[8 Months Left!] Get 3 Free Years Of Shipt, A $297 Value, With A Visa Infinite Card, Such As Chase Sapphire Reserve® And More!

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Update: Don’t forget that you can still enroll in Shipt here for free with Visa Infinite cards, membership will last through 12/31/24. You can view the offer terms here.

It’s great for free same-day Target deliveries!

Originally posted on 9/20/21:

Get 3 Free Years Of Shipt, A $297 Value, With A Visa Infinite Card, Such As Chase Sapphire Reserve® And More!

Sign up for Shipt via the link above and it will ask you to enter your Visa card during signup. If you have a Visa Infinite Card such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, Ritz-Carlton Card, U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve, JPMorgan Reserve, and select other cards you will receive 3 free years of Shipt Membership, a value of $297!

Set a reminder in your calendar for 9/20/24 to cancel your membership, as it will be automatically set to auto-renew.

Shipt offers free same day delivery on $35+ orders from stores such as Target, Winn Dixie, Costco, Office Depot, Buy Buy Baby, CVS, Family Dollar, and more depending on your region!

I use Shipt for Target delivery, and they have been great!

Visa Signature cards such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card will receive 3 months of free Shipt membership, then 9 months at 50% off.

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The caller

I use shipt for target delivery, to deliver all my groceries besides chicken and meat, to my 3rd floor apartment, especially water bottles. It’s the best thing ever


i hope u tip

The caller

Not for ppl that ask


Can I still get this if I already have an active Shipt membership?


Worked on an existing account for me.


Nice! Thanks!


Website not working


Same for me… Not working…


Try Firefox or a different browser. Would not load for me in Chrome, tried Firefox and loaded right away


Must you use the same card for orders as you use for signing up?


With the CSR, Target Shipt orders bill as grocery and is eligible for Pay Yourself Back.


Do I just need a reserve cc to get the free membership or will I have to put every purchase on the reserve cc (like doordash free membership)


freezing up after you put in the zipcode. Anyone else have that problem?


Same issue

Daniel Feldman

Do you have to use the visa you signed up with when making your purchases?




It’s been a few years since I’ve used Shipt but their prices used to be 10-30% higher than instore plus you had tips and the cost of membership. Is this still the case?


Does this work for authorized users as well?

Batsheva Fink

It’s only giving me the 3 month option and I have a chase sapphire preferred


That’s what the post says.


post says 3 years


Read it again.


For a kosher consumer, it’s important to check off the box for “do not substitute” for food items. If, for instance a particular product is unavailable, the shopper may substitute it for a non-kosher item. — However, even with the “do not substitute” selected, I once had a shopper purchase Tyson chicken, rather than Empire- so it’s important to look out. My non-Jewish neighbor received a nice gift, and Shipt refunded me for the treif chicken purchase.


Thanks for sharing.


If I upgrade my CSP to the CSR, long would I have to wait?


Got it!

According to T&C, you must order through Shipt, not through Target.


Decent deal, but in my area in do not see ANY grocery stores available, sadly.


If we cancel our reserve after signing up, do we lose the 3 years?


Is the sapphire preferred a infinity card?


No, signature. It gets the 3 months free and 9 months 50% off.


So let’s say I cancel my sapphire reserve card in a year do I automatically forfeit my membership?


From FAQs: (https://help.shipt.com/offer-faqs-for-visa)

1. What happens if I use a different card to complete my order purchase on Shipt?
If you complete your order purchase with a payment method other than the Visa consumer credit card enrolled in this Shipt offer, you will be charged a $10 delivery fee. Switch back to the Visa consumer credit card used to enroll in the Shipt offer to receive free delivery on your next order over $35.


From T&C:

“Enrolled cardholders must use the Card as the default payment method to redeem, have Offer remain effective, and have Offer apply, or may be subject to additional fees.”


Not seeing how to add 3 years of membership to an existing account. Can someone post how they did it?



I’m about to downgrade my CSR to a feeedom to get the 100k CSP. If I sign up while it’s still a CSR, will the membership cancel once I downgrade to freedom? I believe the CC numbers won’t change


Is the website working for anyone?


I just signed up with no issues. Thank you!


Yikes. I literally downgraded my CSR a few days ago. Oh well. They probably still require you to purchase with the same card.


It’s only showing me $99 per year. Not free. Does this come back as a reimbursement?


Website is down. Does not work from any browser.

Shopping From Home

Got it! Thanks.


Chatted with customer service as I was having hard timeon website and not sure how to try on app. At first they had no clue what I was talking about. Than they sent this

All U.S. Visa consumer credit cardholders are eligible to receive a free Shipt membership! The free period of the membership term will vary based on the Visa consumer credit card that is used to enroll into the Shipt Offer for Visa consumer credit cardholders.

Visa Infinite credit cardholders are eligible for free delivery membership for up to 3 years or the length stated in the next section.
Visa Signature credit cardholders are eligible for free delivery membership for 3 months, then 50% off the monthly membership price for 9 months.
All other Visa consumer credit cardholders are eligible for free delivery membership for 1 month, then 50% off the monthly membership price for 3 months.

Cardholders may enroll their U.S-issued Visa consumer credit card into the offer from 9/17/2021 through 12/31/2024.


What’s the benefit of ordering target through shipt? Target itself has free shipping on orders over $35.


Same day delivery. Shipt can usually deliver within an hour or two.


What items would you specifically shop at target for? – what do they have cheaper etc than other online stores?

Jim S

baby stuff can be cheaper than amazon as target has a lot of coupons

Jim S

I just tried this. When I click ‘Check Eligibility’ no buttons/link show up in the popup dialog. Are you supposed to simply pay and then you get refunded ? It does not appear to show the offer for 3 years. ( I entered a sapphire reserve in the payment section)


I got the 3 years free deal on the Venture X card. OTOH, I made an experiment with Safeway: order via Shipt, via Instacart (with no mebership discount), and directly from Safeway. Instacart was a bit more expensive than shipt, but Safeway was cheaper — most items on shipt were an extra $0.5 to $2 more, plus there were no coupons and safeway membership discounts. So at least for Safeway ordering directly from them is probably better unless you have very few items and you want them the same day.

dr irv

What can i do if the venture x shows up a a regular consumer card not visa infinite?


Seems like Target is the worst reason to get this as you can use the free RedCard (debit even) for free shipping.