OBi200 For $29.99 Shipped From Newegg: Make Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month

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-OBi Makes Up With Google Voice
-My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone…

OBi200 For $29.99 Shipped From Newegg

Use $15 off code: EMCAXKK52

This sells for $44.89 from Amazon where it has great 4.7 star ratings.

Here is an easy tutorial is set this device up with Google Voice for a free landline phone.

-Works with Google Voice
-Easy to Set-Up Using
-Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric,, etc.
-Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

Quick FAQ’s about this device:
-It costs $0 per month after you buy the machine.
-A phone number is free with Google Voice.
-It works with any regular landline phone. For example a VTech Dect 6.0 cordless phone with caller ID is $24.99, or the 2 handset version is $37.93,
-It makes regular outgoing and incoming calls with caller ID.
-Calls are free from anywhere in the world to US and Canada numbers.
-You can call international numbers for a little as as 1 cent per minute. Israel is 2 cents per minute for landlines and 10 cents for cell phones. All rates are listed here.
-You can only port a cell phone number to Google, so if you want another number you’ll have to first port it to a prepaid cell service and then port it to google. Porting in your old number costs $20.
-You don’t need any other phone service, just broadband (DSL/FIOS/Cable) internet service with a router. If you don’t have a router you can buy this WiFi adapter to allow the OBi to work over WiFi.
-You do not need a computer.
-You do not need a phone jack.

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@Dan is it possible to receive and send text with this?


If I anyways have iOS from Verizon etc, why would I need this device, fios has free landline, no? Is it ment for people that only share with friends wifi??


I have the old OBI100 I think, does that no longer work with google voice, but this does?
or does that also work with google voice, even though they stopped it for a while?


For long distance (at least for e”y), is much cheaper




I bought this a while ago but I can’t seem to get it to work. Behind my router
I have Optimum modem with Netgear router which is set up with openDNS I was advised to try changing DNSServer1 parameter value by accessing the OBi’s web page. Didn’t work for me unless I am doing something wrong – any ideas?