Tutorial: Refunding A Priceline Ticket

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Priceline doesn’t advertise it, but they offer a generous cancellation policy on airline tickets that involve travel to, from, or within the USA. This policy applies to regular airline tickets and not to “name your own price” or “Express deal” tickets where you don’t know the airline or flight times before purchasing.

And yes, this cancellation policy applies even when the ticket says no cancellations and no refunds.

You have until 11:29pm the business day after purchase to refund tickets. In other words if you purchase a ticket at 12:01am EST on Wednesday you’ll have until 11:29pm EST on Thursday to cancel. If you purchase a ticket at 12:01am EST on Friday you’ll have until 11:29pm EST on Monday to cancel.

That’s more generous than directly from the airlines. American for example doesn’t allow any cancellations for tickets booked on AA.com. They do allow a free hold, though once purchased there are no free cancellations. And they have been known to cancel held tickets if they decide the price for the ticket was too low.

Some foreign carriers don’t offer refunds or holds and require getting the DoT involved for a refund.

But on Priceline you can get the refund online without hassle. Here’s how I did it with a $48.99 JetBlue CLE-FLL ticket that I just bought:

After your purchase your confirmation page may or may not have a cancel option.  In this case it does not:



Locate your email confirmation and click on”print itinerary” from your email:



You can now click on the “cancel reservation” option:


Choose any reason and cancel the ticket:


Cancellation confirmation:



Note that the 11:29pm cancellation policy does not apply to Frontier and Spirit flights.  You’ll need to call to cancel these tickets and the exact cancellation time will vary, but it seems to be about 24 hours from the time of booking. You can call after booking to learn the exact cancellation deadline for Frontier and Spirit flights.

If you book multiple airlines on a ticket you may be charged a booking fee. This booking fee won’t automatically be refunded if you cancel your flight, but can be refunded if you chat or call Priceline.

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great post dan thanks!
I personally just did this last week- i booked a priceline ticket as a backup while looking for an award ticket, when I found the award, I cancelled the ticket.


If prices don’t go up, any reason I can’t cancel and re-book daily to maximize my cancellation window?


Thanks. Would love a tutorial on how to do a PGGM for the incidental credit.


@DAN: PERFECT AND THANK YOU. Just booked flights from CLE – FLL for Aug 18. Dan, i`m coming back on Aug 28 and need to be in NYC for Aug 30. Driving from CLE to NYC on Sunday would be crazy but driving from CLE to some halfway point (to spend shabbat) would be a better alternative…can you suggest where we can stay somewhere between CLE and NYC (somewhere where we can get a nice place to stay and kosher food)???



No reason at all.

I’m a firm believer than some things aren’t meant to be spelled out. And that’s one of ’em.

I’m not aware of any good place.
Why not use 4.5K Avios to fly CLE-NYC?
Or fly Southwest from CAK-LGA?


@DAN – i’m driving to CLE from toronto. I cashed out all my points 🙂 so i’m empty. I was hoping for some cheap flights from nyc – fll but haven’t found anything yet…cle – fll seems to be the best deal so far….


Check Southwest from CAK-LGA?


Great post. Thanks Dan.


@DAN – thank you.


@Bob: forums


@Dan, I agree :). Just was saying what I would like to see!


With AMEX Gold Rewards, I named AA as my airline to put incidentals on. The trick of using Delta to purchase a ticket and then pay for an upgrade for $100, then cancel the ticket and have the incidental post later, and get credited later, to allow you to keep the $100 credit (or $200 with the platinum), can one do it through AA? It sounds like it’s not possible from what you wrote. Can one call AMEX and change the airline in mid-year if you NEVER used the credit at all and switch it to Delta? Could you explain the Delta trick, please to others and clarify it for me?
Thanks, Dan!


i wanted to fly tlv-nyc on aug 20 and my travel agent mistakenly booked me for aug 27 with delta. He said there is nothing to do about it, because it’s non refundable, and to switch to aug 20 would cost way to much because is peek season dates. meanwhile elal has for much cheaper for the right dates. is there anything i can do about this problem?


This is why it’s worth every penny to be a Dan’s Deal member!

(and if you did decide one day to charge – it would still be worth every penny!😊)


Thanks Dan! Would love a tutorial on finding best cheap hotels and would love a FAQ sort of thing on miles (I know you have on Credit cards but it doesn’t explain miles)… Thanks!


i need to cancel one of three tickets i got via priceline. it’s been a long time (3 months) so i know i won’t get a full refund. when is the best time for me to cancel? i was thinking of doing it like a day before the flight and have a possibility of an empty seat next to me. does it make a difference?


If I’m not mistaken, this does NOT apply to Name Your Own Price tickets. Shouldn’t that be spelled out somewhere, lest someone mistakenly think that it does?


Whats the cancellation when ticket not in the us?


If I book a $250 ticket on priceline does that count towards my Prestige card credit?

Dr Moose

Starting to look like Squares & Arrows …


Can we have info on buying insurance from orbitz or others in trip protection? Can we cancell easily “?


Looks like its in the first paragraph.


Would love to see best options to use points/miles for Rental Cars


Two things:

1-Why doesn’t Priceline advertise this point like Orbitz does?

2-I think it would be nice to have a tutorial on the topic of compensation for flight delays as the airlines in Europe and Israel are required by law to pay the passengers in certain not-too-uncommon cases.


does this work with vacation packages


Just a small correction.
The “cancel tickets” option has nothing to do with if you open your itinerary via your email or not. It will usually only show up after about 3-10 minutes, when the e-ticket #’s from the airline come in. Once that happens, (which IS when you’ll be getting your email) you just need to refresh the page you were on until now and it should show up.

In short: If you don’t see the option right away, just wait 5 minutes and refresh the page, and it should be there. No need to go via your email.


I would love a tutorial on missed connecting flights because first leg of flight left late. I was stuck in Madrid airport on my way to TLV because the originating airplane left JFK late.


Thank you Dan! Awesome timing:)


Just tried it again and refreshed the confirmation page after 10 minutes, no cancel option came up.
The email link works best for me.


Dan, first of all thank you for the tutorial and the whole website/forum.
Question on the tutorial: “that involve travel to or from the USA” – doesn’t it mean International flights only? your example Clevland to Florida is not International. Please clarify.


Aa gives u 24 hrs to cancel a ticket.


That’s both to and from.



Do you know if you have that same cancelation option if you are booking a day-of flight? Thanks


Not sure this is valid for all flights. I just purchased the AZAL flight to TLV and the ‘Cancel Tickets’ option is not on confirmation page.Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.51.14 PM


It’s not on the confirmation page, read the post.


anybody have any experience cancelling priceline AFTER the 24hrs? today was crazy and we didn’t get around to it…. any advice? want to cancel 1 out of 3 tickets made…


Expedia allows cancellation until 11:59 Pacific on the business day after booking. So you get about 3 hours more.


Before I book, I noticed this- Does this mean that not all tickets can be cancelled?

In the Important Information section it says:

Important Information
• Ticket is non-refundable and changes are not permitted. Please read the important fare rules and restrictions.
• Fares are not guaranteed until purchased.
• If you do not take your outbound flight, the airlines will automatically cancel the remainder of your reservation. No refunds will be granted for the unused portion of your trip.
• You will be issued electronic tickets. Remember to bring a valid government-issued photo ID with you to check-in.


You’ll have to pay.

But I had to call and wait on hold for a long time to cancel with them.

That’s referring to after the grace period.


@Dan, Has never been my experience. Have always been able to cancel online for free, including an Israel flight on El Al. I’ve probably canceled about 5 flights online with no issues. Could be annoying for other Frontier or Spirit.


So will an American ticket booked on priceline today be eligible for cancellation through monday?


Dan do you know what the cancellation policy is when booking a ticket that originates abroad? for example a ticket booked on priceline from Tel Aviv to JFK. Do they still offer the 24 hr cancellation policy?


I booked 4 tickets to Israel yesterday and I need to cancel 2 of them. I called Priceline and they said that they can’t cancel just 2 of the tickets; it would have to be all 4. I don’t want to cancel all 4 and then rebook 2 of them because I got a great deal and won’t be able to get it again….. Any advice?


@faigy -why not ask dan if he can resell it for u or u try to sell the other 2 tickets ,how much is a ticket which is part of the four ,what’s considered a grt price !? And where’s the flights from !?


hi I booked 5 tickets on Sunday , and will like to cancel can I still do it ? yesterday was a legal holiday :
any idea?

Shira Horowitz

I’m a big fan of yours. i use your site all the time. I’m upset today because I called to cancel my ticket booked on Sunday thru Priceline (with Ukraine air to Telaviv) thinking that Monday is a Holiday, I could cancel this evening and Priceline said NO! Too Late! They said a legal holiday did NOT allow me the extra day. I was very misled by your blog. Can you help me? What can I do?


@Shira Horowitz:
I wrote very clearly on that post that the deadline was tomorrow: http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/73600

If it was Tuesday I would have written Tuesday. For whatever reason they don’t count Labor Day as a holiday.


@Faigy: when are your flights for? & how much did each round trip ticket cost or how much do you want to sell me the 2 tickets for? also i prefer to get tickets to israel for the pesach or the succot holidays, so if ur traveling a few days before either holiday i am interested, even if it has a stop over/change planes i would still be interested, & i ur tickets are not anywhere around those holidays, i might honestly still be interested, it would just depend on the price ur asking or u paid.


@shoobi: what is an award ticket?


Dan – great resource, but as of today…it seems like their re-direct from “print iten” no longer gives you a “cancel” option.


Their chat representatives claims “I don’t have the exact location of the link since we don’t log in to the website to access reservations. It should be near your itinerary details or terms and conditions.” I went back and forth begging him to give me a link to and he kept saying he couldn’t.

I’ve search all over the site trying to cancel and it doesn’t seem like they have removed this option…hopefully someone can find it and post it here 🙂


What airline?


Booked a ticket last night on Priceline and can’t find the option to cancel.


What airline?


@Dan: United


Email me your reservation and I’ll take a look, dan@dansdeals.com


@Dan: Thanks for your prompt response and help!


Happy to be of help, as you can see, they only moved where the button is:



Thanks @Dan !


Does this apply to all reservations regardless of how close they are to departure? eg – if i am purchasing a ticket for a flight tomorrow, can I basically cancel it up to just before departure?


Tried the email method did not work for me


Similar to Sam I do not see the option to cancel, after clicking print in the confirmation email. If I call priceline would I be able to cancel ?


See comment 58.


I was able to cancel it over the phone. phew.


Thank you for your prompt reply Dan.


Dan, it is only 10:30pm and I purchased a Delta one-way through Priceline yesterday afternoon. I am trying to cancel and there is no cancel option! I saw one there earlier today. Can you help?


I booked 2 tickets to Miami on frontier i didn’t see the small letters that they don’t have a cancellation option, i called the airline to move the tickets a week later they said it will be $99 each ticket, is there anyway around this,


Help. Trying to cancel a flight I booked yesterday by following the instructions here (clicking on “print itinerary” in the email) but I don’t see any cancellation option at all… The page that comes up does not look like your screenshot at all. In the past I did this and it worked. This time it doesn’t seem to be possible…. Please advise


See comment 67


I was able to cancel by phone only. The option did not show up (this time) through the method here.


After a few hours from booking the cancel button was gone completely. It was there until then. I had to use the online chat but didn’t have any trouble with them.


Dan, does Priceline’s policy apply even for a flight purchased to fly that same day?




i just tried to cancel a package that had a flight+hotel. i couldn’t cancel the way that Dan described above because the link was nowhere to be found (yes i read the instructions). all it took was a phone call and i was able to cancel the flights but not the hotel (non-refundable). this is just a data point…


Why did you book a package?


it came out cheaper than hotel separate from flight. i did want to add that i saved myself money by cancelling and re-booking the flights. priceline (sometimes i guess) gives you a better price if you add to your itinerary. the same hotel was about $50 more if i would have booked it on it’s own. by canceling the flight portion i was still able to keep the hotel at the original price. score!


I purchase a ticket last year,during the period January, 2015..cost $1823.90 for travel TO CHINA, however due to illness of my husband i was unable to travel. I was just made aware that the travel period for the ticket has expirted from the 01/16/2016. i am requesting your kind permisson to allow me to travel on another dated time and place to as i am willing to pay What ever penalty is involved in the cost.


@dansdeals: I’m assuming this whole cancellation policy/grace period is allowed without buying the trip protection insurance. Is that correct?




FYI, The option to cancel did *not* show up for me, even though I followed the screenshots. Chatting with CS did do it, though!


Didn’t work for me in Chrome. I pasted the link on IE and the cancellation option appeared. Successfully canceled 4 tickets.


What if I book my ticket within 24 hours of the light. Do I still get the grace period to cancel the fight???




I booked 2 of the flights that were available on friday from ny to chicago. the post said its cancelable until monday night. nut i followed all the instructions, and its not giving me the options to cancel!



I tried canceling it on chrome and safari, even in incognito mode, and it didn’t work.
Then I went on a windows computer and used Microsoft edge (basically internet explorer, and it worked! whew!



Dude you rock – had the same problem


Hi Dan my problem with Priceline is the total opposite of everybody else’s. Booked a package vacation flight & hotel 2 months ago for a May vacation everything was great and out of the blue I got a email from Priceline today stating that they (Priceline) cancelled only my hotel and a refund is being applied to my charge card the only thing is we never called to cancel. So I called immediately and asked them why did you cancel my hotel she had no idea so i said well great I got airline tickets and no hotel and she said the only thing I call tell you is they will investigate and in the mean time she said you can book the same hotel again through Priceline and I said yes I looked to see if they still had available dates and they did but at a higher price and she said that they would refund the higher difference if it turned out to be agent error . So at this point I’m in limbo waiting, waiting checking on my bank account for the original refund and now waiting on their investigation . I called the hotel and they said Priceline contacted them and they even gave me the agents name that told them to cancel my reservation. I’m afraid to rebook because the price is almost 500. higher than what we paid the first time and I don’t want to get stiffed for any more money than I have to. Any suggestions or help on what to say to them when I recall Priceline would be greatly appreciated . Thank you so much ..


I booked a NYC-chicago yesterday at 6pm I’m trying to cancel now, and I don’t see the option on priceline reservation


What browser are you using? Did you look for the cancel reservation button in another browser?


Using my blackberry and my tablet


Try on a computer.
Or call them.


OK done via phone, thanks all


Hi @dan

The winter blizzard Selene affected my husbands work schedule so he will not be able to travel back with me and our newborn and toddler. I have called Priceline and asked if they could change our dates and they weren’t helpful. The thing now is that my toddler has a double ear infection and a severe cold. Her pediatrician advise us that she should not fly when I mentioned if it would effect her ears and he said they could rupture if her drainage is blocked and high and low pressure causes extreme pain in young children. So my question is do you think we could change or reschedule our flights through Priceline is whom we booked it with along with their travelers insurance. United is the airline


Dan… I need help! My husband purchased a ticket for me and our son last night Friday April 1st at 9:11pm. I am now trying to cancel it and the cancel button is not there. I went in the email, clicked on print itinerary. We even opened it in Microsoft Edge and it’s not there. I called and automated response is telling me that my ticket is non-refundable and non changeable. Should I wait to speak to an actual person?


Of course you should talk to a human, what’s the question?

Have you tried chrome, Firefox, and IE?

Matt Olsen

Dan will this work for any priceline package? I have a 7 day trip to San Juan and Id like to lock in a price I found but may have to change the date by 1 day. I should know by the end of tomorrow but due to the fluctuation I have seen in these prices lately Id really like to lock this price in


I am about to book a ticket but might change mind in a day or two how do I lock in the price and know that I will for sure get money back if I cancel in time?


Thanks for the great info here.

PL has added a third pricing tier between NYOP and retail flights (visible dates/times) called “Priceline Exclusive.” Where NYOP is totally blind on times, and retail is totally explicit, PX offers limited ambiguity with 3 flight time options and incremental price differences based on availability: 6a-2p, 10a-6p, and 2p-10p. I bought one of these today, but realized I needed an afternoon return leg rather than the morning return leg I purchased by mistake.

The confirmation email looks almost identical to the ones you have posted above, including post 59. I closely followed your instructions and tried to “print itinerary” in FF (including private), IE, and Chrome (including incognito). No success in generating a cancellation option for the ticket purchased today in any browser. No access to MS Edge on Win10.



Edit 1: Referenced post 59 – should have been 58.
Edit 2: PX provides more than 3 time options, but the idea is the same – price decreases with the certainty you get of the time you fly.




Didnt see button on either IE, Safari or Chrome browsers. Also did an online chat and rep said that its non-cancellable. Where is the official policy that states this that I can quote to them?


What airline and when did you book?


@Dan: yesterday 3:15pm – Virgin America.


Tried Firefox?
Have you called yet?


No didnt call. I’ll try firefox before I do. What do I reply if they say its non cancellable because that’s clearly what it says on the itinerary itself?


@Dan: Cant see it on Firefox either. When I call, what do I say? Is there an official policy of theirs that I can quote?


@S: Calling didn’t work nor did Firefox have the button.


I just booked a Virgin America ticket as a test.
I clicked print itinerary from my confirmation email in Chrome and the cancel button was there and it stated that I’d have until 11:29pm tomorrow to cancel.



@Dan: I remember seeing it initially but now its not there. Am I doing something wrong? Can I send you my confirmation email to check?




@S: Didnt work. Even spoke to them several times and refusing to refund.


Email me your itinerary.


I reached out to Priceline for you.

This was a name your own price or express deal ticket where you don’t know the airline and times beforehand.

Only regular tickets are refundable. Name your own price and express deal tickets are nonrefundable, as the 1st paragraph of this post states.

You should have disclosed that in the first place.


@Dan: They refunded it after my last call. see attachment in link:


You got lucky. That doesn’t apply to opaque bookings.


Made a JetBlue reservation early Friday 7/1. Looking at it now, the Cancel button does not appear. Tried in Safari and Chrome


Try IE or Firefox?


@Dan: Yeah, it worked in Firefox. Thanks


Dan, Does this policy apply to Aeroflot for a regular ticket?

Marc M

Dan- do you know if that cancel button won’t appear for some reason for non US residents?

I’m in Canada and can use Priceline.com, not Priceline.ca, but must enter my Canadian billing address. Some odd reason it won’t be cancelable you know of?


its not working! please help!


What did you book and when?


Do I still have until the next day midnight if it says 24 hours to cancel on top when buying the ticket? Thanks


@Marc M:

IIRC if you use CAD it may not be refundable. I had an issue in the past.

Any other Canadians have data points on this?


The deal is basically $228.60 for the round trip on virgin & unlike American Virgin has certain seats they don’t charge extra for.


are you able to cancel one seat on the reservation? thanks


Dan I bought a ticket with priceline Newark to Ft. Lauterdale. as per your post. Jet blue we canceled since we canceled and got a refund since we canceled before 11:29 the next night. BUT THEY WOULD NOT CANCEL THE RETURN FLIGHT BECAUSE IT WAS THROUGH SPIRITAIR AND THEY ONLY GIVE 24 HOURS!!!
I always saw on your website that you have until 11:29 the next night. How can I fight it?? please help


From this post:
“Note that the 11:29pm cancellation policy does not apply to Frontier and Spirit flights.”

Additionally I never post Frontier or Spirit deals without that disclosure. You get what you pay for with those guys.

chany Mockin

Since Monday isn’t a business day because its a Holiday, can we cancel Tuesday 11:59 pm?


Dan, I’m in a bit of a pickle here. There is no cancellation button on the webpage. I followed your directions to the T and it’s not there. Any possibility that this doesn’t apply to your recent deal with Azarbijan airlines?


I booked a pricline ticket on Friday 01/20 and you said on the site that it will be refundable till monday 11:59 and im trying to cancel now they wouldn’t let me could anyone help me?


What airline?


@Dan:@Dan: Spirit air.


I don’t post Spirit deals.

Additionally as the post says, “Note that the 11:29pm cancellation policy does not apply to Frontier and Spirit flights.


@ Dan
I’ve searched Pricelines website and can’t find this generous cancellation policy anywhere in clear cut writing. I know it exists just would like to refer to it when an issue arises. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks


@Josh: It will almost always say “Free Cancellation within 24 hours” before you book. With that assurance, you can always go ahead and book and then confirm the longer window after booking, and if for some reason it’s not there, you can cancel within 24.

Per DoT regulations, if the flight is domestic and >7 days away, you always have 24 hours minimum to cancel if no free hold option is available at time of booking.


Not Working for Air Canada

Yankel Frankel

Hey all,

Just to let you know, I booked an American Airlines flight recently and did not have the cancellation button after clicking the email. When I spoke to customer service on the phone, they said that they don’t offer the online cancellation option for all their flights anymore so YMMV..

Please update at the top of the article @Dan! Thanks!

Yankel Frankels

Hey all,

Just to let you know, I booked an American Airlines flight recently and did not have the cancellation button after clicking the email. When I spoke to customer service on the phone, they said that they don’t offer the online cancellation option for all their flights anymore so YMMV..

Please update at the top of the article @Dan! Thanks!

Jack out of the box

I’m trying to cancel a Priceline Alitalia ticket right now. I also don’t have a cancel button. I’m busy chatting. She tells me to hit the cancel button.

……OK she cancelled it for me. 🙂



was able to cancel the Priceline/Air canada ticket via phone (during the allotted time for cancellation) using the automated system.


@Dan does the refund exclude processing fees?


@Shneur: cancelled a ticket purchased yesterday, was only able to do it on the automated system over the phone, the processing fee of $7.00 is not refunded.


Cancelled the $100 Emirates tickets from Male to JFK and Priceline charged a $15 processing fee. Just so you’re aware it’s not free to cancel within 24 hours. There are fees.


It’s unclear if those who don’t see a Cancel button have tried the “Print Itinerary” method.


Hi Dan – I booked a pricline ticket on Weds. 5/17 and you said on the site that it will be refundable till thursday 11:29 and I tried to cancel it then and they didnt allow. I disputed it with my CC and got nowhere.. could anyone help me? I have the docs showing i tried to cancel.


I have heard good things about Priceline but my own experience has been terrible. I tried canceling a ticket within the time specified at the time of booking — but i did NOT see any cancel button on my email or on their website (I have screenshots confirming this). I had to call Customer Service to cancel (and they charged me extra $15 to cancel even though it was never specified upfront and I told them I don’t see an option to cancel online). They confirmed that my tickets are cancelled on the phone but I never received a confirmation email.

I used the chat feature on the website next day to ask for confirmation email but they said my tickets are not cancelled. They said due to complexity of the issue, I should call Air Travel Services Specialists directly to resolve. I called and they confirmed on the phone again that my tickets are cancelled and that are resending the confirmation email. We waited for the email for a few minutes while on the phone but I didn’t get it. They gave me a confirmation number and asked me to wait for the email – we also checked the email address they have. I still haven’t received the email and looks like my ticket is not cancelled again.


Dan- I have followed a number of these “deals” on priceline but somehow do not get to them. I tried to purchase low cost tickets to Fll but the ones available on priceline for the indicated dates are substantially higher than what you’ve posted. Where am I going wrong? Thanks for the great job you do.


I have cancelled hundreds of flights on Orbitz after 2-3 days (sic) I book after midnight PST Thursday and cancel by 11:59 PST on Monday. Does this work on priceline?

chana k

I booked 2 Priceline itineraries. I cancelled both the next day.
On the reservation that had each portion of the round trip on different airlines, I was charged a $7.85 Priceline fee that was not refunded.

chana k

Just chatted with Priceline. I’m going to be refunded that fee also. But it will take a day or 2. The airline refunds were practically instantaneous.


Dan, I would like to go on a trip next wednesday. However, I may need to cancel last minute. Is there any way to do that other than booking on Monday or Tuesday?


Does this 24 hour cancellation apply when travel is less than 7 days in advance? Specifically for spirit, (i know needs to be cancelled through spirit) their website isn’t clear on cancellation. Any advise?


Dan , I purchased 2 business class tickets and I would like to cancel ,but they said the insurance I bought ,only covers illness ort death ,so now I am stuck with 2 business class tickets that I would be able to use .

G Scott Sobel

Help! I bought tickets with Priceline on United and must cancel – still have 18 hours – but I cannot find any cancellation button or info!!!!!!

G Scott Sobel

Customer chat successfully cancelled the reservation, so no need to post my previous help request!

G. Scott Sobel

FYI I booked but had to cancel within 24 hrs. My “print intinerary” did NOT have a CANCEL button and I couldn’t find any way to cancel. I went to live chat and the CSR successfully canceled the entire trip for me.

Liam K. Nuj

On American Airlines I recently held a ticket for 24 hours, which was actually until 11:59pm the next (business?) day.
When later purchasing the ticket on AA.com at about 10pm the next day I noticed that it said that if purchased I will then have another 24 hours to cancel, if I so choose. That cancellation period was also until 11:59pm the next (business?) day. And I ended up cancelling – by 11:59pm of the SECOND day from when I first put a price hold on the ticket.
But this extra day would only work on American, as they are apparently the only airline offering HOLDS (and subsequently the pretty standard 24 hour cancellation period)

Dovid Einhorn

I booked a trip to Eretz Yisroel through Priceline express deals and I am trying to cancel it. Having a hard time…
What should I do?


Hey Dan,

Any idea how to book another ticket for the same days but different times? I am not yet certain which time of day works best, but Priceline seems to block me from purchasing another ticket by stating that there is already a reservation for the same passenger at a similar time. I cannot seem to get around it! Any ideas?

Also, did you choose the 10:00 PM flight because its the 787?



Anyone have luck with SunCountry booking on priceline being cancelable? my booking says this:
Sun Country Airlines
Cancellation policy
Once confirmed, ticket is non-refundable and changes are not permitted.
See your airline’s full fare rules


Still working?


Can you get a full reFund of UR points if you cancel after 24hours?