HOT! Ukraine Air: JFK To/From Tel Aviv For $170 One-Way Or $300 Round-Trip!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Update: This is now only available from JFK to Tel Aviv on February 17, 19, 20, or 21, and from Tel Aviv to JFK on February 14.

-This fare is bookable via Momondo. Cancellation policies vary by booking agent.

-You can also book on Priceline for slightly higher. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until 11:29pm EST on Monday, 9/24. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.


  • This fare is valid originating in either direction.
  • Limited seats are available on each date.
  • Flights can have a short or longer layover in Kiev.
  • Ukraine Air allows 2 free checked bags per person. And yes, the airline and airport are safe to transit in. There are kosher restaurants in Kiev as well. DD commenter “Aryeh” notes that he stopped over for longer in Kiev and for $100 he had a private driver (contact info here) take him to the gravesites of the Baal Shem Tov Zt’l, Rebbe Nachman Zt’l, and R’ Levi Yitzchok Zt’l. DD commenter Yakov had the same positive experience as well.
  • Don’t forget to book a seat for your infant!

Valid dates from JFK to Tel Aviv:
February 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, 21.

Valid dates from Tel Aviv to JFK:
February 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.

Sample itinerary:

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Now available on Priceline!


Can these flights be cancelled once booked?


Whata the cancelation policy?


Are they refundable?


Um, an Embraer 145 doesn’t have the range to fly transatlantic. Somebody in Ops made a boo boo. Darn right the seats are limited.

Let the klutz kashes FLY!!!!


The transatlantic flight is on a 777. In the screenshot it just says the carry on baggage policy is 7kg and on E145 its 5kg.


Look at the correlation of the paragraphs.
The 145 won’t even make it to JFK in the first place. It’s the fact that the UIA themselves are posting an unowned aircraft type on a transatlantic run is what is making me nose twitch….I would assume booking with Priceline would offer better protection, no?


My apologies I see what you meant. Still, they don’t own that aircraft type ;p


Showing on priceline now


What’s the cancellation policy?



Ukraine Air does not own ANY Embarer 145’s

I am interested in seeing what develops from here…


They operate them under a different name.


What is the name of the subsidiary? FR24 doesn’t say


Link please.


Can one book 3 or 4 seats for one person, instead of buying business class?


Feb 09 is Shabbos.


Don’t forget to buy your infant a seat


Does Priceline offer price match ?

Donald Trump

all the dates out of nyc are dead besides for the 12th


False. ALL dates are still live.




Tried booking multiple dates but always get the “Oops” thing from Priceline…


If I book from the Ukraine airlines website, do I get 24 he cancellation


Officially, but to actually get it canceled with a refund is challenging to say the least…


i got insurance cancelled after i missed it when booking. it was actually fairly easy


U can can always cancel within 24 hr in the United States,
Thant’s the law!


What would happen if I book it for February and ask them to change it to april?




What’s UIA cancellation policy, please? link or anything?


i just booked on Priceline for the 10th coming back on the 20th for $337. Waiting to see if Priceline confirms.


I booked but now having trouble canceling. Priceline saying they couldnt do it and I need to call


Booked my trip in February! Thanks Dan!!!




Booked. Fed 10 to 18. Thanks Dan


Is it still live?


Thank you rebbe


is there a way to book without having a passport number? Baby doesnt have passport yet


Just put in any numbers, it won’t effect anything…

Tony p

Booked feb 10-22 on Ukraine air for $300 each. What is the process to getting it cancelled and how long do I have.


TY Dan Booked for Presidents Day Weekend


Booked Feb 10-20, my third time booking Israel through these deals.

Thanks Dan

Shiggy levovitz

any flight with a short lay over

Dovid and Miriam Schmukler

It’s saying they need to confirm my flight


me too, anyone else?


yes me as well


I don’t have a passport yet how do I book without one


Is the deal done


Thanks Dan. Booked 2 adult tickets, Feb 10 – 20. Total price $600.24


In for two!!
Thanks Dan!

wanna know

momodo directs me to ukraine airs website.Do they have a free cancellation?


Booked on priceline Feb 10 Feb 18

Saying ticketing in progress


Just got confirmation from Priceline. 2 tickets Feb 10-Feb 18 $675 US

Thanks dan


Are there any hotels in the airport?

Chosid of Dan

Thanks Dan, I just booked for Feb 13-19 on priceline!


“We’re currently confirming your tickets with the airline. Within the next four hours, we will update this page with your airline confirmation number, and send a confirmation email to ********”
what does this message mean? is everyone getting it? has anyone gotten emails with confirmation?


I received this message for the reservation I booked for 6 people. All the reservations I booked for 1 person went through and I received a confirmation number. On the phone with Priceline now about the 6 person reservation. They keep putting me on hold and transferring me around. I am not optimistic.


Took about 45 on the phone with Priceline, but my tickets were confirmed. I didn’t need to be pushy. They just kept asking me if they could put me on hold or transfer me and eventually they told me the tickets were now confirmed and they gave me the various confirmation/ticket numbers.


Looks like price is starting to go up on some dates.


Dan, isn’t it one of your children’s birthday today?


Dan, booked Feb 10th-19th for 6 including my mother in law with a 17 hour layover…please no mother in law jokes!


One way only for your MIL


I was in such a hurry I accidentally booked a round trip!


If I booked 2 passengers together and 1 can’t go will I be able to just cancel that persons ticket without losing the other. Priceline.

Mr. CC

Sure, on the phone


Just booked for the extended family! 23 people! Amazing! Thank you Dan, UIA and Priceline! 😉


Yes but you’ll have to call Priceline.


Is the deal still live???


If i book thru priceline am i guarantee cancellation?


How they’re about $560 at best and those are mostly for shabbos


I was unable to find the flights at that price


Is $543 for this airline a good deal, Dan? Hard to get the $300 deal now


Anyone know the number to call Priceline?




Is this price still around?


anything for pesach??


Nothing is avsilable for the $300 range. It goes for $738


fares are higher now


tried many dates and got nothing , dead


Is this deal still running all I see is $700 and up


My booking has still not been confirmed. Did anyone get a confirmation email?

Mike Cohen

I have flown almost every airline but UIA. Where does one spend the overnight?

Bernie Sanders

I don’t know where you get your information. I checked every date from now to March . The cheapest one way ticket is $363.


Anyone know if you can still get the deal…all I see is for 700…


I bought the insurance from price line is it worth anything?

Allen Krasna

I was able to book at 7am (us time) – for $300 Feb 12-19 (starting in tlv) – Momondo gave me the price but then xfered me to Ukraine air – site and it was not there..

I then set it up on Priceline for $335 -but Priceline said 1 suitcase (although I suspect – if its the airline policy then I prob would get 2)

I then went directly to Ukraine Air site – and put in the exact flights/times that I had set up on Priceline and got for $300


Still haven’t received the final confirmation email. Did anyone get confirmed??


I booked two tickets ,I got one confirmation right away the other one I called Priceline this morning and they sent it to me.
Thx Dan


I just got my confirmation you’ll probably get it soon


Booked 2 at 1 am. Got a conformation on 1 still waiting for the other!


I booked on one of the sites so far it was $750 a ticket. However I got a order confirmation but no tickets yet

Joe Kay

I booked three tickets can I add an infant later?


i didnt get confirmation yet from priceline- only from protection policy- on priceline shows pending. anyone know what this means?


dead! prices are over $740


I can’t find this fare is it gone????


They will possibly still send you ticket number or may not. I am waiting on it too, got the first reservation


Good morning, Dan-ites! A gute un a gebenshte yahr to all. Tsaischem le sholom uvoachem le sholom!


Depending on the aircraft, seatguru shows 31 and 32 inch pitch. That’s better than American on international flights.

Dan fan

Yes it seems that this deal is dead as I can’t either find the deal anywhere


I can not find this price anymore5

Michael Rosner

Not getting this deal on Momondo?


Didn’t work on either site. Lowest now is 600


I found on cheapoair


Just booked $192 one way Feb 18! I’m pumped, havent been to Israel in a decade, thanks Dan! now just need to figure out how to get back


Thank you Dan! Looking forward to February! What’s the best airline partner to enter for miles?


Thanks Dan! How cheap is this really?? What’s the cheapest it ever really goes in the winter?

So far, I’m going alone, had to book quick….. unsure how enjoyable a trip to Ukraine kevorim (17 hr layover) will be myself!


daven well uman


Booked two different dates thru Priceline. Can I give one ticket to someone else, can the name be changed on the booking?


Where can people post their flight dates and connect with each other to arrange minyanim and possibly group tours during the layover? What is best way to do this? Dansdeals Forums? Whatsapp?


I have the same question! Got any info on this??



I’m just seeing your response now. I am leaving in a few days. Happy to compare notes. You can contact me at danthecan at


I appreciate your (late ) response. I decided to cancel my trip in the end. Enjoy and may your Tefilos be answered!


anything still available?

Has this happened to anyone else?


DEAR **********
Please be advised that we are not able to fulfill your request for airline tickets due to the following reason(s):

Airline System Issue

To ensure that no charges have been made to your credit card, please call between 8:00am and 11:00pm ET to speak with a Travel Services representative.

Please be ready to enter your request number, which is: 1549854**** when prompted.

Sincerely, Travel Services Team.

Please do not reply to this e-mail. E-mails sent to this address will not reach an agent. To e-mail us, please visit the Help Section of our website.


Not here, I got the confirmation.


Where is Momondo located and what is their tel, #?

Tony p

Also looking for their number as I am trying to cancel


Anyone else have the Sunday flight to Kiev with the 18 hour layover? A visa isn’t needed to leave the airport, is it? Are there hotels nearby? Anyone know if a 3-4 hour walking tour of Kiev, preferably Jewish focused, would be possible Sunday evening?


Hey Dan, so i finally contacted them. They said that they can cancel total besides for taxes which in my case came out to $275 instead of 300.12 anytime up to 24 hours before my flight.
So i confirmed with them “even in january time”?
And she confirmed.

What a policy!

Tony p

Momado? What’s the number?


who said this?


Are you referring to Priceline??


i just booked same dates SQ to FRA then to HKG then to ICN then to TLV all in j. even though UIA reportedly is a decent airline, cant fathom sitting in y with a bunch of rowdy complainers who dont have best reputation for that many hours…
in all seriousness, everyone should remember not to make chillul hashem

Chaya Neustadt

How exactly do i book this


which exact dates are available because on priceline i only see saturday the ninth thru friday the 15th and momondo is saying oops
….. ty


Don”t use Ukraine Airline. I purchased 14 tickets on Sept. 3 using 4 different flights as we have a wedding in Israel in December. They already cancelled 3 flight for no good reason. They just said that they are in the process of stopping many flights and not going to fly every day. However when i asked for a refund i was on the phone for 4 hours. They claim the travel agent has to refund me and the travel agent claims that Ukraine Airlines should refund me. I called my credit card and was refunded most of my money within 20 minutes. The rest they are sill disputing for me and said it might take a while to get the rest of the refund.


Is business class available to for this price.?


Sure, but we’re not interested in Busienss class so we’re booking in Economy.


I’ve been to Ukraine 10 times over the last 4 years and very familiar with all the sites, Jewish hotels and booking taxis. Feel free to contact me at


I want to be a shabbos in Ukraine, will this work for me?


It would have if you did multi city



Please be advised that we are not able to fulfill your request for airline tickets due to the following reason(s):

Due to airline system issue

Anyone else got this?


do they offer Kosher food on these flights




I just got an email asking for a picture of my passport and credit card. to confirm it was me that purchased the ticket. Anyone else get such an email?



Mr. CC

What site?


Not going to take this kind of airline. I’m sure everything substandard including security.


I think this deal is no dead. Cheapest price I could find was $550.


I just used Twitter direct message to update from standard meal to kosher meal to and from New York, and I got a reply with a confirmation after 5 minutes!

P.S. To/ From Tel Aviv water free, any other food additional charge.

Lazer Calderon

I booked several tickets with Priceline and went to Ukraine Air to select seats and kosher food. Everything appears to have extra charges?! Does any food come with any of the flights or do you have to pay for food for each leg?? Is it worth it, should I just bring food???


Is this deal still Alive?!

alexandra attias

hi i went on monondo and priceline and i dont see this deal.
where can i find this deal


seems like the deal expiired…


How do i book this flight?

shmuel thaler

Has anyone booked the ticket from jfk to Tel Aviv with the stop in Kiev for February 10-19? I’m contacting mr schecter about arranging a group for the kevarim



I am also travelling from JFK to TLV February 10-19 with the stop in Kiev. You can contact me at danthecan at


i dont see it anywhere, i need the $170 one way ticket from tel aviv to new york