Small Business Saturday: Will Keyed In Transactions Work?

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Lots of questions going around the internets today about whether keyed-in transactions will work or not.

Since SBS started in 2010 this has always been a question as the AMEX small business reps have always interpreted the rules that it must be swiped and not keyed in.  Which causes everyone to ask every year whether keyed in transactions will work.

The FAQ I wrote was based on past experiences, after all I’m no prophet. All I can do is share what happened in the past:
-SBS 2010: Keyed in worked.
-SBS 2011: Keyed in worked.
-July 2012 Small Business Boston, Chicago, Or Philadelphia: Keyed in worked.
-October 2012 Big Break Small Business: Keyed in worked.
-SBS 2012: Keyed in worked.
-SBS 2013: Keyed in worked.
-August 2014 Small Business Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, And Sacramento: Keyed in worked.
-November 2014 Selected NYC Businesses: Keyed in worked.

Some years AMEX has sent out confirmation emails after a qualified charge goes through, though some years they did not.  If they do, then we’ll have positive confirmation one way or another pretty quickly.

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People have been saying that if there are multiple 10 dollar charges they may put a hold to see what’s up and then only charge it later, which is after the promo ended. People suggest charging 10.01 10.02 etc

Is there any basis for this? Has it been this way in the past?
I have not had this in the past, but do not want to risk it..


I’m a little unclear….will keyed in work?



I called and asked them this exact question. They told me that the card does not have to be swiped, keyed in is also fine. They also noted this on my account should I run into a problem.


If you are still questioning if the “swipe” is also considered if a transaction is “keyed in”, the answer is YES. I’ve tried it last year and the same terms were there on amex’s website.
an amex online rep, Nitesh P. ID# 11240 confirmed this with me as well. he said that because the “merchant code” is registered as not an “online retailer”, no matter the method of charging; if it’s “swiped, tapped, or keyed in”, the card member will receive the credit. “GUARANTEED!”


But will it work???


In the past you only did 1 swipe per card.
Some processors may reject duplicate payments, other won’t, so YMMV.


I’d feel very safe betting that it will.
We go through this same rigamarole every single year and the result has always been the same.


Dan,I think its more appropriate to call it “small business motzei Shabbos”. Although it might not seem like a big deal there are sheilas of chukas hagoyim with these things

Achas Ve'achas

But are you sure? I called and the lady said it had to be swiped, and when I told her Dan said it can be keyed in she said she has no clue who that is…


@Achas Ve’achas: She doesn’t know who he is ? Clueless rep, HUCA


@ dan – but if in the past it hasnt worked why r u so confident?
especially considering that stores are telling me that they special notice from amex that it wont work?
@ timmy , lol
@ reuvain- amex said ur right and changed the official name,


If she doesnt know who Dan is, you should probably let Amex customer service know. #Unacceptable


Re: Tapping
For some AMEX cards, the ‘Softcard’ gets a different account #. i was unable to register that #, so i would not advise ‘tapping’ with softcard your amex.


@Brocha: i too just got off the telephone with them, and they said it needs to be swiped according to the rules, and its 50%-50% if it will go through..



@Achas Ve’achas:
No soup for you!

The rules say nothing of the sort.
Just people interpreting them wrong.


If I swipe three times 10 on one card and they all go through, does that mean its done, or is there still a risk that they will put it on hold because of duplicates?


If it goes through, it goes through. If it’s declined on the spot then it’s declined.
Not rocket science.


Where can i check if my cards are registered?

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Dan.
Happy Thanksgiving


Last year, after a few months, I received a credit for an internet transaction.



Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of the oylam! I would extend the inyan even further and refer to it Small Business Motzei Shabbos BLI”N, in case the business you shop at isn’t “small” according to all opinions. My Rebbi said being machmir on shvuas shav, will help bring the geulah faster BE”H.

Happy Thanksgiving

Reuvain, thanks for the heads up. Dont know what we would do without you.


you should have gotten an email with the last 5 digits of your card as a confirmation. Alternatively, try registering them. If they are registered already, it will tell you.


Do u have to activate the card in order to key them in?

Happy Thanksgiving

@ber no


Can we get a deal roundup for local shops that are open Motzai Shabbos?


Transaction must be done in store. Don’t be part of a fraud scheme with merchants that let you call in or send in your CC#’s.


@Reuvain: @ShlockDoc: and if you have more than 20 called it’s should call BIG business motsei shabos bli”n


@Reuvain: @ShlockDoc: and if you have more than 20 called it’s should call BIG business motsei shabos bli”n


@Benr: Not a full list, but many confirmed stores are on this page in Dans Deals forum
@HelpMe: Why is that fraud? They put in the card numbers IN THE STORE on Sat night.


tried registering my citi amex spouse card, but coming up that care is already registered.
seems like only the amex additional cards that have a different # will work.
Dan – please confirm


That’s exactly what I wrote in the FAQ.


What happens if the small merchant accepts Amex through PayPal on site transactions. Can they still register their business to appear on the ShopSmall map?


@Noturbizniss: That’s pretty funny.


Maybe it won’t work?


well this year it didn’t work:{


My keyed-ins posted already.
Give it time for yours.