the 3X for grocery spend?


so sorry for being the slow one here…what are the exact steps I need to take? 1) spend $300 in groceries. 2)redeem on the pay yourself back , so what I am confused is what is step 3, after redeem 20k points??


Dan, does the option to redeem points for groceries apply when you purchase groceries out of the us (like Canada)?

Yoel Eis

Any idea if this is limited to US supermarkets, or can I get the 3PPD in Canada?

Avi edery

I see that the $300 covers grocery or gas too. Question- if I buy a $300 gift card from A gas station or super market, will I get credited? Will it show up as a gift card?

Avi edery

Any idea?


Hi, what’s the credit score I need to have to be approved for the sapphire preferd ??