Buy A $50 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card And Get A Free $30 Promotional eGift Card!

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Update: DEAD!

Buy A $50 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card And Get A Free $30 Promotional eGift Card!

Purchase a $50 gift card and automatically receive a $30 promo gift card!

Valid through 12/24 or while supplies last.

You will receive 3 $10 promotional gift cards. The promotional cards expire on 1/31/20.

Use PayPal checkout and earn 5 points per dollar with your Chase Freedom Card.

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You can buy through PayPal to get 5 Chase Ultimate Points on Chase Freedom


Can I do this multiple times?


It says no, but my order(s) went through.
I will let you know if my extra bonus cards are emailed.

Minimum purchase of $50 in total Dunkin’ Gift Cards during one transaction on only. Excludes Dunkin’ Gift Card purchases in Dunkin’ restaurants, app, bulk, and 3rd Party locations. Limit $30 in bonus eGift Cards per customer from 12/18/19 – 12/25/19 or while supplies last. The $10 promo eGift Card must be enrolled on the Dunkin’ App, or redeemed at a participating Dunkin’ locations by 1/31/20 to receive promotional $10 value.


That last sentence (expires 1/31) killed it 🙁


Not at all. You can buy coffee cards that never expire with the $30 promo credits.


That is, if you don’t drink coffee that often, then why get this in the first place…?


They only expire if you don’t add them to your app. Once you do, they don’t… That’s my understanding of the fine print… And I tried it and it’s in my main card on the app…


I got charged $7.50 for each card as an additional fee!!!!!

Sister\'s business

The cards say expire if not registered online, so I believe if you register them they do not expire


Promo Card Support:
Once this $10 bonus eGift Card has been used in a Dunkin’ participating restaurant or enrolled on or on the Dunkin’ app by 1/31/20, no expiration date or management fees apply.




I bought this but it never asked me for my email for my bonus cards! Just the email of my ‘friend” to send my $50 card. What to do???


Thanks Dan! i got mine and merge them into my current DD card.


This is to confirm multiple purchases work fine with all the same info. I purchased all for “me” not a friend, and I got all the emails within 20 min or less.
Added them all to the app, no expiration date anymore.
Thanks Dan!!!


Just a follow up FYI
if you are receiving multiple eCards, you have a limited of 5 cards per app. The way to get around this is after you add cards to the app, you merge the balance into the main card, which will remove the cards you added but shift the balance onto your main card number.


I’ve tried multiple times to Purchase these gift cards and it has said, that I already used the promo. Does anyone else have that issue?

Victor Mizrahi

I keep getting this error, anyone else have this issue?

You have already redeemed this promotion. Would you like to go back and edit your cart or retry your payment without the promotion?

David R

Me too. There’s a transaction in my PayPal history but not sure if it will drop off or be finalized.


says I already redeemed this promotion, but haven’t


After trying multiple times and closing and reopening page, finally worked.


It says ” Offer had been redeemed”
This was the first time buying.
Card had been charged, no email received yet.
Anybody got the same issue?


Yes, I have exactly the same issue. Plus it never asked me for my email address.




I think I purchased it and it showed the $30 promo ,but when it checkout it did not show the promotional cards and did not ask for my email address . BTW i asked for the gift cards to be mailed to me.What do I do if they do not send the $30 promo cards?


The promo gift cards are ecards only, they will not mail them to you.


So how will I get them?


I’m assuming the expiration is only for the 30 dollar free promo portion of the deal correct?
The original 50 dollar paid for cards have no expiation date?


It worked for me but I only got one of my 3 $10 promo cards anyone else have this problem or know what to do?


Chanie, check if your (gmail) inbox grouped all three messages together and they’re all really there.


There is a “sold out” banner at the top, on the corner of the promotion banner. Anyone get it to work regardless?


I purchased the $50 gift card last night and have not received my additional $30 coupons. How should I proceed?