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Miles Expiring? Pick Up A Magazine Or Newspaper Subscription!

Not all of the airlines below require activty to keep your miles alive.  See this post for mileage expiration policies. 

Often times redeeming miles is safer than getting miles for doing an action, as you don’t always get miles in time to keep your miles active.

You can actually get some pretty sweet deals, like The Economist for 3,200 miles for a subscription that usually costs about $100.  Delta miles don’t require activity, but still 3,200 Delta miles for The Economist isn’t bad at all!

Or you can just get a cheap magazine for 300 miles to keep your account active.

AA Magazines
AA Newspapers

Continental Magazines
Continental Newspapers

Delta Magazines
Delta Newspapers

United Magazines
United Newspapers

USAirways Magazines
USAirways Newspapers

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10 Responses to “Miles Expiring? Pick Up A Magazine Or Newspaper Subscription!”

  1. HoKo Says:

    Funny timing Dan, I just renewed my Economist subscription yesterday with 3,200 SkyPesos!

  2. Dan Says:

    Probably one of the best values for Delta miles out there!

  3. ari Says:

    I think Delta miles don’t expire…

  4. Dan Says:

    Yes, I said that in the post.

  5. ari Says:

    I realized that after I commented…

  6. Jason Says:

    The way to keep my United from from expriring is I make an Award reservations from JFK to BKK then the reservations expires by default by not booking the award and the Miles extend for another year and half.

  7. shudisf Says:

    i heard you can donate any amount of miles for charity and it keeps your miles alive. don’t know if it’s true.

  8. tt Says:

    thanks i had 2,600 aa left

  9. molly Says:

    I received an email that my us airways miled expired. had no idea that I had 65000 miles. Any idea how to get it back?

  10. Dan Says:

    Did you (or a friend) rent a car or stay at a hotel in the past year before the miles expired?

    If yes you should be able to get miles for that which will reactivate your entire account.


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