It’s 12/31: Did You Remember To…

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Update: Last call for the 2018 deals below…

Originally posted on 12/30:

Lots of great deals are ending tomorrow. Did you remember to…

Note that it’s too late to use your Sapphire Reserve 2018 travel spending if you didn’t already complete that.

What else is on your end of the year housekeeping list?

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These post suck.
UNfollowed text alerts but now Facebook too. Know your market.

Don\'t feed the...



The ungratefulness hurts me, even though I have no clue who you are.




+1 this guy is a massive kofui tov


Nobody asked you. Where would you be today without the help of Dan…


we’ll miss you!


I think you misunderstand the meaning of Bishvili Nivra Haolam.
Btw, no one forced you to follow and if you (foolishly) choose to unfollow, there’s no need to advertise to all that you’re a bitter person


I found this post helpful for some year end stuff so thank you Dan, ignore the ingrates


You should apologize for being so rude in public


Actually, thanks for reminding me to say something nice to someone today


He knows his market. It’s people who choose to follow him. If you choose not to, then you’re not his market; and if you follow and are not satisfied, you’re a fool.


Check your smoke alarm batteries. 😉


thats for changing the clock

Yechiel Z

Good point I actually chuckled at your comment.

Though come to think of it, most clocks change themselves these days


love the concept, can this become a thing?


Dan, I need to reach spending on my Hilton to get free weekend night, what is the best way to get the payment to post by 12/31(I assume it has to).

Mr. CC

Thanks Dan,
These kind of posts are very helpful!


Chase is one of many cards with quarterly bonuses, also there are many cards that have calendar year limits like blue cash preferred, cards that earn status with spending thresholds etc.


It’s 12/30 Did you remember to… Thank Dan and JJ for a full year of tips and deals!
Thanks guys for the years worth of great deals and posts! Keep up the great work!


To bad I didn’t get in on the paypal 15% charity donations. 😉


Thanks Dan and team for a year of great tips,deals etc…! Extremely appreciated.


“Note that it’s too late to use your Sapphire Reserve 2018 travel spending if you didn’t already complete that.”

Is it too late to use Global Entry credit on CSR for 2018?


Global Entry you get only once every 5 years.


Yes. So if I use it today, does the clock start in 2018 or 2019?


it doesn’t really matter. Global Entry lasts for 5 years. by the time it expires it will be 5 years. I am pretty sure it doesn’t go by the year you spend it rather the day you spend it


Thank you!


Dan can you post a top ten deals of 2018 post?


Taken advantage of your check? Not limited to end-of-year per say


You can always check on creditkarma with no credit pulls


Completely forgot to order a dozen Tesla’s! Thanks for the reminder!


whoa!!! Thanks, Dan!!!I forgot completely about the Saks $50!!


Thank you for helping this family of five fly southwest w companion pass for 4 yrs in a row. Took a trip to Maui to celebrate 10 yr anniversary. Nights and flights marriott. Got echo dot and kids headphones from amazon at great prices…Lots of other tips, trips and fun. Thank you Dan, JJ and all the DDF crew.

m. k

Does the $50.00 saks apply to the business card as well or just to platinum personal?


Only consumer card


When did Tesla increase referral supercharging to 9 months? Maybe I need to return my second and get a third model 3.


Can I still post a photo on social media to get the bonus IHG hotel points?


…to read all of Dan’s trip notes?


Can’t do that yet! Still waiting for the next installment of the Antarctica trip :). Unless I missed it, but I don’t think so because I’ve been checking daily.


That’s on Dan’s to do list for end of year 😉


Discover 5× on


This post should be stickied to the top for today…


Thanks dan for all youve saved and for all you have saved. this post alone has earned me over $1000.00 between all my cardS. THANK YOU


@dan Dont forget to link your EZpass to your chase freedom account for auto replenishment 5%


Thank You, Dan and DDFers for helping me rank up points this past year and for helping me and my wife to go to Italy for free


Any one know what time Amex considers it 2019 to use the air line credit (which time zone)