Earn 60,000 ThankYou Points With The Highest Ever Limited Time Offer On The Citi ThankYou Premier Card!

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Citibank is now offering 60,000 points for signing up for the Citi ThankYou Premier Card spending $4,000 in 3 months.

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Comparison to previous signup bonus:

This Citi ThankYou Premier Card has offered 20K-50K signup points previously. 60,000 points is the highest public offer on this card ever!

Annual fee:

The $95 annual fee is waived for the first 12 months.

Previous cardholders:

You can receive the bonus on this card if you haven’t received a bonus or closed the Citi ThankYou Preferred, ThankYou Premier, or Citi Prestige card in the past 24 months. You can get the bonus if you currently have those cards.

Non-expiring points:

Your Citi ThankYou points will not expire for as long as they remain a cardholder.

Card earnings:

Earn 3 points per dollar on travel. The travel category includes airfare, car rentals, hotels, cruises, travel agencies, public transportation, timeshares, boat rentals, taxis, tolls, trains, parking, Uber, Lyft, etc.

Earn 3 points per dollar on gas stations.

Earn 2 points per dollar on dining. Dining includes coffee shops, cafes, bar, lounges, and restaurants.

Earn 2 points per dollar on entertainment. Entertainment includes sporting events, amusement parks, zoos, museums, tourist attractions, theater, concerts, movies, video rentals, internet steaming media, etc.

There are no foreign transaction fees.

25% bonus point value for paid airfare:

You can use the points at a value of 1.25 cents each towards airfare. The 60,000 signup points are enough for $750 of paid airfare.

Mileage transfers:

You can transfer points to the following partners:

Gift cards:

You can redeem points for gift cards to dozens of stores at 1 cent each. 60,000 points would be enough for $600 in gift cards for stores like Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, LLBean, Staples, Target, TJMaxx, and more.

Redeeming miles for El Al without fuel surcharges:

With Qantas miles you can redeem for El Al award tickets without any fuel surcharges! You read more about this option here.

  • A one-way coach ticket from NYC to Tel Aviv is 42K Qantas miles and there are no fuel surcharges.
  • A one-way premium economy ticket from NYC to Tel Aviv is 63K Qantas miles and there are no fuel surcharges.
  • A one-way business class ticket from NYC to Tel Aviv is 78K Qantas miles and there are no fuel surcharges.

Will you signup for a Citi Premier card?


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no sign up link?

Risa Goldstein

How hard would it be to use the quanta miles to book travel to Israel during the summer months?


How would you get the most value from these points?


just applied for this card in June for my self and for DW for 50k bonus, would they match it to the new offer?

Gopi Pentakota

They rejected my match request but second time when I tried to ask. For. Courtesy points they gave me the 10k


did u call or sm’d? and what did u say to them?


Can anyone recommend a good way to get to Thailand using Points or Miles?

Thank you.


Am I asking a stupid question? Or, is this just the wrong forum?

seeks like everyone but me gets a reply.




Subject to 5/24?


Do they have a business card? I spend tens of thousands in gas per month. Is there a max of 3X for gas?


Dan, would there be a way to transfer Amex MR points to Qantas (perhaps through starwood), and if yes, would it be worth it in the end?

appreciate it

my brother has 5,000 singapore miles on his account expiring soon can i transfer from my citi ty premier bonus to his singapore account to get a total of 70,00 miles and avoid getting shutdown like with chase for perk abuse? thank you for your help


If he has a thank you points account then u can transfer thank you points to him, and he could transfer to his Singapore accnt


Is the Qantas partner affected by the elal devaluation? will it stay the same price?


Do you think someone can get approved if they have minimal credit history? If no, what is a good rewards card to start building credit history?


Hi Dan-
You wrote “Your Citi ThankYou points will not expire for as long as they remain a cardholder.” Does that mean as long as you maintain this card or any Citi card.

Also, I checked their site and, with respect to this card, it says simply “Your Points won’t expire.” (https://www.thankyou.com/cms/thankyou/tc.page?cmp=VAN&MID=tc).



Dan, firstly thanks for all the deals and stuff, I’ve benefited tons of $$,$$$.$$ from you over the years. FYI, it’s not highest ever as I got 100,000 sign up many years ago.


Are these same points that the citi double cash back earns?


Dan, any idea when this expires ? Don’t want to waste a pull in case there’s a spg luxury card 3 day bonus window…


So if I currently have the premier card for many years I can get a second one and receive the bonus? Thanks




We have received your application and further processing is required. We will contact you in approximately 7-10 days regarding our decision. If approved, be sure to visit citicards.com to register and manage your account online. Thank you for requesting a Citi ThankYou® Premier Card.
Did anyone else get this message?


such a message is very typical. either they are backlogged or what to look into you more. u can speed the process (& sometimes even get them to change their mind) by calling their loan dept


When I got approved said the I owe $95 for annual fee. @dan you said it’s waived, is it? Is it automatically?


I opened this card 2 months ago with the 50k bonus, but haven’t received it yet, and just finished spend, any tips or tricks to receive the 60k instead?


Call up number on back and ask to be matched. Might need to do huca


send sm instead, no need for the talking, works better then calling


What do you mean by “sm”


sm= secure message

dan wiener

does anyone know if the citi credit card has travel insurance and purchase insurance?
can anyone comment on comparison between this card and chase sapphire preferred?
i live in israel and travel occasionally. thanks


Is there another Citi card to apply for using a second browser, or does that no longer work?


Further, is there a free citi card which earns points – that way i can cancel this card and keep my points?


Would love to get an answer in regards to this?


Eli; I called them and got the 10K b4 I got the 50K.


Can i close a credit card after 12 months? how will this affect my credit score?
thank you


This depends on your credit history. If you have many lines of credit open for a long time, it likely won’t affect your credit significantly. If you don’t have many lines of credit, it will likely make a more significant impact.

Card Newbie

I’m very new to your forum…but it’s great, thank you! Is this worth doing if I don’t have the chase quadfecta yet? Excellent credit.
Nervous about the 5/24 as I have a few (bad decision before I read this site ) new cards. Also, do store cards (target, childrens place) count for 5/24?


Store cards generally count toward 5/24. Any Personal card in your name counts against 5/24.


What does it mean if I applied and I was instantly approved, but then I get an email saying they are still reviewing my application (I also used their link to check the status and it says they are reviewing), but after I initially submitted the application, it says I was approved for $X


citi IT is being citi IT


3* point on travel will KYAKK and BOOKING.COM fit in this category ?


I dont travel much, so i turn in my points for cash at 1 cent a point. My job doesnt allow me to travel based on a good deal, so when I decide that I am going somewhere, I check out the deals and find that i can do better by getting cash and applying it toward the airfare/hotel than by getting the flight/hotel from the card. So, 3questions:
1. What am i doing wrong?
2. What should i do to get better educated? (besides reading DansDeals which i read voraciously like a good action thriller)
3. Does anyone give cash more than 1 cent per dollar?


Is it possible to transfer points to chase ultimate rewards? Only credit cards I have are Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited. I plan to accumulate the points then open Chase Sapphire Reserve to book airlines. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Do purchases in store at gas stations (not at pump) qualify for 3x TYP’s?




Is this card Visa or Mastercard?


I had a bk in 2011. I currently have over 720 credit score. Only two open credit cards with $400 total debt balance (or about 2% credit usage). Chase denied credit last week due to 2011 bk, they said that automatically eliminates me. Does Citi have the same policy?


I currently have the Citi Prestige and am going to cancel in a couple of months when it renews- I’m not getting any benefit from the 4th night free. If I get the Citi TY Premier will this allow me to keep the Prestige points alive?


So if I currently have the ty preffered card open I CAN get this bonus ?


I have chase preferred. Just go 5000oints. Should I open this citi card also?


Can you 2BM with Citi cards? If yes, what other card do you recommend?

Pusheter Yid

How do I get the bonus if I already have the thank you preferred card? Do I open another of the same card under the same name or can I ask to be offered the bonus on spending with the current card?


Don’t know if this was asked. Is it possible to downgrade Citi cards to stop paying annual fees at any point like with Chase?


I applied a few weeks ago and din’t get approved, and just tried again now and got instantly approved!
(which is awesome because I applied before when it was only 50k points)

So give it another try if it didn’t work the first time!