Starwood Adds A 34th Airline Transfer Partner And It’s Excellent For Awards To Israel!

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Effective immediately you can transfer Starpoints to Aegean, a member of the Star Alliance.

You can view the Aegean Star Alliance award chart here.

Aegean considers Israel to be part of Europe/North Africa, so you can book a one-way between North America and Europe (including Israel) for just 30K miles in coach, 45K miles in business, or 60K miles in first class!

And that means I’ll have to update the The Ultimate Israel Mileage Award Chart and the Getting To Israel Using Starwood Starpoints chart once again. Just yesterday I wrote about ANA and Singapore being the best options for using miles to fly United to Israel, but Aegean is even cheaper than them!

A flight within Europe/North Africa (including Israel) is just 12.5K miles in coach or 21K miles in business class each way.

Plus of course you get 25K miles for every 20K Starpoints transferred!

Aegean does not charge fuel surcharges to fly on Air Canada or United.

Aegean only charges 20 Euros to change or cancel an award ticket and there are no close-in fees.

You need to call Aegean to book awards on partner airlines.

Aegean miles expire after 24 months, but if you credit any Star Alliance flight to Aegean your points will be extended by another 24 months.

Want to pickup some Starpoints?

American Express is a advertiser.

You can earn them on the Starwood Consumer AMEX and the Starwood Business AMEX. Aside from valuable Starpoints, they also provide 4pm late checkout and free premium internet at Starwood hotels. The business card also provides free lounge access at Sheraton hotels like the Sheraton Tel Aviv. They also provide free unlimited Boingo WiFi access worldwide.

You can learn all about Starwood and using Starpoints in this post. Note that Marriott is in the process of buying Starwood, though it will be quite a while before the loyalty programs can be merged. And the great thing about Starwood is that we can always bail and transfer our points into airline miles with a 25% bonus if we don’t like the details of the new program.

Curious about the 34 Starwood transfer options and ratios? Here they are!

With so may different airlines to transfer to it’s just a matter of figuring out which one has the lowest rates to where you want to go. I’ve separated them by alliance so you can know which airlines are partners and will therefore let you book award travel on partner airlines. Of course airlines also have lots of non-alliance partners, but by definition they are partners with all airlines in the same alliance.

In parenthesis you can see if American Express Membership Rewards (MR), Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR), or Citibank Thank You (TY) points transfers to the airline as well.

OneWorld Alliance:
Air Berlin: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
American: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
British Airways Avios: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR, UR)
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR, TY)
JAL: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
LAN: 20,000 Starpoints=37,500 kms (No other transfers)
Qatar: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (TY)

Skyteam Alliance:
AeroMexico: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR)
Air France/KLM Flying Blue: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR, TY)
Alitalia: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR)
China Eastern: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
China Southern: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Delta: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR)
Korean: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (UR)
Saudia: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)

Star Alliance:
ANA: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR)
Aegean: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Air Canada/Aeroplan: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR)
Air China: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Air New Zealand: 20,000 Starpoints=385 points (No other transfers)
Asiana: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Lufthansa Miles & More: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Singapore: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR, TY, UR)
Thai: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (TY)
United: 20,000 Starpoints=12,500 miles (UR)

Alaska (Partners with several airlines from different alliances): 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Emirates: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR)
Etihad: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (TY)
Gol/Varig Smiles: 20,000 Starpoints=12,500 miles (No other transfers)
Hainan: 20,000 Starpoints==25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Hawaiian: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR)
Jet Airways: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)
Virgin Atlantic: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (MR, TY, UR)
Virgin Australia: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles (No other transfers)

Points can also transfer to Amtrak at a 1:1 ratio. Amtrak rides on select routes are just 1,500 points in coach or 2,000 points in business. Within the Northeast corridor a ride is 4,000 points in coach, 6,500 points in business class, 8,000 points in Acela Express business class, or 12,000 points in Acela Express first class.  A private bedroom and bathroom with kosher meals from NYC-Miami would be just 12,500 points per adult. Note that Amtrak’s award chart will change on 01/24, see more in this post.

You can view the expiration policies for each transfer program here. Remember that points can only transfer from Starwood to an airline, they can never transfer from an airline to Starwood.

HT: Baglach, via DDF

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what happens when the merger with starwood and marriott goes into effect…. thats what we need to pay attention to… but this is definitely a fine option…


I wrote that in the post.


any $fees with the points?


I called about United flights to Israel and there were no fuel surcharges.


Can you transfer United points to another airlines?



Dan's the Man

@Dan: When you say no fuel surcharges you mean it was just regular taxes & fees (i.e. under $100 roundtrip)? Also are there fuel surcharges on non-United routes? I mean since United availability might not be good for the dates I want (especially if I want to book multiple tickets). Do they charge fuel surcharges on Turkish, Luftansia, etc?


dan thanks! how long does the transfer take? can you hold flights with them?

Leon Grunblatt

What are the fuel charges on the other Star airlines?


will there only be availability if united has a saver award available?


Please note that airline transfer awards to Miles+Bonus membership may require up to 3-5 business days handling and processing time.


So essentially u can get a business class ticket to israel for Points value of less than 1700??


Is the only way to use United Miles thru United’s site?


Do you know how long a transfer takes to process? And, are you bothered by the rear facing seats in business?


would there regular availability as if booking thru


of course


Do you think this will extend the expiration date or do you think they’ll be strict on the “credit a flight” requirement?

more info may be helpful


Thanks for this and everything else you do.

How long should it take to transfer SPG to Aegan?

Can tix be put on hold while waiting for the transfer?

What are the taxes roughly for different airlines in coach/biz/first?

I just called and found dates and times that worked for me with AC/TK/Austrian only to find the taxes would be $600+ Euro which is not such a great deal for coach.

Can availability be checked by looking at partner airlines websites or only by calling Aegan? If I look at UA website am I looking for savers only? Savers with expanded availability also?

Thanks again and Freilechen Chanukah!


can you explain more how to how to book because i think that they have a terrible phone line


just called and the tax one way with Austrian would be 500 euro however the tax with united would be just 41 euro one way ewr tlv


@more info may be helpful read the comments!! you can hold seats for 24 hours


@Dan’s the Man:
Just called and there are surcharges on Lufthansa, Swiss, and Turkish.

Nothing on United and there may be nothing on Air Canada either, but I need to call again to confirm Air Canada.

I wasn’t able to hold a flight when I tried just now.
Nobody knows how long a transfer will take. Probably a few days, but there’s no data there yet.

@Leon Grunblatt:
Different for every airline and route, same as the surcharge on paid flights for most airlines.

Probably, though one agent seemed to have more space than what showed. Could have been a mistake though.



Try and let us know 😀

@more info may be helpful:
Tofasta meruba lo tafasta…

I called the US number and they transferred me.

I was told 25 Euro for UA EWR-TLV and v/v.


I don’t see how you could use this airline to fly to Israel from North America. Went to the Aegean website and there are no flights from NYC, or any US city. How would one go about the? Would you fly somewhere on United, then transfer? Wouldn’t that require more points?


Aegean books you on United. As the post says, over the phone only.


How is the Biz and First class product on United to TLV?


United doesn’t have first class to TLV.
The business is lie-flat. Better than El Al, not as good as Delta. Still very good overall.


Not as good as SkyBlue. Used 40,000 Starwood points for round trip to Israel non stop on Delta.


United availability is significantly better than Delta.


United business is not lie-flat, it’s 180 degree recline, like ElAl. And has rearward facing seats. Check out seatguru.


@Reb Yid:
United EWR-TLV is most definitely lie-flat and it is definitely not rear-facing.
A. You’re looking at the wrong aircraft.
B. Seatguru is far from always accurate.


Any idea what lap children would cost?


@Dan: That’s true Dan but united non-stop availability still isn’t good for prime dates or if you’re traveling with a family of 6. Flying Blue has good availability with stops and while there are fuel surcharges they are less than $200 (search in EUR currency as the EUR has gone down against the USD). For Pesach time I plenty of availability for 50K Flying Blue points and approx. $170 in fuel surcharges for roundtrip. Not bad for prime Pesach time.


any other easy way to acquire Aegean points besides transferring Starwood points ie. some type of Aegean credit card??


@Dan: i guess i missed it. thx


Does Aegean allow stopovers between the USA and Europe or the Middle East?


Wow! 75k SPG for a round trip in J! that’s nice.
Or, 140k for 2 RT tickets.


@Venilla: That is purely theoretical. Good luck on finding that availability.


basic question about starwood, does transfers above 20k get 25% bonus for whatever amount or just for 20k/40k/60k etc. increments?
for instance, will 50k get 62500?

Jim Bob

No you only get the 25% bonus when you do 20K increments. So 50K would get you 60K


Don’t know much about using miles. Have a family of 7 and about 260k starwood miles (another 30+ UR). May have more by the time I book, flying over the summer. Can someone advise this rookie in clear steps how to do this? Thanks!

yeshiva bochur

whats my best option 1 way from prague to nyc on apr 6