Israel Adds More Exceptions To Ban On Foreign Nationals

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel closed their borders to foreign nationals back in March.

Unfortunately with COVID-19 cases trending up and setting new daily records there, that ban isn’t likely to be lifted anytime soon.

However, there have been a few exceptions to the ban, and Israel is now adding some more exceptions that can be found here:

  • Previously only siblings, parents, and grandparents were allowed to come to Israel for a wedding. Israel will now allow spouses of siblings and their infant children up to 1 year old.
  • Israel will allow siblings, parents, and grandparents as well as spouses of siblings and their infant children up to 1 year old for a bar or bas mitzvah.
  • Grandparents can fly to Israel a month before an expected birth and can stay a month after birth.

You will still have to home quarantine for 14 days before you can leave the house. If you leave the country before 14 days then your next visit won’t be approved.

You will have to apply for entry permission from your local Israeli embassy or consulate and you’ll need to provide proof of your qualification for an exception along with your passport and travel itinerary.

Have you been able to travel under a foreign national exception to Israel? Share your experience in the comments!

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What about a baT mitzvah?


What about a bnei mitzva


That’s not a thing


It’s a term used for both bar/bat mitzvah


With cases rising, and the situation more dire… I find this unbelievable

Jerusalem resident

with more cases there is less reason to close borders.

Morah a

You need to quarantine before you leave or when you get there?


Ridiculous. The whole thing


Do the grandparents have to go before the birth or are they still able to go after?

What about great-grandparents?


Can anyone explain why Israel is not using the Hydroxychloroquine/zinc methos? They are produced in Israel, and it is proven to work. Just look at KJ!!! The shtink from FDA is about using Hydroxychloroquine by itself. That is not what the doctor prescribed. The Hydroxychloroquine is used just to enable the zinc to do its work. I get it that the libs don’t want this thing going away anytime before elections, but do the Israelis care?
(I know there is plenty of talk on DDF about this, but the mods and most of the volume bloggers are in it to keep this thing going….)


KJ has the same mortality rate as everywhere. Anything else you hear is fake news.


i have two close relatives who went from very ill from covid-19 to completely better when they took hydroxycholoroquine, zinc and azythromax – and I know of quite a few other people that had similar results. If one wants to believe the lies, they can. Everyone else, who would like to save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones can do their own research and cut through all the lies and see that this protocol (ideally with heart monitoring) works (ideally, it should be taken earlier rather than later). (if, for some reason, one is concerned about the safety of this medication [which has been safely used to treat other conditions for many years], the supplement Quercetin has similar results)


Does anyone know of one can leave the country before finishing the 14 day of bidud?
(Exceptional circumstance)


This is what the article says.

You will still have to home quarantine for 14 days before you can leave the house. If you leave the country before 14 days then your next visit won’t be approved

Jerusalem resident

They allow it in Exceptional circumstance such as a funeral


Any idea if they’ll allow foreign single students with a visa before the new zman/semester?

Liam K. Nuj

Try to arrange for either you or one of the listed close family members to get married or Bar/Bas Mitzvah in Israel around the start of Elul z’man. Then you’ll be fine to go.


Even this I don’t think will work- because you’ll only be approved for a short trip for a Simcha, not to stay for a year or more like a student.

Liam K. Nuj

Oh, I thought you just needed to quarantine for 14 days and then you’re good.
Maybe actually getting married to an Israeli will help?


How does the quarantine affect the rest of the people in the house? Do they now have to do quarantine with you?


Do you know if they will allow people to fly in for a bar mitzvah that your making. Not for one of a relative that’s in Israel.


Even if that WERE allowed- that really doesn’t seem feasible these days. Everyone that would fly in- family plus all guests- would have to quarantine for 14 days before even beginning their trip. And where will they do this- you cant quarantine in a hotel… basically completely not practical right now unfortunately.


How about Israeli parents with kids who don’t have Israeli passports, do you need to get special permission for the kids entry?


If the parents are Israeli the law states children should travel on Israeli passports


There is also the question as to how safe is flying at this time.


What about people who wanna make an aliyah, do they let them in these days ?

Dan\'s the Man



I was told by Nefesh Bnefesh that it would take approx 5 months to make aliya


how recently did they tell you that?
i just spoke to them and they told me its possible in a month. maybe 2.


ELUL ZMAN was cancelled
sukkos is still up in the air(excuse the pun)though all seats on UA are booked
No one is predicting as this is all new and unknown how long it will last?can u get it again if it’s a different strain?how long does the a symptomatic last?
This whole parsha is a parsha stuma


Who canceled it?
Did you speak to every Yeshiva?
How do you make such a blanket statement!?
Unless you’re perhaps Bibi commenting under a pseudonym…..?


How can you get entry permission from your local Israeli embassy or consulate when they are all closed because of COVID?? They don’t even return emails or voicemails! Nothing!

Mom in nj

I had the same experience. 🙁


I am sure many people have had the same experience, unfortunately. So what are we to do?


The Link to Apply for Entry permission Doesnt work


I live in Israel and currently in Israel how do I arrange to come back i need to fly to the states for a few days?

Mike Wiesner

I gave up on El Al shortly after making Aliyah 12 years ago. Pre pandemic I flew monthly but avoided El Al at almost all costs! None of this surprises me. Imo El Al needs a complete makeover, literally from the ground up.