1 Hour Left! Earn Up To $3,000 Cash Back Bonus Or 300,000 Bonus Miles, 40 Free Flights, On The Capital One Spark Cash Plus!

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Update: This limited time offer is ending today, be sure to apply now before the offer goes down! On 3/14 at 2:59pm EDT this offer will go down to earning $1,000 cash back after spending $50,000.

Also ending on 3/14 is the Venture X Card which is offering a 100,000 point bonus on $10,000 spend. You can read a post comparing the 2 offers here.

Read 30 awesome ways to redeem Capital One miles here.

Limited Time Offer: Earn Up To $3,000 Cash Back Bonus Or 300,000 Miles On The Capital One Spark Cash Plus!

Signup bonus:

For a limited time, you can apply for the Capital One Spark Cash Plus and earn $500 cash back for opening the card and spending $5,000 in 3 months and another $2,500 cash back for spending another $45,000 in 6 months, for a total bonus of $3,000 cash back.

As you’ll also earn 2% cash back everywhere, you would get a total of $4,000 cash back for spending $50,000 in 6 months.

You can earn this bonus even if you have had this card previously. You can get approved for this even if you recently were approved for the Venture X.

If you have a Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card X, or Capital One Spark Miles for Business card, you can transfer cash back into miles at $1 cash back to 100 miles ratio. That means you can convert the $4,000 cash back into 400,000 miles, where they can be much more valuable! You can even transfer rewards to other cardholders!

Annual fee: 

$150. Additional user cards are free.

Credit reporting: 

Unlike most other Capital One cards, this card does not report spending on your personal credit report, so a high utilization rate of your credit line will not hurt your credit score.

It also means that it won’t hurt your Chase 5/24 count. 

No Preset Spend Limit:

This card has no preset spend limit. It is a pay in full card with no APR as your balance is due in full monthly.

Card earnings: 

  • 2% cash back everywhere.
  • No foreign transaction fees.

Annual Bonus: 

You’ll earn a $200 cash bonus every year that you spend $200,000 or more on your card.

Card benefits: 

  • Virtual card numbers for making online payments without your card number.
  • Price protection for when items go down in price, up to $500/item and $2,500 per year within 60 days of purchase!
  • Purchase protection for items damaged or stolen within 90 days, up to $10,000 per item.
  • Rental car CDW insurance, primary coverage for rentals for business purposes.
  • Extended warranty of 1 extra year, up to $10,000 per item.
  • Lost Luggage Insurance, up to $3,000 per trip.
  • Travel Accident Insurance, up to $250,000 per person.

Spend Threshold:

You’ll need to spend $5,000 on this card within 3 months for $500 bonus cash back or a total of $50,000 in 6 months for another $2,500 bonus cash back.

You can pay your federal taxes for a 1.87% fee. If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes.

My local natural gas company allows me to prepay up to $1,000 on a credit card for a $1.65 flat fee. That’s a great way to earn miles and help meet a spend threshold. My electricity supplier allows me to pay with a credit card for free as long as I am enrolled in autopay.

See this post for more ideas on meeting a credit card spend threshold.

Airline and hotel transfer partners:

If you have a Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card X, or Capital One Spark Miles for Business card, you can transfer cash back into miles at $1 cash back to 100 miles ratio. That means you can convert the $4,000 cash back into 400,000 miles, where they can be much more valuable!

You can also transfer cash back or miles to any Capital One cardholder!

You can transfer points from Capital One into these programs at the following ratios:

  • Aeromexico (1:1, SkyTeam)
  • Air Canada Aeroplan (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • Air France/KLM Flying Blue (1:1, SkyTeam)
  • Avianca LifeMiles (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • British Airways Avios (1:1, OneWorld)
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles (1:1, OneWorld)
  • EVA (2:1.5, Star Alliance)
  • Etihad (1:1, No alliance)
  • Emirates (1:1, No alliance)
  • Finnair (1:1, OneWorld)
  • Qantas (1:1, OneWorld)
  • Singapore (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • TAP Air Portugal (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • Turkish Airlines (1:1, Star Alliance)
  • Accor Hotels (2:1)
  • Choice Hotels (1:1)
  • Wyndham Hotels (1:1)

By transferring points to Accor, you can also transfer points to the following airlines via Accor at an effective 2:1 ratio:

  • Iberia (Which can also be transferred to British Airways)
  • Virgin Australia

A nice perk is that after the 1,000 mile minimum transfer, you only need to transfer points in increments of 100, meaning you have fewer leftover points compared to other bank transfers.

Dan’s Quick Thoughts:

If you have the ability to spend $50,000 in 6 months, this offer is a no-brainer!

You’ll wind up with $4,000 cash back or the ability to transfer that into 400,000 miles on a card like Venture X. From there you can transfer miles to an airline like Turkish, which can book you on United to Hawaii for just 7,500 miles in coach or 12,500 miles in business class or to Israel for just 32,000 miles in coach or 47,000 miles in business class. That’s a whole lot of free travel or cash back!

Will you signup for the Capital One Spark Cash Plus limited time offer?

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Mendel n

If I have this one can I get another one?


likely not, or not with the bonus


Is this a charge card ?


Can I get this if I recently was approved for the Venture X


If I currently have the Sparks cash back can I now get the Sparks miles?


@dan If I just signed up for Venture X under my personal name, can I then connect it for point transfers to this card if I sign up under my business?


Do you know when the offer expires?


That’s a lot of spending, ouch.



Just saying

From the Terms & conditions:

This one-time bonus is available by clicking the “Apply Now” button on this page, and may not be available if you navigate away from or close this page.
=The bonus may not be available for existing or previous Spark cardholders.=
These spend bonuses may be earned independently, meaning you may earn one or both.


After the initial $500 bonus it is only a 5.5% bonus return and only 5% after the annual fee.

I do not see how a total 7% cashback is worth the hassle of spending 50k on this card when you can get that easily with many categories with other cards (chase 5 point categories etc). After stopping to spend on those cards to shift spending here, the bonus is really only half of how it looks on paper because a lot of my spending would have had that rate anyways.


It’s 7.8% and I would love to know where you can earn that on 100% of your spend on $50k. You’d need 17 Freedom cards from Chase to do it, and you’d still be giving up nearly 3%. That ignores the hassle of trying to max out the bonus with grocery purchases, etc.


It’s not 7.8% after you subtract the annual fee. And my point is it’s even less after the initial $500 bonus on $5000 spend which you can get on many cards.

Chase Ink cards have a 25k limit on staples purchases where you can buy many gift cards (which is easier than hitting 50k for most users).
Additionally opening new cards with seemingly smaller bonuses is a lot more lucrative than this 7% cashback card.


Your comparison doesn’t really work. Let’s say I sell stuff on Amazon. Let’s say I spend $10K per month on inventory. Do you really expect me to go buy 20 $500 gift cards every month (for 2.5 months) to get back 5% on my Chase Ink Cash card? Keep in mind, there is also a $5.95 fee for each GC, so there goes 1.2% of your CB.

And after 2.5 months, then what? Chase Ink Unlimited at 1.5%? So, instead of $2,400 of Cap One CB (less $150 fee), you have $2,675 of Chase CB (less $297.50 of GC fees). $127.50 more (net) with Chase, but no hassle with Cap One. And if I double my purchases, now it’s $5,000 of Cap One (less $150) vs. $4,475 of Chase (less $297.50). Basically, the more I spend, the more this card pulls ahead.

This card offers the highest no-frills ongoing unlimited rewards of any business card out there. (AMEX Blue Business Plus & Cash also get 2%, but only up to $50K per year.) Plus, if you spend $200K per year, the card gives back an extra $200, which more than covers the $150 annual fee.

Add to that the ability to transfer your CB to the Venture X and then to airline/hotels partners, and Cap One makes a very serious case for having the strongest 2-card wallet out there. (Can you imagine playing the points game and only needing 2 credit cards?!)

Think about it. Between the Venture X and the Spark Cash Plus, you are literally getting 2% on everything you buy for both personal and business, without having to play any games or track any bonuses. Plus the Venture X gives you all of the premium card perks – Visa Infinite coverage, Global Entry/TSA credit, the best Priority Pass access around (for 4 people for free! No one else has that!), Hertz Elite status.

As for the signup bonus, if you are a small business that spends less than $100K per year, then this card probably doesn’t make sense. (Get 1 or 2 of the AMEX Blue Business.) But if you are already likely to spend more than $50K in six months, 6% extra is nothing to sneeze at. Yes, Chase Ink Cash/Unlimited give you a 10% bonus, but the actual dollar amount is still just $750. This is $3K! You would need to open 4 Chase cards to do that, and I doubt they would let you in under 6 months.


Is there anyway to waive annual fee like they did after I opened the regular spark cash card?


Can I apply for one with my social and one with an ein?


Why not?


FYI. Got Venture X last week and just got approved for this now. Thanks.


I just opened this card a couple of weeks ago. Any chance they will match?


did you try it?


I called, They didnt


Can these points function as hybrid points similar to chase ultimate rewards?


Is this the best straight cash back card out there for everyday spending?


This seems like from the highest all-time signup bonuses. 50k is a lot but so is 400k miles!


Does this card report to the Credit bureau


Can you transfer points from the Venture X to the Spark Cash Plus?

Would be useful because VentureX redeems at 2% for travel only whereas this card would be 2% for anything.


Is there a benefit to applying for the spark business and the venture x cards at the same time in regards to your credit?


Do they send 1099 for cash back?


So to maximize this (ie transfer the points to an airline), I’d need this card and let’s say the Venture X card. If I have neither card, what’s the suggested route to apply for both? At the same time, this one first and wait X days and then the Venture X card or the Venture X card and wait X days and apply for this card? And how many days is X?

M shaps

Can I apply again if just got denied?


“You can also transfer cash back or miles to any Capital One cardholder!”
does this mean that I can transfer to a friend for free???


Applied the day the Venture X was released, got approved with a 10K limit. Applied today for the Spark business, (with your link Dan ) and got approved. Thanks!


I just got approved a week ago for the the capital one venture x card. Do i need to wait before applying for this card? I have the capital one spark business card for the past 3 years. Do i need to cancel my current spark business card in order to get approved or can i have 2 spark credit card accounts under the same business?


Is this card able to be downgraded?


Do you need to be a business owner to apply for this card?


Would i be able to do the transfer to miles using the venture one card?


Got the venture x last week and got approved for this today


I just got approved a week ago for the the capital one venture x card. Do i need to wait before applying for this card? I have the capital one spark business card for the past 3 years. Do i need to cancel my current spark business card in order to get approved or can i have 2 spark credit card accounts under the same business?


do you need excellent credit to get approved ?


I have the spark cashback for my business for a few years already linked to my personal name, my employee have the same card under his personal name for the same business (i still pay the old $59 annual fee) can I apply for this card under the same business name? that will be the 3’rd spark card for the same business, but we spend a lot on it.
Otherwise is it possible to open w/o a business?


Can one have 3 capital one cards?

Zev Zahav

Just got this card 2 days ago. I called to try and get the new promotion applied but no one to talk to, they said that there is no option on their system to apply the promotion once the card was approved.

I didn’t even activate it yet!


got approved thru dans link
they should have a “check spending power” option like amex, otherwise it’s hard to put big charges as you don’t want to get declined by your vendors….


There is a check spending power, up to 4x a day


Thanks Dan
I got approved thru Dan’s link


On application when they ask for business revenue and expenses and I don’t have a real business should I just leave blank or will that be automatically declined?


Will they pull a new credit report if you got the venture x within 30 days?


Is there not a 6 month rule between this and the Venture X?


Does Capital One expedite ship cards on request like Amex?


for some reason iv’e never been approved for a cap1 card no matter how many times I try. but i’m itching to waist another eq + tu pulls to just get denied again


Is this a business card? Do I officially need a business in order to get this card?


is there a reason to keep open the spark miles card if i have the Venture X and spark cash?


Just got this card 2 months ago. Will they approve me for another card? Same social and same EIN.


I got called today after getting instant approved 2 days ago and they’re asking now to submit docs. Like proof of identity, address etc.


I got instantly approved and now they called for financial docs and all my capital one cards are currently restricted.


If I don’t supply 3 months of bank statements, all my cards will stay restricted and my rewards as well. Anyone know how to deal with this without submitting bank statements?




Dan, I have the Spark Miles card and i find that they report the spending even though it is a business card. Are you saying that this is different then other Cap One Spark Business cards?


It’s been over 10 years since I closed my last Capital One card

Vnahafoch hu

And it’s been 15 years since I took the training wheels off my bike


You often recap the sweetspots for various currencies of points. And it’s great to keep all the options fresh in my mind.
One thing that i would love to know more about is best currency for infants in lap (i know you don’t like that but sometimes it has to be;) ) .
E.g. i don’t know if this is still the case but i remember a few years ago i was booking an international business class seat on United and it worked out much cheaper to use air Canada miles because the price to add an infant in lap was much cheaper than other airlines.
Would love to see a more comprehensive post on this.
(And don’t forget you promised a post on using lifemiles and getting United elite member benefits 🙂 )


I have a business with EIN for a few years however I don’t have any cc on that business.
On the capital 1 page, it says that I need a cc for at least 3y and a limit of 5k.
however, I do have personal cc’s with that criteria. what are my chances of getting approved?


I recently applied, and my card didn’t arrive yet, I called to ask if they can add the 2,500 bones, the answer was no.




could i open this card with no sales as its a new company


this is the response that I received after applying is:
“Due to new federal regulations, we’re required to verify some additional information about your business.
We’ll be in touch in 7-10 business days with more details.”

what regulations are new?
is this a common response?


Wondering if the same will happen to me. Dan this is a important one! Please provide info. Mid winter break is over, we got to get back to the grind and we don’t want this offer to slip away!


Is there a specific amount of time I have to wait before applying if I just got the VentureX?


Just to clarify if I get this Capital One Spark Cash & spend the threshold & want to move to miles there’s no reason not to get the Capital One Spark Miles which has no annual fee (unless I am up to getting the annual fee cards for more points..) any reason I shouldn’t get the free capital one spark miles and park it there (& eventually close the Spark Cash so I don’t have that fee annually..


i currently do not have any capital one card should i apply for the venture x then apply for this one or do this then venture x. Would like to get the 400,000k points


“From there you can transfer miles to an airline like Turkish, which can book you on United to Hawaii for just 7,500 miles in coach or 12,500 miles in business class”

Been trying to find tickets to Hawaii for the summer for a while this way. No luck at all.
8/14 – 8/24


My family of 5 just went to Hawaii during Yeshiva break. Couldn’t book online, and poor availability. When I called, they had much better availability than what I saw online. You can also hold the rervation for 3 days, but you have to call back to book.


Does this card have international transaction fee?


I see on their site it does not.


Do I need real business to apply?


Any free version to downgrade after 12 moths?

Cash Back

Is this the best straight cash back card?
For a simple, non business card holder, that does not travel a whole lot, looking for the highest cash back card across most purchases.
Using multiple cards for rotating categories is too much, other than maybe max 2 or 3 cards.
Happy to use Blue cash rereferred for groceries and gas and maybe a second? Should this be it?


For a business card holder that spends more than $50K per year, this is probably the best overall no-thought-needed card. (Under $50K use one of the free AMEX Blue Business cards that earn 2%.)

For a personal card, the equivalent would be the Capital One Venture X, but it is geared towards people who travel, as the 2% rewards are actually transferable miles that are only worth 1% if you take them as cash back. Also, you would need to be able to spend the $300 travel credit to wipe out the annual fee.

The best bet would therefore probably be either the Citi Double Cash or the Wells Fargo Active Cash, both of which earn unlimited flat 2% and have no fee (and currently offer small signup bonuses).


How are there points worth less then the double ? You earn 2 points per dollar spent plus the upside me being able to transfer to airlines


The Venture X earns miles, not points. They let you transfer out to partner programs at 1:1, but if you trade them in for cash back they are only worth 1/2 cent each. (For an effective earn rate of 1%.)

Citi and Cap One have a lot of overlap with their transfer partners, so based SOLELY on the ability to cash in or transfer, the DC (+Premier combo) probably beats the Venture X.

Obviously, if you are looking for more than just straight cash-back, there are other considerations when it comes to the choice of Citi vs. Cap One (or both). e.g. Venture X $300 travel credit (which makes the effective cost -$5 vs. $95 for DC+Premier), Premier’s 3% categories, Rewards+ adding 10% to redemption value, PP membership, Hertz status, Cap One lounges, Forex fees, etc.,

The (previously unmentioned) even better option if you are only interested in straight cash-back would be the BoA Unlimited Cash Rewards, which earns an unlimited flat (1.5% * 1.75=) 2.625% if you keep $100K in the bank. If BoA were to get some transfer partners, their cards would become a serious threat to every other travel card.

Of course, you can go down the full DD rabbit-hole and get cards from all the major programs…


Approved for the card last week using your link . BH finished spend.
Just applied for my wife as well , using your link


Bonus Posted !
Thanks @dan for everything


Can I sign up if I don’t have a business?


Do I need to have the Venture X card in order to transfer this deal to airline points? If yes, and I dont have the Venture X card presently, what would be the best move to get both? Assuming sign up for this card then wait a few months and apply for Venture X. What if I open one and my wife opens another one (different last names but same address)?


Is there somewhere to look up which Capital One biz cards do/don’t report utilization to the credit bureaus?
I applied for The Spark Cash Plus card and got denied because my utilization is too high.
But when I checked my credit report, I realized that just about all of the credit utilization reflected in my credit report is from my business spending on my Spark Business Visa card (which clearly does report utilization to the bureaus).
I realize now that I won’t get approved for a new card, unless I can first get my business utilization off of my credit report, so I would like to convert/upgrade my Spark Business Visa card to another type of card which doesn’t report to the bureaus. (They said it is not eligible to upgrade to the Spark Cash Plus card.)
Any recommendations as to which Capital One card I may be able to convert/upgrade to, which would not report utilization, or any resource to look up which cards do/don’t report utilization?

Vnahafoch hu

Are there any current reports of anyone getting approved when numbers wise they shouldn’t have like by the venture x?

ish chai

does the card have foreign transactions fees?


How long does it take to be approved and start to use the card?
Have a few big purchases in next few days


Instant approval for me, but it took like 10 days for the card to arrive.


Still unsure about this one due to large spend on 1 card vs opening up a half dozen others and getting multiple SUB offers.


Dan – How does the process work to convert the cash back into points? My husband has this card, and one he spends the $50k, can he transfer his $4,000 cash back to my Capital One Venture X (which I haven’t opened yet) to be converted to 400k points? Sorry, confused 🙁

Levi Bedziner

I got approved for this in spite of getting the Venture X 3 months ago, seems like they have foregone the 6 month policy.

mendy from lakewood

got approved through your link


I got approved through your link yesterday. My Father is trying today though and the link isn’t working.


worth applying given Capital One’s 1/6 rule? I got the venture X 3 months ago.


Couple questions. Can I apply with just my social? Do they waive the annual fee for military for this card and Venture X? Thank you in advance.


If I just got the spark cash plus card, will I still get approfor a venture X a week later?


Signed up as sole proprietorship and got approved through your link

Thanks Dan


They didn’t make you send in any proof or paperwork for business?


I tried applying and got declined. Is a a number to call for reconsideration?


Thank you Dan for the reminders.
Approved today via your link.


Need advice on which card to apply for first today, Personal or Business?

Also, need advice on the business card. I sell personal items on ebay. Does that qualify as a business for purposes of this card?


Apply for the Venture X first, according to Doc, no one has gotten an approval doing it the other way around. Yes selling items on eBay as a side hustle counts a as a business, just make sure to write that you’re a sole proprietor.


Thank you Ari. Is the expectation that I can apply for both in the same day? Even if apply fir Venture X first? Still trying to wrestle with whether or not I can even come up with $50k spend


As a data point, I got the Spark and my wife got the venture around a month ago. I tried applying for the venture and was denied (first denial ever) but my wife was approved for the spark even though she just got venture not long ago.


Can I get a card for a second business? I already have one for one business

Yitz Weiss

Grabbed one, thanks! 🙂


Quick help. What industry do I select for eBay reseller? And I am not legally registered or formed anywhere. Not sure how to answer


Grabbed one at the last second!


Got approved for both the venture x (30k)
And the business spark made it last minute
Thanks Dan


I got the card but they put a restriction on the account, because they want to see bank statements either of the business account or if i don’t have a business account from the personal account. I have nothing major to show on my statements.
Any advice???!!!


I am about to cancel this card for the same reason. I’ve never been treated this way by Chase, Amex or Discover. To have the card restricted due to fraud risk, and need to submit 3 bank statements (actually 4, since they want the one just generated in March in addition to the older 3 I already provided), and be told it can take 7-10 days for account to be reviewed and a decision to be made (what? I was already approved with outstanding credit!). The deadline is ticking on the spending bonus, and I am fed up with Capital One before even getting to ever use the card I already received. Miserable people to deal with and illogical obstacles.


Curious to hear if anyone heard anything over here,
wha happens if you got this card via Sole popriorter, and have a lot of cash flow, but nothing says your name on it?


How long after hitting spend threshold do you get bonus?


Hey Dan Need your help i applied for this last year when you showed it and i received the bonus amount but it doesnt let me transfer to miles on their website like you said i even called them they said this card is cash back only am i missing something how can i transfer the bonus cash into miles im need of you assistance plz