Updated: What Did You Get From The Epic Shoes.com/ELEVTD $19.96-$24.95 Deal For The Ages? Here’s How To Trade Styles And Sizes!

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Update: Bumping this post now as everyone’s orders should have arrived by now.

People are posting what they got on this DDF thread. You can buy, sell, or trade what you got on that thread and via the private messaging system on DDF. Note that DDF trading rules require that you list a price if you are selling an item or else your post will be deleted. If you don’t have a DDF account yet you’ll have to register for one here.

Mimi was ecstatic with her early birthday present:

Some readers have also shared pics of their shoes:

DDF member APoshiterYid made out pretty well.

He got a ton of Torry Burch, Vince, and Ferragamo shoes:


And just a few Jimmy Choos as well 😀


Although one Instagram user clearly took it to the next level:


JJ got his wife a $2,500 pair of Jimmy Choos along with other shoes:


What did you get?

Originally posted on 7/25:

It all started when DDF member EliJelly noticed last Wednesday that a pair of ECCO shoes was on sale for just $24.95. This was the first mention of the deal anywhere online!

I posted a roundup of ECCO shoes on sale for $24.95 shipped followed by a roundup of other shoe brands also on sale for $24.95. Then came a post about down jackets on sale for $24.95.

DansDeals commenter Mountain Man noticed that there were Ferragamo shoes on sale for $24.95 and we made a post on all of the designer shoes on sale from sister site ELEVTD for $24.95. A 20% off code then came out, dropping the price to just $19.96 shipped!

The company was backlogged, but these incredible deals are now shipping out. Some items are being cancelled due to being out of stock, but the deal is being honored.

I bought several Columbia down jackets for $24.95 and have a dozen Jimmy Choo and Ferragamo shoes, boots, and bags coming in the mail tomorrow. That’s over $10,000 of merchandise for just a few hundred bucks!

JJ even nabbed a pair of $2,500 Jimmy Choos for $19.96!

One DDF member reports that 116 of his orders from ELEVTD have shipped!

Want to trade styles or sizes with other people? People are posting what they got on this DDF thread. You can buy, sell, or trade what you got on that thread and via the private messaging system on DDF. Note that DDF trading rules require that you list a price if you are selling an item or else your post will be deleted. If you don’t have a DDF account yet you’ll have to register for one here.

Note that trading and selling must be done via DDF. Comments soliciting trades and sales on this post won’t be published. 

I’ll bump this post in a few days after everyone gets their shoes.

What did you get from the shoes deal for the ages?

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My order was cancelled.. anything else i tried putting in my cart i was told it was sold out. So now i got nothin


A few of my ELEVTD items were just cancelled- anything to do for that?


An hour plus of frustration finding item after item out of stock, two cancelled orders and one with regular price only $90 not yet shipped or cancelled…


I ordered one order and literally just got a cancelation email, that they don’t have the product! Any recourse?


We received a pair of Eccos and timberland waterproof boots, we are still waiting for the pair of kids UGGs (it shipped, but not delivered yet) all for $75… Not bad. Thanks Mr. Deals.

Mountain Man

I got 5x belts. ~20x shoes 4x hand bags 3x coats confirmed shipped. (likely 20-30k retail) No HT though…


Also post in the forum if you’d like to sell any of them!


Are you willing to trade any? I have two pairs of GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI shoes.


Please post if you want to sell anything


Only one pair of shoes…
But I’m happy with that

Just always wanted a pair of Ferragamo loafers
Maybe next time


Got a total total of 10 Shoes out of 11 orders
3 – ferragamo’s
7 – Tory Burch
Thanks dan best deal ever


Interested in selling the Ferrgamos?

Joe S

Got a pair of Ferragamo from ELVTD and Uggs and Woolrich from Shoes.com! Thank you!


A big fat cancellation. I join the party too late!!


Wow Dan I just got the most incredible shoes. Thanks a million! I am over the moon!


I got two $3000 moose knuckles jackets!!


Wanna swap one moose knuckles for a mackage?


What size mackage did you get?




Can you send a link to the one you got?


How much for it?


Would trade for moose knuckles


Which moose knuckles do u have?


Got both my orders from elevtd! Tory Burch and Jill Sander. Thanks!


Got 2 pairs of women’s Ferragamo shoes. Want to resell—anyone know the best place to make some decent $?


I’ll buy them off you!
what size?


4 pairs or Ugg shoes (2 for me, 1 for each of my kids).
1 Ugg throw
1 pair of Jimmy Choo sneakers
1 pair of Ferragamo boots

Thanks, Dan!


17 of 30 Orders Mostly Ferragamo Womens Shoes & Wallets- Thanks Dan


interested in selling anything?


I got three jackets (moose knuckles and Canada goose) and 9 pairs of shoes. (I ordered 13 pairs and 4 were cancelled. I can’t even remember all but 2 Ferragamo, 2 Birkenstock, 1 Kate Spade… One jacket came today and the rest arrive tomorrow. Thanks Dan 🙂


Wanna trade a Canada goose or moose knuckles for mackage?


Any idea why they are honoring this deal? It’s not like an airline where the bulk of their costs are fixed.


In an email they sent said that they were just getting rid of a lot of old stock.


got all my orders that i placed! 1 from shoes.com and 3 from elevtd. wish i ordered more!!!


Was too slow to the party. Gotta stop mulling over such good deals and just pull the trigger. Got a $240 MSRP $160 dollar current price Columbia jacket for $24.95. I wish I had bought a dozen as gifts.

Such a high

1 Jimmy Choo
1 Ferragamo
1 rag and bone
2 dr Marten
1 Stuart Weitzman
1 Charles David
1 Fausto puglisi
2 Colombia jackets
Total about 4k

Once in a life time splurge 😉


I got 4 cancellation emails for all my orders. Pretty let down since things were going out of stock as I was buying – you’d assume their system should have the correct quantities for what they have in inventory. I called after everything cancelled and they gave me a 30% off code for anything on the website (no exclusions as they said many other codes have), wouldn’t offer me anything better than that though. Probably won’t even use it as 30% without being able to stack doesn’t get me much.


I got 2 Stuart Weitzman shoes! Thanks


What an unfortunate thread. Like almost everyone else here, I tried for one or two things and didn’t get anything. Well done to the chazirs on your winnings!


Ugg shoe for my 18 month old love them. They’re actually sandals and I don’t think they’re real leather but they still look great. The stride rite shoes I order which wasn’t anyways a great sale got canceled


The only shoes cancelled on my order was Stride Rite. I wonder if that’s a trend.


I’m willing to sell Uggs Dydo Neumell Booties size 6 for $45. I’d be willing to trade them for a toddlers size 6 also.


I received all my orders. 5 UGG throws/blankets. Hunter Sorel and Sperry Rain boots. Thanks!


Literally just got cancellation


Due to popular demand around our recent sale, some of the item(s) you ordered sold out faster than expected. You should have received an automated cancellation email notification. We apologize for this inconvenience.

From time to time, these things happen. However, we understand how frustrating cancellations can be and we want to make it right. Please accept a special offer for 30% off your next purchase* with code: RS541005326232597. We take great pride in offering you the very best shopping experience and hope you’ll stick with us! Please see below for a list of cancelled items.


10 of 14 order shipped

-Mostly women’s shoes (coach, Kate spade)
-Men’s shirt
-women’s top and jeans.

Had Moose knuckle and CG coats in my cart, it took to long to check out. Same for Men’s shoes. Seems like there were only 1-2 pairs for each Men’s shoe.


I got 1 Ugg blanket, 1 pair of Sorel boots, 1 pair of Jimmy Choo


Received shoes.com cole haan ladies shoes for $25 , Elvtd got cancelled


7 x Shoes
14 x Coats


Got a ferragamo bag and love it!!
Kate spade booties were cancelled though…


does cleveland have no taxes on items shipped there like nj? how come jj only paid 19.96 and not the couple of extra dollars for the tax? just curiouse


My 2 pairs of Dr marteans arrived today! $20 a pair instead of $110


thats amazing!!!!!


didint buy,o,well to late


Anyone willing to swipe? I have two pairs of GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI shoes. The leopard ones and pointy toe with stones. 🙂 I’ll trade them both for a mans jacket!


There was a post about masked thieves stealing boxes from a porch in Toms River. The first thing I noticed was that the boxes were labeled shoes.com 🙂

Too cool for school

$695 ferragamos for $24.95, wearing them as we speak!


I was sitting out a plane on the runway so I had no Wi-Fi service. Without Wi-Fi it was moving very slowly. As soon as they let us off the plane cause we were still delayed I opened up my computer I was able to get a pair of hunter boots and ugg socks. Missed everything else. damm delays!!!
But thanks Dan!! Got my wife some nice gifts


Got 2 pairs of Coach Leighton booties for my wife for 25 each. One black and one white/pink. I don’t think she wants the white ones so I’m open to trade/sell


Was really bummed… First time I tried ordering from my phone on Shoes.com I got the glitch that wouldn’t let me place the order, I tried incognito like someone here suggested but nothing. Then by the time I got on my laptop the item was saying sold out. Then I found something else and ordered only to have them email me a few days later that it was out of stock and order was cancelled. Now they just sent me a 30% discount code for cancelling my order, but it ain’t gonna be close to the $24.95 that I should have gotten!


Can you post the code if ur not using it?


10 Mens Ferragamo shoes. 2 Ferragamo wallets. One Ferragamo Belt. Thanks DAN!


Looking for size 8 women’s Ferragamo shoes. Have size 8C Varina Ballet Flat and size 7.5 slipper.


Trying to sell anything?


Anyone want to sell any shoes or jackets? Size 12 men’s and WN XXL in everything else!!!


Anyone down to sell men’s Ferragamo size 11-12. Black. Willing to pay well.




How do I contact you?


please leave me your ddf forum name here and i will contact you


Do you still have the mens Ferragamo size 11 for sale?


Do you have men’s slides or slippers? Size 11


I have size 8 for sale


hunter boots / ugg boots / aldo shoes all for $26 each and + $5 rebate on each from ebates
so total for the 3 was $63


one coach sherlington boot, Birkenstock order was canceled


Anyone selling a small moose knuckle coat?


Willing to trade or sell women’s Coach Waverly Pumps (nude) would sell for 75$.

Got a Moose Knuckles women’s xs sterling parka willing to trade for Canada goose.

Thanks Dan!


Anyone looking to sell a medium Canada goose jacket? Bummed out that I missed on this deal…


Anyone willing to sell their size 12 men’s shoes? Also looking for a nice wallet. Thanks


please leave me your ddf forum name here and i will contact you


I don’t have one, u can email me dskurowitz@gmail thanks!




Anybody want to sell me men’s slides or slippers size 11?


Does anyone want a women’s Coach Leighton white fur boot, size 6 to trade for a men’s item?


Anyone willing to sell size 8 or 8.5 men’s Ferragamo shoes or medium Canada Goose coat? Thanks!


Yes i have size 8 Ferragamo shoes for sale. How can i contact you?


Not sure- maybe Dan can give us guidance how we can exchange contact info. privately. Dan, please guide us.


Hi looking to sell a jimmy choo women’s beautiful sneaker size 7 $250 or trade for Anything in size 9 women


I have size 9 dr martens


I have some Timberland boots size 9 for women. I’m ready for a trade.


500 bucks in jackets for 50 bucks. Should have ordered more.


I got a nice faragamo briefcase worth 1500 . Would trade for a men’s coat


wanna trade for a $1300 Moose Knuckles Coat? gtyossi@gmail.com


Anyone selling womans shoes size 10.5 or 11

Sarahff Brenner

yes I have the attached in size 11 – https://www.ebay.com/itm/283567007073. Make an offer

Sarahff Brenner

I have the following I am willing to sell SALVATORE FERRAGAMO ORTIGIA VARA BOW LEATHER SLINGBACK (Clay color) – SIZE 10 – Asking $269


If anyone is selling woman’s 7/7.5 shoes or men’s 9 let me know.
Is it likely to happen again?


I have size 7 Coach wavery women’s pumps nude color. Willing to sell 80$.


I have nude Tory Burch Slipons let me know if your interested


Half my order arrived, the rest was cancelled. One item didn’t fit, returned it, and called and complained and was refunded the restock fee. Thanks Dan!


I was able to get:
Women’s Frame Le Studded Jacket (Size M) Wife doesn’t like the style she put on eBay.
Women’s Vionic Downing Riding Boot (Size 6M Color:Chocolate Suede) Wife wants in black. Women’s Charles David Studio Ankle Boot (Size 5.5M Color:Navy Suede) Small for wife.
and 2 columbia jackets for my friends kids.

Mi k\'amcha yisrael

Remember, at least 10% Ma’aser. If you need a tax deduction, you might be able to deduct retail value.


Does anyone have anything in a 9.5 or 10 womens shoe or medium coat that they want to trade or share or sell for not an exorbitant profit lol? Tia!!


I can ask wife if she wants to trade the “Women’s Frame Le Studded Jacket (Size M)”, but she may have already posted it.


Anyone got the AQUATALIA ‘Ulu’ knee-high suede boot (6 or 6.5) or JIMMY CHOO ‘HILLARY 65’ shearling-lined ankle boot (size 36.5 or 37)….and wish to trade or sell, please let me know.