Settlers Of Catan And Settlers Of Catan Expansion Pack For Just $24.99, Plus More Board Game Bundles On Sale From Walmart!

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Settlers Of Catan And Settlers Of Catan Expansion Pack For Just $24.99 Shipped From Walmart!

This is the lowest price we’ve ever posted this combo for!

Catan normally sells for $44 from Amazon and is on sale for $24.99. The Catan 5-6 player expansion sells for $23.48 from Amazon.

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Settlers Of Catan is one of the best board games ever made and I’m a huge fan. Don’t judge me, so are the Green Bay Packers. The biggest advantage of it over traditional games like Risk or Monopoly is that you are forced to change your strategy every time you play as the board is set up randomly and is never the same as the last time. Plus it can be played in just 1-2 hours.

The regular Catan game is for 3-4 players and the expansion pack allows 5-6 players to join in on the fun, though I enjoy playing 4 player games using the expansion pack as well.

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Un Frikin believable


Thank you! Great deal!


Any chance we get Catan Seafarers and the Seafarers 5-6 person bundled as well? I enjoyed it when playing with the DS Game
Any others bundled together? I also want two real ticket-to-ride games! Building up a shabbos library.


Sadly, not Cities and Knights!


Great deal. I ordered Catan game on Black Friday for $25 from Amazon and now they won’t do a price match so I got the combo from Wlamart and will send back the base game to Amazon!


I also ordered it on Amazon for $25.

I just ordered this combo from Walmart, can I return my opened set to Amazon, or should I wait for this one to arrive and just send the closed base game from this combo back to Amazon for a refund?


Deinitely sheker, likely gezel. See businesshalacha weekly for this/last week.


If Amazon accepts the return of an opened product, it is fine to return it as such.


Read the full post on businesshalacha

“if the store has an unconditional, no-questions asked return policy, which allows returning items even after using them. In this case, in theory, you could return the original bookcases that you already assembled, and order new ones for the cheaper price. Ordering new bookcases and returning them with the initial receipt rather than the used ones, is better for the store since they can still sell them, so that this ploy helps the store rather than harming it.”

Amazon DOES have a no-questions asked return policy, which would even apply to my opened set that I bought from them, so by returning the closed set from Walmart, Amazon would be able to resell it, rather than my open set which they would refund me and not be able to resell that one.