6 Packs Of Pistachio Almond Thinaddictives For $2.53-$2.83 Shipped Via Amazon Subscribe And Save

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Update: Commenters below are reporting that they have received this product without the MK hashgocha that is pictured on Amazon. Be sure to let Amazon know about their incorrect product image if you return the item.

6 Packs Of Pistachio Almond Thinaddictives For $2.33 Shipped Via Amazon Subscribe And Save

This is the lowest price ever from Amazon.

-MK-Kosher Parve Pas Yisroel.

-Also available is the Cranberry Almond flavor for $2.98 as an add-on item.


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  • So thin, so crunchy, so addictive: Your everyday snack with great taste and 0 guilt
  • Nut lover’s delight: California almonds mixed with great tasting pistachios twice backed to perfection into a thin crunchy cookie
  • Low Calorie: Treat yourself for only 100 calories per pack
  • Real Ingredients: Made with real ingredients like wheat flour, real dried fruits, and whole almonds
  • 18 per box: Individually wrapped for convenience. 3 cookies per freshness pack and 6 freshness packs per box

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make sure to cancel before pesach


Pretty sure it’s only 1 pack.


Its 1 box with 6 packs of 3 in it


It is still making me get the $25 minimum to ship bc. of Add-on , even when I select subscribe n save. I tried switching monthly and every 2 months


How is this pas yisroel? I don’t see that it is..


Please be aware.i ordered this item few weeks ago and I thought it’s MK kashrut(because of the picture at Amazon) but it came with different kashrut that I’m not aware of.


I bought both the pistachio almond and the cranberry almond off this post on Thursday. They came today with a different hechsher. map with a k inside, and says made in a plant that manufactures dairy. I will be returning them.


That hechsher is reliable.


I just received mine (Cranberry Almond flavor) now (Monday Feb 26 @ 3pm).

The kashrus symbol printed on the box is the “United States K” – DAIRY. (Looks like a “K”
in the middle of a map-outline of the USA.) No “MK” on my boxes, same as reported by others.)

(There is no actual dairy in the ingredients or in the “Contains” allergy warnings. Says produced in a dairy facility.)

The US-K is from California lead by Rabbi Dr. Yehudah Bukspan, Administrator. (He is also Kashrus Administrator of “Kosher Overseers Associates of America” (KOA – also known as the “Half-Moon K”, has been under the auspices as a division of the O.U for a while now.)

He MAY have different standards for his personal US-K symbol than for KOA (or not). US-K is not on Kosherquest.com (Rabbi Eidlitz’s) approved list, but that does NOT necessarily mean Rabbi Eidlitz considers it specifically “not recommended”.

I did see a blog that claimed that Rabbi Bukspan allows carmine (an insect extracted red food coloring), but I do not know if that blogger is reliable. (He was saying it as a praise of R’ Bukspan for having the courage to hold by his own qualified psak without bowing to the pressure of machmirim.)

I hope this helps. (I try to never recommend or “not recommend” any hashgocha. I just try to provide information relevant to one or one’s Rov to make an informed decision.)