1 Hour Left! Highest Offer Ever! Earn 70,000 Miles For Spending $5,000 On The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard!

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Update 2: This offer is no longer available!

Update: This offer will be removed at 8:59am today and per Gary, this card will no longer be available for new applicants.

You can now earn 70,000 bonus miles for opening a Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard® and spending $5,000 within 90 days.

That means you’ll have 80,000 miles after you spend $5K in 90 days as the card earns 2 miles per dollar spent.

The $89 annual fee is also waived for the first year with this offer. See rates and fees here.

That’s signup bonus on this card has ranged from 40K-60K in the past. This is the first time there is a public offer for 70K miles.

You can earn this bonus even if you have earned it in the past, though you won’t be able to get the card if you currently have one open.

The card gives 2 miles for every dollar you spend on net purchases plus a 5% refund when you redeem miles so you effectively earn 2.11 miles per dollar spent or 2.11% back on all purchases.  The 5% refund means that the 70,000 mile signup bonus is really more valuable as you’ll get 3,500 of those miles back after you redeem the miles for a cash refund.  Of course when you redeem those 3,500 miles you’ll also get a 5% refund, ad infinitum. The 5% refund posts within 1-2 weeks of making a redemption.

The high signup bonus and the 5% rebate on redemptions makes this card one of most lucrative cards out there for everyday purchases. It’s a great way to earn tickets for travel to Israel for example as you’ll never have to deal with capacity controls or blackout dates. Just buy a ticket and then go online to use your miles to get a refund.

Miles is a bit of a misnomer, really they just mean cents with each mile being worth 1 cent towards travel. These miles aren’t transferable to any airlines. The way it works is you book travel via any booking site and then you can just go online to your Barclaycard account and request that the purchase be refunded using your points.

You can refund any purchase that is categorized as:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels or motels
  • Timeshares
  • Campgrounds
  • Car rental agencies
  • Cruise lines
  • Travel agencies
  • Discount travel site
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Taxis/Uber/Lyft
  • Limousines
  • Ferries

The nice thing about these points is that you can book travel on any site and can decide later what you want to get refunded with your points. There’s no need to book with a specific booking portal, so you can shop around for the best deals.

After spending $5,000 on a new card you’ll have 80,000 points. If you then spend $800 on plane tickets, hotels, rentals cars, etc, you can redeem points to have the full purchase price refunded and you’ll also get a refund of 4,000 points to use on future travel.

The other nice thing is that you can redeem points for part of a purchase. In other words if you want to buy a $900 flight and only have 80,000 points, you can choose to credit the 80,000 points against the flight charge and you’ll get a $800 refund, despite not having enough points to cover the entire flight. Plus you’ll get back 4,000 points as a rebate for making a redemption.

Note that the minimum redemption amount is $100.

There are no foreign transaction fees. Your miles won’t expire as long as you are a cardholder. You’ll also get a free monthly FICO score with this card.

This card has a true chip and pin system, so you can use it at automated kiosks in Europe that don’t accept most US chip and signature cards.

This card will only require 1 hard pull as opposed to cards from Capital One which require hard pulls from all 3 credit bureaus. Best of all Barclaycard will typically pull from your Transunion credit report.  Most banks pull from Experian though this does vary by state. If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclaycards.

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i planned on applying for this card and i am glad i procrastinated…
i will be using your link!


Great card, i used the 40k deal in the past, and simply moved to lower tier card after the first year.


If I have the base arrival card (not the +) can I get approved?


I was denied in the past for this reason


If it only pulls a report from TransUnion will Chase count it towards 5/24?


It makes no difference where it pulls from. It reports to your credit at least once a month, and chase will see that.

Joe S

What is 5/24 ? What do you mean with that ?


i think if u open more than 5 cc in 24 months chase wont allow u to open one with them. people try to open chase cards first because after they can open other cards


I had the card but downgraded it to the free card 6 months ago. Can I signup now and get the bonus?


if I had this card opened two years ago and I downgraded it about a year ago to arrival card am I eligible for the offer ?


Does anybody know what the minimum credit requirements would be for this card? I don’t have bad credit but I have short credit history (about 2 years). I also got a bunch of pills recently for a car loan that I applied for.


@Dan would I be able to upgrade my standard Barclay card arrival to this Barclay card arrival+ and get the sign up bonus?




Does this card have any additional benefits besides this bonus?

6/24 Rule

Was just denied for having too many recent applications. Currently at 6/24 including business cards.


Call recon




Will I be approved if I closed the card in the last couples of months?


Is this card better for everyday spending than the CSP? It would seem so but I know Dan normally says the CSP or CSR is best.


Denied to many accounts in the last 24 months
I’m at 7/24
At least only one TU pull


Which deal is better this or the current 300K offer from Capital One?


If I have another Barclaycard that I’m not getting much value from, is there a way to upgrade it to this card and still get the sign up bonus? Or should I just cancel the other card?

Erika Hamilton

ANy idea how long this offer will last?


Dan, what does it mean when it says my application is being reviewed and that they can’t give me an immediate decision. Is it likely to be approved or denied? I don’t think I’ve opened 6 cards in the past 24 months.


What airlines can I redeem these points with? What other point system does this compare to?


I don’t travel and have close to 100k points between 2 accounts. Any ways to redeem them for the full value other than travel?


I was just approved for this card a couple of weeks ago, do you know if they will match the offer?


Will this count toward 5/24 with Chase?




Thank you.
Is that because they only pull a report from TU, but once the account is open they report activity to all 3 agencies?

Bob Dole

any indication on when this deal expires?


if i have the Barclays Arrival card (no annual fee) can get this card? or is it considered the same family?


what is the difference between this card and the spark business cash in regards to 2% cashback
is this card the same but better because you get 5% refund every time you redeem the points??


How long will this offer be available? I just closed my Arrival+ 1 month ago but still have a 0% interest balance on it. Would rather apply after that is paid off next month just in case the existing balance causes a problem.


Any chance bookings on the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal are refunded?


Usually you can’t get the bonus if you opened/closed within 2 years.
If I had this card and closed it exactly 1 year ago, can I still get the bonus?


Are these points redeemable for cash back like chase points?


I’m at 8/24 and got the pending message. Checked status online, and was denied. One call to recon and was approved. 6/24 is definitely not a hard rule.


I am at 8/24 and was declined. I called and was told that i have too many accounts open. They didn’t want to tell me the exact amount of accounts you can have to get the card. They said that it’s company policy and nothing can be done. The manager wasn’t of any help either. oh well


Applied, my application need to be reviewed (and I have very good credit score). I called the number in the post and after about a 10 min call, I was approved over the phone.

Thanks Dan


I called the recon department. Is it normal but they want me to mail them a copy of my drivers license, Social Security card, and bank statement?. They don’t except email only physical mail. Sounded strange


Isn’t Freedom unlimited better for everyday spending? With the CSR you get 2.25%.


you could use miles the miles to cover the the annual fee if you have to pay.from barclays. Redeem miles for your annual fee.
Did you know you can redeem your miles for your annual fee within the travel statement credit category? Your annual fee is considered a travel purchase and can be redeemed starting at 2,500 miles for $25. Redeem anytime within 120 days of your annual fee posting to your account. Please refer to the Travel Statement Credit Redemptions section of your Reward Rules for updates.


If i was approved and added spouse as additional card holder can i apply as well for another card for the spouse?


i literally closed this card 4-6 weeks ago. will i still get the bonus again ?


I’ll answer my own question, their customer service just explained i was turned down because i just had the card recently @dan.


Dan you may want to add to the post that having the non plus version of the card may deny you this version(Arrival plus). I believe that is Barclays policy?

Cc sick

Can you clarify a bit more clear if this will affect the 5/24 from Chase New Jersey


As others have asked ..If I have downgraded to the lower version of this card. Can I still get this sign up bonus? I think it’s a good card to use for spirit bookings. As you can no longer use ultimate rewards


Thanks Dan! If they gave me a credit line of less than $5k, how can I qualify for the miles?


Spend, pay it off and spend again

S Lange

Makes sense. Thanks Joel!


just got the card last week already spent the 5 k think thell just give me miles like that?


Will an ezpass transaction be eligible for refund?


I used to have US Airways card, which was transferred to this one, I think, before I downgraded it to no-fee card. Can I still get a sign-up bonus?


was just denied because i already have the regular one. sucks 🙁


Even after calling reconsideration? Did u originally get the regular card or downgraded from plus?


Yea even after calling the recon. I had the arrival plus so they denied me


I closed mine before applying, and still… The same. Sucks.


anyone know how much they worth

Sara Karasik

Thanks Dan!
Application process took 30 seconds, and I got an instant approval.


My credit score is approx 685 – seeking advice on whether to apply for this card now, or wait till score goes up a bit? Thanks!

Sarah Einhorn

If I had the card in the past is it possible to get approved a second time?


Only after 24+ months past closing the previous Arrival card.


How long would an offer like this last? I want for both me and my husband but don’t think we’ll hit the spend threshold in 3 months..if i can stagger it by a couple month we could meet it. but will this offer likely still be here in a couple months?


If I downgrade to a lower card to avoid next years annual fee, do I get to keep my points?


OK thanks


Dan. What is the 300,000 offer on this card? Thank you.


Will an ez pass transaction be eligible for refund?


Hi. I do not see the 300k offer on Capital spark miles for business for $50,000 spending. It It shows only 200k. thanks.


do you know how long this deal will be available?


I got a pending message, even though I havent applied for a new cc in years. What could be the reason and what should I do to get approved?


got the card 6 weeks ago at bonus of 60,000. i called and asked to be bumped up to the 70,000 bonus. they told me that they are only honoring whoever got the card within the last 30 days.

anyone out there have different information??


What card should I apply for with this card

Capital One Spark

Hi, I applied for the CapitalOne Spark and I got an email saying my application is pending. I applied for a biz card under my official name. Should i call them and push or wait to hear from them? tia


Apparently it’s subject to 24 months waiting after closing a previous Arrival account. I kept a downgraded Arrival card; closed it yesterday to become eligible; applied for a new card today and was declined. Called recon, the rep 1st said that I was declined because of another active Arrival acct, I said I closed yesterday, the rep apologized and then said that I was actually declined because I recently used a similar bonus, have to wait 24 months after the closure of previous Arrival card.


if i have a barclaycard rewards world MasterCard, can i ask them to transfer it over to the arrival plus instead of applying again?


In the FAQ section the very first point ‘How many bonus miles will I earn…’ says ‘this limited time offer is available only to first time card members…’

Is that not actually enforced if you’re approved for the card?

Hear yea!

I got the card after calling two days after applying and hearing that I wasn’t accepted I ask to have it accepted, they accepted me!


Is this card worth opening and using if I have the following:
Ulimited Freedom (1)
Freedome regular (2)
Ink Plus (old card)

I have never had a barlcaycard before- Is it worth doing it?

Yossi Rosenberg

if i got this card over 2 years ago will i get the sign up bonus


“You can earn this bonus even if you have earned it in the past, though you won’t be able to get the card if you currently have one open.”

Recon said I need to wait 24 months before I am eligible again.


Is CDW primary on Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard?
Just wondering as not discussed in post.
Thank you!!!



Joe S

Great card !


They pull Transunion and Experian. <>

Randy Heller

Dan, your post from April lists “Barclays 1.4K:1K” as a common exchange rate for miles for several airline loyalty programs. https://www.dansdeals.com/points-travel/milespoints/mileage-expiration-guide-for-38-loyalty-programs-how-to-keep-your-points-from-expiring-and-how-to-bring-them-back-to-life-after-theyve-expired/

What does that mean if these miles aren’t transferable (sorry if this is a foolish question)?


Whats the number to call i was declined



To check the application.

most approved instantly? or went into pending?


Dear Dan,
B’H, It has been a good few months for me and DW for CC apps. In October, we each got approved for Citi Premier. I was approved for CapOne Spark a few weeks ago. And today she was approved for A+, all applications through your links.
Wishing you a chag urim sameach, freilicheh chanukah, and continued nachas and hatzlacha in all you do.


does balance transfer count in the spend?


Does spending on ezpass count as travel?


I can only meet the spend on one card at a time. I presently have this offer as well as a private offer on CitiPremier with a 60k bonus and an offer on United Explorer with 65k bonus. I presently have the Chase Trifecta (CF, CFU, CSR)
Which should I get first assuming they won’t last?


if i buy a refundable airline ticket and then decide to cancel the flight will i still receive the points for the flight?


is airbnb considered a travel expense




Will we get advance notice before this offer is discontinued?


anyone know when the Barclay arrival plus offer expires?


This offer is still active! I just applied and was approved for the card. Thanks Dan!


how does this compare to the chase sapphire reserve card, which ones’ better for travel and in general?


When does this offer expire?


Can I get the sign up bonus if I’ve had the Barclays Aviator in the past year?


It doesn’t look like uber or lyft can be credited. Barclaycard said it wasn’t marked as transportation and also, we don’t usually spend $100 in one transaction for an uber.


i’m thinking about getting this card. Is it still avail? what should I do for you to get the most of it?


Hi I just applied for the Barclays card and when I checked the status of the application, they said that they’re unable to give me the card. Is that for ever or theyre just checking more into it?


will it be possible to have a phone conversation with you before I sign up for this card?

Marvin Pollack

Once you’ve reached the threshold, how long does it take to get credited the miles?


Just approved for the card in less than 3 minutes. Flexible offer for travel and a must have card. Uber and Lyft were mentioned as not coding for travel. True or False? Because the points convert to dollars credited you use them where the best value is found. You are not at the mercy and manipulation of your points devaluing over time. Aka airlines and hotels.


How long does the pass card need to be closed before applying for a new one.

Mile millionaire

Just got approved! Thanks as always

Old Barclay

@Dan Its says ONLY for those who have not had this card in the past, are you sure I would be eligible (former card holder)?


My credit score on TU is approx 685 – seeking advice on whether to apply for this card now, For some reason this is way lower from the other two which is very good and excellent not sure Why. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Mile millionaire

Are you checking transunion directly or another site like credit karma or your banks site? Sometimes the credit bureau directly will have a higher score


In for one, thanks!


Would Airbnb qualify for the travel redemption?


Just got approved, 1 minute 12,500 credit limit


Thank You


is it possible to comibne inquries? i want the jetblue or american limited time offer on the business and this card?


Glad you reminded us (through whatsapp…) applied and approved


Thanx approved after calling recon

Vancouver Boy

Approved at 8:51am June 7th.

Thanks Dan! Just before the bell.

Made It

Approved at 8:59. 70,000 offer still shows.


I just applied to this card, it was after 8:59.


Offer is still showing


If I have arrival now but not arrival plus can I still get this card? Thanks


Gary took down his post? Didn’t even write a retraction?


Hi I applied for this card about 15 hours before the deadline but was only approved 2 days later. Will I still get the bonus points?




Anyone know if I can I use the reimbusement for EZ Pass?

Avrohom Cohen

I got approved, several days later, for the card. I did not get a screenshot of the offer, does anyone have? Would they be willing to email it to me please.

Christopher Buchenholz

Oy – I got this card. Spend 5000! Can i buy cash cards to fulfill this? Bitcoin? Any suggestions?



Does the travel credit have to be in $100 increments, or is it just the minimum? Can I use 13,567 miles for a credit against a $135.67 travel charge?


Now i want to down grade this card to a no annual fee card, they told me I cant.
Does that make sence?


I had the same experience. Told that no downgrade or fee waiver was available and cancelled the card. A supervisor confirmed same.


Does this card have any useful benefits at this point that make it worth keeping with its $95/year fee?