The Ultimate Israel Mileage Award Chart

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This updated chart below attempts to break down some of the best options for getting to Israel with miles.

See all of the possibilities along with the mileage booking policies of mileage program from around the world after the jump:

Tips for finding saver award availability:

Award tickets to Israel are always tough, though that’s a function of it being an expensive route to fly compared to the distance of the flight.

1. Check availability at least daily (if not more often) as award seats can come and go quickly.

2. Be willing to connect in Europe for much better availability. Flights on low cost carriers from Europe to Israel can also be dirt cheap and it can make sense to use miles to get to Europe and then buy a flight to Israel from there.

3. If you are ready to fly on a whim airlines often open up saver awards the day of or the day before a flight. Otherwise a month in advance is a typical sweet spot.

4. Realize that not all partners will be displayed online and you need to do your own research on partner sites and/or call to find partner availability. For example won’t show Iberia flights, won’t show Aer Lingus flights, won’t show Singapore flights, etc.

5. Airline search engines are only so powerful. Use free stopovers and open-jaws to your advantage. If you are flying from somewhere besides NYC just search from NYC-Tel Aviv instead of from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv. You can always piece together an award by searching for Los Angeles-NYC separately then NYC-Tel Aviv, especially if you are willing to have a long connection, change airports in NYC, or are willing to stay overnight in NYC.

6. The same goes for tickets from NYC. Search from other gateways like Toronto and Philadelphia and piece together the flights to get there afterward. For example be willing to use Avios to get to Toronto and then use United miles to fly from Toronto-Tel Aviv, etc. Consider searching from NYC to European cities and piece together an award from Europe to Israel. You may find availability from NYC to London and then from Paris to Tel Aviv but a computer would never put that open jaw ticket together. Instead you can check out London and Paris on the way to Tel Aviv. Maybe you’ll also get to check out Venice and Rome on the way home. Sometimes you can even save miles by doing that!

7. Don’t forget to book a free domestic trailing flight anytime in the year after you arrive back to your destination. United still has free stopovers. You can fly NYC-Tel Aviv-NYC and then stopover in NYC for up to a year before continuing on to say, Anchorage, Los Angeles, or Miami for no extra miles.

8. Find award availability before transferring miles. Once they’re transferred they can’t be reversed!

9. Need help? You can post your travel dates and which miles you have in this DDF thread and ask for help. Consider offering a monetary or mileage reward to the forum member that can come up with the best award ticket to meet your needs and you may find that suggestions will come flooding in!
Airlines that fly nonstop from North America to Israel:
-Air Canada from Toronto (bookable via Star Alliance airlines)
-United from Newark (bookable via Star Alliance airlines)
-Delta from JFK (bookable via Skyteam airlines)
-El Al from Boston, JFK, Los Angeles, Newark, and Toronto. (bookable via El Al miles)
-American/USAirways from Philadelphia (bookable via OneWorld airlines)


Star Alliance:
Nonstop flights from North America include Air Canada from Toronto and United from Newark. These flights all have lie-flat business class seating and have no first class. Air Canada flies the 787 dreamliner to Israel with one of the best business classes between North America and Israel.

Star Alliance offers the best availability for flights to Israel by leaps and bounds. Besides for the nonstop flights from North America there are many options via Europe in coach, business, and first class worth looking into including Swiss via Zurich, Lufthansa via Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich, Brussels via Brussels, Austrian via Vienna, Turkish via Istanbul, SAS via Copenhagen, Singapore via Frankfurt, Aegean via Athens, LOT via Warsaw, or a mix of carriers like United from Newark to one of dozens of European cities and a European carrier to Tel Aviv.
By utilizing free stopovers and open jaws the possibilities are endless if you take the time to research your options leg by leg.

You can search for Star Alliance award availability on sites like,, and You’ll need create an account and login to use Aeroplan or ANA’s award search.

Oneworld has a nonstop option between North America and Israel on American/USAirways from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv. Other flights to Israel include Air Berlin via Berlin and Dusseldorf, BA via London, Iberia via Madrid, and Royal Jordanian via Amman. BA availability is good, but has high fuel surcharges.

You can check OneWorld availability on incomplete sites such as,, and You’ll need create an account and login to use BA’s or Qantas’ award search.

Skyteam generally has the worst award availability. You can try searching some Skyteam availability on and Delta’s new search engine allows you to search one-way flights with a 5 week flexible calendar view and you can have it search nonstop only or for connecting flights. Options to Israel besides Delta’s nonstop JFK flight are on Czech via Prague, KLM via Amsterdam, Air France via Nice or Paris, Aeroflot via Moscow, and Alitalia via Rome.

Skyteam’s redeeming factor is that both Alitalia and Flying Blue consider Israel to be part of Europe, making travel there a bargain.  However both programs have draconian expiration policies, so transfer there only as needed.

El Al:
The American-El Al partnership ended last year, meaning the only good way to book travel on El Al is with El Al points as they are not part of any alliance.

You can check El Al availability on (Matmid account required), which is a candidate for the worst airline site out there.  Rates are lower for 12 months after you make a transfer of at least 5,000 AMEX points to El Al.  It takes about a day for the lower rates to be applied to your account.

El Al also tacks on $350 in fuel surcharges on taxes onto round-trip awards between NYC and Tel Aviv.

There are 4 transferable point currencies:

-Starwood points can be earned from the Starwood AMEX and the Starwood Business AMEX20,000 Starwood points generally transfer into 25,000 miles (exceptions include 20K:12.5K for United and 20K:37.5K for LAN), though the transfer can take several days. There are no transfer fees.

-American Express Membership Rewards points can be earned from consumer cards like the Amex EveryDay Card , The Amex EveryDay Preferred Card, the Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card.  Business cards include The Business Gold Rewards Card, the Business Platinum Card, and the Business Green Rewards Card. Other cards like The Blue for Business AMEX can earn Membership Rewards points, but require one of the previously mentioned cards to actually make a transfer to airline or hotel programs.
Points generally transfer instantly (exceptions include transfers to ANA and Singapore which can take a day or 2) and can be made to anyone over the phone. A fee applies for transfers to domestic carriers like Delta ($15 per 25K miles up to a maximum $99 fee), but not to transfers to foreign carriers like British Airways.  Transfers to most partners are at a 1K:1K ratio, but effective 10/01/15 transfers to British Airways will be 1K:800.

-Chase Ultimate Rewards points are earned from cards like Sapphire Preferred and Ink Plus. Other cards like Freedom and Ink Cash can earn Ultimate Rewards rewards points, but require one of the previously mentioned cards to actually make a transfer to airline or hotel programs.

Points generally transfer instantly with no fees (transfers to Singapore can take up to a day). There are no transfer fees.

-Citi Thank You points require either a Citi ThankYou Premier, Citi Prestige, or Citi Chairman card to transfer points.  There are no transfer fees.

Miles required are for round-trip travel. Close-in fees apply for tickets booked within 3 weeks of departure. Rates are for NYC-TLV unless stated otherwise.

Airline:Alliance, partners, fuel surcharges, and close-in policies.Miles required for Roundtrip:Notes:Transfer, change fees, and expiry policies:
ANAStar Alliance.

Fuel surcharges apply for most airlines except for United.

No close-in fee.
Coach: 65K

Biz: 104K

First: 195K
Round-trip required.

1 stopover allowed.

ANA has the lowest mileage rates without fuel surcharges for travel on United

Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Date change: Free.
Other changes: Not allowed.
Cancellation: 3,000 mile penalty.

Miles expire after 36 months regardless of activity.
Air CanadaStar Alliance.

Fuel surcharges apply on some airlines, see * below.

No close-in fee.
Coach: 80K

Biz: 165K

First: 230K
One-way allowed.

2 stopovers or 1 stopover and 1 open jaw allowed on a round-trip.

Infants cost just $50 in coach, $100 in business, and $125 in first.

Air Canada is the best AMEX transfer option for the Star Alliance airlines without a fuel surcharge.

Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Changes or cancellation: $90.

Cancellations aren't allowed within 21 days of departure but you can change to a flight outside of 21 days and then cancel.

Miles won't expire as long as you redeem or earn at least 1 mile every 12 months.
Air France/KLM Flying BlueSkyteam

Fuel surcharges apply for most airlines except Delta.

No close-in fee.
Coach promo: 25-37.5K

Coach: 50K

Biz promo: 62.5K-93.75K

Biz: 125K
One-way allowed.

1 stopover allowed on a round-trip

Lowest rates to Israel from any program during promo periods where a round-trip can cost as little as 25K, though fuel surcharges apply.
Best program for Delta travel thanks to low mileage rates, one-way awards, and no fuel surcharges.

Citi TY: 1K:1K

Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Changes or cancellation: $70.
Promo awards can't be changed/cancelled.

Miles expire after 20 months unless you fly on a paid mileage accruing Skyteam flight and credit the miles to Flying Blue.

Fuel surcharges apply.

No close-in fee.
Coach: 50K

Biz: 80K
Round-trip required.

1 stopover allowed.

Book awards during business hours in Italy to reach competent reps.

The 80K business award on Delta has $300 in fuel surcharges, but is still a bargain.

Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Date changes: Free.
Other changes: 5,000 mile or 55 Euro penalty.
Cancellation: Not allowed.

Miles expire whenever they feel like wiping everyone's balance off their books.

Fuel surcharges apply for flights on British Airways.

$75 close-in fee for non-elites.
Coach: 80K via Europe between 10/15-05/15.

Coach: 90K via Europe between 05/16-10/14.

Coach: 90K nonstop.

Biz: 135K

First: 180K
One-way allowed.

Stopovers are officially not allowed but can be had for free on flights to Tel Aviv. See ** below.
Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Date changes: Free.
Other changes: $150
Cancellation: $150 for 1 ticket, $25 for additional tickets cancelled at the same time.

Miles won't expire as long as you redeem or earn at least 1 mile every 18 months.
British AirwaysOneWorld, Aer Lingus

Fuel surcharges apply for most airlines, see *** below.

No close-in fee.
Coach: 56K on BA off-peak dates, 60K on Air Berlin (from JFK) and USAirways (from PHL), 65K on other carriers.

Biz: 140K on Air Berlin, 162.5K on BA off-peak dates, 180K on USAirways, 130K on other carriers.

First: 221K on BA off-peak dates, 260K on BA peak dates
One-way allowed.

Unlimited stopovers as each flight segment incurs an additional mileage charge.

Infant travel: Instead of cash, BA charges just 10% of the adult mileage required on international segments.

Best program for surcharge free travel on Air Berlin.

Chase UR: 1K:1K

Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Changes: $55
Cancellation: The lower of taxes paid or $55

Miles won't expire as long as you redeem or earn at least 1 mile every 36 months.

Fuel surcharges apply to select airlines.

No close-in fee.
Coach: 80K

Biz: 140K
One-way allowed.

Stopovers are officially not allowed

Best program for travel on other Skyteam carriers without fuel surcharges, but Flying Blue is better for Delta coach travel and Alitalia is better for Delta business travel.

Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Changes/Cancellation: $150

No changes or cancellations are allowed within 3 days of a flight.

Miles never expire.
El Al
These rates apply for people that have transferred at least 100 Matmid points (5,000 AMEX points) to El Al from non-Israeli cards within the past 12 months or have have an Israeli Fly Card.

Fuel surcharges apply on all flights.

No close-in fee.
AMEX MR rates:

Coach BOS, EWR, JFK, or YYZ in winter: 70K

Coach LAX in winter: 90K

Coach BOS, EWR, JFK, or YYZ in summer: 80K

Coach LAX in summer: 100K

Biz EWR, JFK, or YYZ: 200K

Biz LAX: 225K

First EWR or JFK: 325K

First LAX: 350K
One-way allowed.AMEX MR 1K:1K. See **** below.

Date change: $60
Other changes: $75 ($125 within 3 days).
Cancellation: $125

All points earned after 02/09 expire after 3 years regardless of activity.
El Al
These rates apply for members who don't have recent point transfers or an Israeli Fly Card.

Fuel surcharges apply on all flights.

No close-in fee.
AMEX MR rates:

Coach YYZ in winter: 80K

Coach BOS, EWR, or JFK in winter: 90K

Coach LAX in winter: 100K

Coach YYZ in summer: 90K

Coach BOS, EWR, or JFK in summer: 100K

Coach LAX in summer: 110K

Biz EWR, JFK, or YYZ: 225K

Biz LAX: 250K

First EWR or JFK: 350K

First LAX: 375K
One-way allowed.AMEX MR 1K:1K. See **** below.

Date change: $60
Other changes: $75 ($125 within 3 days).
Cancellation: $125

All points earned after 02/09 expire after 3 years regardless of activity.
JAL OneWorld

Fuel surcharges apply for most airlines.

No-close in fee.
Coach: 50K

Biz: 80K

First: 115K
One-way allowed.

2 stopovers allowed.

Very low OneWorld award rates, though fuel surcharges sting.
Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Date changes: Free.
Other changes/cancellations: ¥3,100 (About $26 USD) or 3,100 mile penalty.

Miles expire after 36 months regardless of activity.

No fuel surcharges.

No-close in fee.
Coach PHL-TLV: 100K kms (~53.3K SPG)

Biz PHL-TLV: 200K kms (~106.6K SPG)

Coach JFK-AMM-TLV: 112K (~59.7K SPG)

Biz JFK-AMM-TLV: 224K (~119.5K SPG)

Coach JFK-LHR-TLV: 154K (~82.1K SPG)

Biz JFK-LHR-TLV: 308K (~164.3K SPG)

First JFK-LHR-TLV: 385K (~205.3K SPG)
Round-trip required.

Unlimited stopovers as each flight segment incurs an additional mileage charge.

LAN is the only program with no fuel surcharges for BA flights.
Starwood 1K:1.5K or 20K:37.5K

Changes: $75 ($150 within 21 days)
Cancellation: $125 ($300 within 21 days)

Miles expire after 36 months unless you fly on a paid LAN flight.
LufthansaStar Alliance.

Fuel surcharges apply for most airlines.

No-close in fee.
Coach from US: 80K nonstop

Coach from US: 100K via Europe

Coach from Israel: 60K nonstop or via Europe.

Biz from US: 135K nonstop

Biz from US: 185K via Europe

Biz from Israel: 105K nonstop or via Europe.

First from US: 290K via Europe

First from Israel: 170K nonstop or via Europe.
One-way allowed.

2 stopovers and 2 open jaws allowed on a round-trip.

No infant charges except for airport departure tax.

Use Lufthansa miles for expanded Lufthansa and Swiss business and first class availability.

Discounted Israel rates require an Israeli address on the account.
Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Changes/Cancellation: $60

Miles expire after 36 months regardless of activity unless you actively use a Lufthansa credit card.
Singapore Star Alliance.

Fuel surcharges apply for most airlines except for United.

No-close in fee.
Coach: 75K

Biz: 115K

First: 150K
One-way allowed.

1 stopover allowed on a round-trip.

Use Singapore to book Singapore Suites and business class.

Awards on United are a real bargain and have low change/cancel fees.

Citi TY: 1K:1K

Chase UR: 1K:1K

Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Miles expire after 36 months regardless of activity.
Starwood 1K:1K or 20K:25K

Changes: $20
Cancellation: $30
UnitedStar Alliance.

No fuel surcharges.

$75 close-in fee, waived for United Club cardholders
Coach: 85K

Biz on United: 140K

Biz on partner airlines: 160K

First on United via Europe: 180K

First on partner airlines: 280K
One-way allowed.

1 stopover and 2 open-jaws allowed on a round-trip.

United cardholders get expanded saver and standard award availability.

Don't be afraid of trying a Plan B award.

Best program for Star Alliance travel without ever paying a fuel surcharge.
Chase UR 1K:1K

Date change more than 21 days in advance: $75.
Other changes: $100
Cancellation: $200

Miles won't expire as long as you redeem or earn at least 1 mile every 18 months.

*Air Canada charges a fuel surcharge to fly on Adria, Air Canada, ANA, Asiana, Austrian, LOT Polish, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal, and THAI. They do not charge a fuel surcharges if you fly on Aegean, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Brussels, COPA, Croatia, EVA, EgyptAir, Ethiopian, SAS, Singapore, South African, Swiss, Turkish, and United. Minimal fuel surcharges for LOT.

**American no longer allows stopovers on awards, however due to quirky pricing you can still take AAdvantage of stopovers when flying to Israel.

A nonstop flight from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv or a flight that connects in Philadelphia to Tel Aviv is 45K AA miles each way all year round.

Winter: A flight from the US to Europe between 10/15-05/15 is just 20K each way and a flight from Europe to Tel Aviv is 20K year-round. So you can stopover for as long as you want in any European city, even on a one-way ticket, for just 40K in that timeframe.  Whether you just connect in Europe or whether you stopover for 6 months, you’ll save 5K miles each way over the 45K nonstop option in the wintertime.

Summer: A flight from the US to Europe between 05/16-10/14 is 30K each way and a flight from Europe to Tel Aviv is 20K year-round. So you can stopover for as long as you want in any European city, even on a one-way ticket, for 50K in that timeframe. That’s a 5K premium over just connecting in Europe for less than 24 hours or flying nonstop to Israel in the summertime.

***British Airways does not charge a fuel surcharge when you fly on Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, Alaska, LAN, and TAM. There are also no fuel surcharges for American and USAirways flights within the western hemisphere, for JAL flights within Japan, and for Qantas flights within Australia. Fuel surcharges for intra-Europe flights are also typically quite low. Fuel surcharges for travel on Cathay Pacific aren’t too bad while fuel surcharges to fly on British Airways border on the criminal.
You can also transfer BA Avios to Iberia to save on fuel surcharges on Iberia flights.

****El Al rates in this chart have been multiplied by 50 for simplification sake.  In the real world 1K AMEX MR converts into 20 El Al “points” and a ticket from JFK to TLV in coach is 1,400 “points”.  I’ve multiplied everything by 50 to make the numbers comparable to the miles used by every other airline in this chart. Frankly El Al ought to do the same.

El Al winter rates apply for travel from 01/01-03/24 and 11/01-12/31.  El Al summer rates apply to travel from 03/25-10/31.

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75 Responses to “The Ultimate Israel Mileage Award Chart”

  1. Yobo yahoo Says:

    Can you keep doing these for popular destinations?
    For example Hawaii?

  2. Dan Says:

    @Yobo yahoo:
    Take a look at the very first link in this post 😀

  3. Al Says:

    I ran into problems trying to book a coach ticket to Israel with Flying Blue. The AF flights book in “X” but, the connecting domestic flights on DL book in “N”. So, Flying Blue said the 25K one way price would not apply since they are different classes and I would have to pay more. In other words unless you are leaving from a AF or KL city, you have to pay more even if saver space is available on Delta. Have you ever heard of this?

  4. Josef.koney Says:

    @Dan perfect timing! Just decided I’m going for sukkos…. I’m in Miami, should I be going through nyc or I could find through Miami? And thanks gr8 post for my sis that will be going from nyc….:-)

  5. Dan Says:

    Just tried a search from CLE and it priced out just fine, 25K FB miles:

    You can find from MIA, just use the tips I wrote in the post.

  6. Jamie Says:

    When flying on El Al, is it possible to earn frequent flyer miles on any other program besides Matmid?

  7. Dan Says:

    Nothing worthwhile now that the El Al-American partnership ended.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Can you book a free trailing flight on an award ticket as well?

  9. Dan Says:

    Yes, depending on the airline.

  10. Avi Says:

    how do I book a trailing flight with united?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    8. Find award availability before transferring miles. Once they’re transferred they can’t be reversed!

    any advice on what to do when transfers from points to airlne miles take a day or two and you are thereby risking the award flight no longer being available

  12. Anonymous Says:

    @Dan: sounds like from your post only United?

  13. Mark Says:

    Is there a post that discusses open-jaw in more detail?

  14. Dan Says:


    Or call.

    Pray 🙂

    Any airline that allows for stopovers.
    Look in the notes column.

    Probably in other posts.
    Basically though you may find award space for Newark-London and Paris-Tel Aviv.

    You can book Newark-London (Open jaw), Paris-Tel Aviv (Destination), Tel Aviv-Newark (Stopover), and Newark-Anchorage 6 months later all on one 85K United award.

  15. ADub Says:

    If we already have booked United award tickets for an upcoming trip, will United allow me to add a trailing flight after the fact? If so, are there additional fees?

  16. Al Says:

    @Dan, that’s because the segment from JFK-TLV is on DL, so there is no mixing of fare classes. See what happens if you fly from JFK to TLV via CDG or AMS.

  17. Dan Says:

    That would be a change of destination, a $100 fee.

    Odd. Call back and ask for a supervisor? Probably will take several HUCAs…

  18. G Says:

    I find that there is good Alitalia availability in business class when booking with Delta miles. Taxes are not bad either (about $90 roundtrip). Same avaiblity is there when using AirFrance miles but the mileage savings (140K vs 125K) is offset by brutal fees.

    Ironically, often times DL and AF show Alitalia availability, but when you call Alitalia they don’t show it – even though it is their own planes.

    Very annoying – since booking via Alitalia would save some serious miles

  19. Avi Says:

    would the add on for united work with paid tickets or only award tix?

  20. Dan Says:

    If AF or DL can book the Alitalia business flight for 125K/140K then so can Alitalia for 80K.

    Issue is that their call center is probably the worst in the industry (AF isn’t much better) so you’ll need to call 10 times (and never at night) in order to find someone than knows how to search for and book the award.

    Only awards.

  21. shoobi Says:

    dan i’m confused… is ANA or Aeroplan the cheapest for Star Alliance?

  22. Dan Says:

    ANA is best for United. (Though United cardholders get expanded availability with United miles only)

    Aeroplan is best on the airlines for which they can book travel without a fuel surcharge (See *) if you only have AMEX points.

    Otherwise United is better as they can book on more airlines with no fuel surcharges.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Can you explain a bit more how to use citi points? You wrote they transfer….?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    what is the best airline to transfer amex points if one is looking for united flights from nyc to TLV or NYC to west coast

  25. Shimon Says:

    Hi Dan,
    Regarding flying blue expiration, if I fly on a paid flight with delta and credit the miles to flying blue will I get just 20 month extension or my miles will never expire?
    Thank you!

  26. Dan Says:

    They transfer to airlines like Air France and Singapore as the chart indicates.

    ANA is best for NYC to TLV on United flights.

    20 month extension.

  27. anonymous Says:

    Dan: you wrote that United allows 2 open jaws on a RT. In your example to Mark above, where would you fit the 2nd OJ? After TLV (dest) or after EWR (stopover on way back)? Thanks

  28. Dan Says:

    Could do TLV-VIE//BRU-NYC on the return for example.

  29. Chacham Says:

    Great job as usual, Dan! Just one little quibble: “ won’t show Brussels flights, etc.” In my experience, Brussels WILL show up in United.
    Thanks for everything!

  30. Dan Says:

    Of course, I even reported that 😀

  31. Israeli Says:

    Dan you wrote one star alliance option is Singapore via Frankfurt but Singapore’s website doesn’t allow you to search for tel aviv. Suggestions of best way to get from FRA – TLV?

  32. Dan Says:

    Search for JFK-FRA availability Search for FRA-TLV availability. Call Singapore or United to book it, though United will probably only have access to book that route in coach.

  33. ingvar Says:

    JNB to TLV is 800 matmid points. TLV to NYL is 1000 matmid points. What would be JNB to NYC on ElAl? Does ElAl allow stopovers in TLV?

  34. Dan Says:

    Nope, you would need to book 2 separate awards.
    Ridiculous, I know.

  35. Israeli Says:

    @Dan: so TLV-FRA on Lufthansa and FRA-JFK on Singapore if booked through Singapore would price out at 75k round trip?

  36. Dan Says:

    Yes, but that will be subject to fuel surcharges.
    Book with 85K United to avoid the fuel surcharges.

  37. Israeli Says:

    @Dan: thanks!

  38. Dan Says:

    No problem.
    Don’t forget you can also book it for 65K ANA plus fuel surcharges.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    @Dan: What about South African?

  40. ExGingi Says:

    @Dan: Best coach value for TLV-JNB (or anywhere else in Africa) is Lifemiles. It is even cheaper than TLV-anywhere in Europe, so you can use a TLV-JNB or any other African City to get hidden city Europe travel on LifeMiles.

  41. Kermit Says:

    What’s the best way to search for award space for PHL-MAD-TLV using AA miles, since doesn’t show Iberia? If Avios award space shows up for a flight on will that translate to SAAver award space? Or do we just need to call AA to find out? Thanks!

  42. ExGingi Says:


    What would be most helpful would be a chart combining the cost in miles (converted to US$ at an imaginary fixed rate let’s assume 1 cent) + Fuel surchages.

    What I find interesting (though obvious) is that best availability seems to be on airlines that charge fuel surcharges. BA will many times have availability, but those fuel surcharges make it senseless to book. LH also many times have availability, and they incur pretty hefty surcharges on most programs.

    I am always looking for the most efficient way to go in Biz NYC-TLV, any hints? Last couple of times were paid fares ($1,520! on TransAero, $2,300 on DL using hidden city, $2,200 on TK)

  43. Kermit Says:

    Also, has anyone heard anything about AA starting its own flights to TLV from JFK (or from anywhere else?) Thanks again.

  44. Dan Says:

    Not a very compelling program.


    If it’s on then AA can book it as a saver award.

    Would be impossible.
    Fuel surcharges vary based on the airline you’re flying, the route you’re flying, and the program whose miles you’re using.

    Nothing of late.

  45. Benji Says:

    The Hawaii link at top bringing me to this Israel page

  46. Dan Says:

    Heh. Fixed.

  47. Sl Says:

    Dan , re post 14 I spoke with united reps (several of them )
    They said no stop over anymore
    System also didn’t allow it and priced as 2 awards
    What am I missing?

  48. Dan Says:

    Do it online,

    Or have United call you:

  49. IL Says:

    Perfect. Thank you for the great update Dan! Funny how I was just posting in your forum last week about exactly this.

  50. eli Says:

    HEY DAN thanx again for ur visit to jtown a couple monthes ago
    quick q. why cant i search nyc-tlv on singapore air .tlv wont even come up as available city to fly to and from… Im trying to book a united biz thru “singapore miles” thanx

  51. Dan Says:

    You need to search on the Star Alliance websites I mentioned above (or on for JFK-FRA and another website for FRA-TLV) and call Singapore to book.

  52. eli Says:

    excuse me i reread the posts..but my question is when you wrote : biz with singapore miles is 115 and no surcharge on united do i book a united operated flight thru fra thanx again

  53. eli Says:

    thanx .how will i not be charged for fuelcharges ? as long as i fly one leg united?

  54. Dan Says:

    You don’t, you have call Singapore to book United nonstop EWR-TLV.

    If you fly one leg United and one leg Lufthansa through FRA and book with Singapore then you’ll pay the fuel surcharge just for the FRA-TLV leg.

  55. Charlie Says:

    Great post, Dan. One other possibility is good for any who have accrued Aegean miles in the past or have friends/family that will let them pool in the same account. They charge fuel surcharges (so, United flights are best) but a round trip ticket to Israel (with one connection) is only 90,000 miles. Nothing transfers into the program but the family/friends pooling makes it easy. Also, it can be booked as one ways.

  56. Kermit Says:

    Thanks @Dan x 2!

  57. eli Says:

    thankyou shbbt shlm!

  58. Anonymous Says:

    @Dan: Actually dan isnt Singapore just as good as ANA for one ways United award flights? ANA technically does not have one way and the workaround results in more miles one way?

  59. mile Says:

    can i still transfer 5k amex to elal and get the lower rate

  60. Sam Says:

    What is the best way to fly from NYC to TLV with miles on the Chase Saphire and US Airways cards and save the most $$?

  61. Sam Says:

    It is so difficult to use Avios for Israel! I wanted to fly out on 24 September 2015 for Succos, or even the beginning of the next week, but nothing is showing as available! This is besides for the crazy fuel surcharge I am trying to avoid from NYC (or PHL) to TLV. Please advise.

  62. Rivka Says:

    Hi Dan. Can you help me figure this out? I just called ElAl to ask them which card will get me points, now that I can’t use American. They told me Amex at 50 pt to 1 FF point, Diners & Bank USA @ 40 to 1. I can’t find Bank USA anywhere. On ElAl’s website there’s all kinds of Credit cards like Leumi and Isracard, I just wonder if they’re meant for use in the good ol’ USA.

    I do prefer to fly ElAl even if it’s not the best deal. Can you please advise me which card to get!

  63. Miriam Abrams Says:

    If I’m flying out of TLV to NYC
    how can I take advantage of a trailing flight on my way back?

  64. Karyn Says:

    Ok – Total newbie to all of this. I’m trying to get from Miami to Tel Aviv in July. Would like have 24hr layover in London,Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam – or any cool city on the way back. I have 80K Amex Miles as well as 40K Capital Venture Miles ( another 30K on American ) Looking for best, cheapest ways to get there…. Don’t really know definition of trailing flights or open jaw – so could use some explanation there too….
    Help please!

  65. mordy Says:

    hey, i am completely new to it. i have approximately 70k points on my chase-MasterCard, is there a way i can use it to fly to israel ?

  66. dbg2107 Says:

    can I book NYC-FCO (stopover) – TLV -NYC for 80K just on Alitalia or you are only allowed the stopover if you are using Skyteam partners? I see the charts and precise rules for the partner flights on their site, but for their own metal they only have a chart for flights originating in Italy… thank you

  67. username Says:

    Can you update this post?

  68. Sam Says:

    Hello. How come on United’s website, it shows 85,000 miles for one way (not round trip like this post)? I am so confused, and stuck in process of booking a summer trip for my wife and daughter (infant so looking for direct flights).

  69. don Says:

    how many spg points will it cost to fly on ba with LAN miles from lhr to tlv coach ?

  70. Welder Says:

    OneWorld also has availability on Finnair via Helsinki.

  71. Kidooo Says:

    I just priced a business ticket with M&M account with israeli address via EU and it says 92K miles one way. is the “Biz from Israel: 105K nonstop or via Europe” over?

  72. Kidooo Says:

    For the above comment, I priced it for April 2017, when I price for dates in 2016 I get the 52K one way price

  73. Shlomo Says:

    Dan need your help..
    Have amex.. united .. chase.. aa.. points

    want to book my parents ny via lon ( kever in lon..or can do it on way back) and back to nyc ( 1 way prefer to be non stop)
    have any thoughts esp with flying blue promo- pls help and congrads on being best site..

  74. Duvid Says:

    When it says one way allowed does that mean it’s half the amount of points of round trip or no ?

  75. Joe Says:

    Is there a post that discusses which Star Alliance carrier is ideal to book with after I’ve found flights I want? For example, if its UA metal, go through Singapore. What about if its on Swiss, or Austrian? Thanks.


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