Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals In August

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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As expected, Israel will not open their borders to foreign nationals in August. 

There are exceptions, including returning married students, people attending the wedding of a sibling, child, or grandchild, and people attending a funeral of an immediate relative.

Students going to study in Israel for the year are still hoping to get an exception.

Returning Israelis and foreigners who qualify for an exception to enter Israel must continue to go into home quarantine for 14 days, though if you are attending a funeral you can request permission to enter the country for 48 hours without quarantine.

Israel plans to reopen to foreigners in phases, with citizens from countries with low morbidity to be allowed in first. But the date when the reopening will happen has been pushed back several times and seems likely to continue to be pushed off as Israel is experiencing an increase of coronavirus cases.

I previously wrote that it didn’t sound like Americans would make it to Israel this summer. At this point, it seems like wishful thinking that American tourists will be able to visit Israel for the remainder of 2020.

When do you think Israel will open its borders to Americans?

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Yes,,,,let’s pray for next summer.


shouldn’t it be bases on a state by state component rather than all 50 states?


Americans will be back in Israel when there is a vaccine. Not before.


We’ll be back with Moshiach today


Assuming you think Moshiach will make all issues disapear… including Covid-19.

Lakewood guy

Hey we pretty much all became anti-maskers here in lakewood, I don’t blame them for not trusting us

Dan\'s the Man

But have there been any new cases in the last 2 months in lakewood?

Lakewood guy

I don’t blame them coming from anti-masker town


I live in Israel and currently in Israel how do I arrange in Israel to come back from the states?


Hey Dan,

Any chance you have a master list of domestic airline cancellation policies. Been search on all the major ones and I am sure there are hidden clauses that I am not noticing.



Can I enter for a doctor’s appointment?

Dan\'s the Man

I saw an article that hospitals in Israel are getting hit financially because medical tourism is down so I believe you cannot enter for medical tourism.


dan, i hear of people randomly getting permission to enter israel. We have tickets for sukkos. Do you think there’s a chance or we should give up?


I have delta tickets for aug 4. Any ideas for best way to get full refund?

y id

If you have antybofy can you avoid the home quarantine for 14 days?

Chuchim from Machal Maalot dafna

Dan what’s w the hock that Israel survives off the American sukkos tourist season. Do you think the lost revenue will cause Israel to automatically open in October ?


I have an Israeli passport but no home in israel, and I have locked down in Switzerland now for several months because I have no home to quarantine in and I don’t really want to quarantine, but certainly not in one of those quarantine hotels. I had planned to go to a hotel HIlton Tel Aviv or such on points. I have been waiting it out here. Would I have to find an apartment rental before I depart when I finally decide things are looking better there?

Jason Graf

If I book a ticket now for October, and Israel extends their ban on non-nationals, what happens to my ticket? Do I need to accept a credit from the airline, or is there grounds for a refund. Or is it worse, I would need to forfeit the value of the ticket? How does this work?