Ends Tomorrow: Donate To A Charity Via Paypal Giving Fund And Paypal Will Waive Fees And Add 1%

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Update: The 2018 offer ends tomorrow!

Donations made via the PayPal Giving Fund never have processing fees, though you are limited to the charities that are enrolled in the fund. Paypal will not charge any processing fees, even if you donate with a credit card. Search for enrolled charities here.

Charities can enroll in the fund here.

Through 12/31, Paypal will add a bonus 1% to donations if you make the donation while logged into your Paypal account.

1. Find a charity you want to help. Your gift goes to PayPal Giving Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity. PayPal covers all transaction fees.
2. We’ll deliver 100% of your donation to your chosen charity, or, in rare cases, a similar charity, if necessary. Please read our Donation Delivery Policy for details.
3. PayPal Giving Fund will issue your donation receipt. We’ll share your name and email with the charity you help, so they can thank you. Or you can remain anonymous if you choose.

  • PayPal Giving Fund grants donated funds to charities enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund on a monthly basis on or around the 25th day of each month, typically 15 to 45 days after PayPal Giving Fund’s receipt of funds.
  • Donors can be confident their donations will reach their chosen charities securely, and the charities receive the payments into their PayPal accounts quickly and free of charge.
  • Enrolled charities can also review the donations granted to them by PayPal Giving Fund, including donor details (except when donors choose to give anonymously), on their PayPal Giving Fund dashboard, accessible via their PayPal account.
  • If a charity fails to meet the terms of our Nonprofit Certification Policy and/or fails to meet PayPal Giving Fund’s due diligence standards as described above for receipt of a donation at any time, we reserve the right to reassign funds to another charitable organization of our choice. We may also reassign donations in the event we are unable to distribute the funds successfully (e.g., the charity fails to cash the check(s) we send).
  • When reassigning funds, PayPal Giving Fund will try to select charities that operate in a similar cause area (and sometimes a similar location) to the charity originally identified by the donor. In doing so, we favor charities that have enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, to enable efficient, secure and cost-effective delivery to charities that have accepted the PayPal Giving Fund Nonprofit User Agreement. For example, if we are unable to enroll, or deliver a check to, an unenrolled local organization providing housing services, we may reassign the funds to a PayPal Giving Fund enrolled national organization, or to a nearby local organization that also provides housing services.

What is your favorite charity that is enrolled with Paypal Giving Fund?

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can you donate via credit card ??


Wish I had seen this earlier.


Great Idea but this is how PayPal makes money off of us..
The charity you recommend typically will receive the funds within 15-45 days of your original donation.


Our experience is 6-36 calendar days, they are not making money on this, it’s* coming out of PayPal’s foundation. The amount they make on the float isn’t nothing but likely less than 0.25%. It’s nice tzedaka that PayPal is doing here, but it’s not a terribly large number. Most people who donate more than $25,000 a year likely use donor advised funds and generally donate with non-cash appreciated assets such as stocks, real estate, etc. Another way PayPal makes some money to offset their net losses on this setup is that it’s a nice perk that locks in the charity to using their service for the vast majority of processing needs (outside of the giving fund).

* “it’s” = the minimum processing expenses (to the processor) that are imbedded in transactions are approximately 1.75%. Only a processor handling many billions could attain those rates, think PayPal, Square, Adyen and the incumbents.

Anyway, if you’d like to help out an Orthodox shul in Harlem, here’s an organization that could really stand to benefit from every dollar. Currently they have a 101% match ongoing through 12/31/2018 check out bit.ly/HarlemDiversity


You can also donate to a donor advised fund like Jewish Communal Fund using PayPal Giving Fund which means no cc fees. Only thing it might take about a month for money to be availabe but it doesn’t matter from tax perspective since PayPal Giving Fund is a charity itself. The money that you donate now will be deductible for 2017 and you can use it in 2018 and on…

Moishe B. Singer

Our shul (Beth Aaron of Teaneck) has been using the Paypal Giving Fund for 4 years. The money we lose in float for the 30-45 days between donation and when we get the bulk payment is a much smaller loss than even the cheapest credit card charges you will find which is generally paypal at 2.2%+ 30 cents. Yes this is blended rate but it includes AMEX and gold cards. The 1% bonus is great for this month, however, even using this throughout the year still saves us much money in merchant fees. Have never had any issues.

AJ Hacohen

I looked at the list of charities in my state and found quite a few that are certainly questionable. One is a school that closed long before Paypal was created. Unless you know the charity do your due diligence before making a contribution.


Is there a limit how much you can donate?


what does that mean that they can reassign funds to another organization/ if i give money to chabad or other orthodox synagogue i dont want it rerouted to a conservative temple?


That if for some reason they decide that the organization shouldn’t be worthy of the donation, they have the right to reassign it to another organization. They rarely do that. (More like if the organization for gets into trouble or closes.)


The terms state they hold the money in a non interest bearing account so there wouldn’t be any float.


Its already after the fact, but I am curious as to the time frame that this was active in December.