Israel Requiring Quarantine Hotels For Passengers Coming From The UAE Or Brazil, Begins Issuing Green Passports, May Require COVID Test For Entry

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel’s on again and off again quarantine hotels have been reinstated for passengers returning from the UAE or Brazil. That’s due to the South African mutation being brought into Israel from people returning from those countries.

The rule will stay in place until at least January 27th, though in the past similar rules have also been lifted early or extended, depending on the politics of the day. Passengers flying from South Africa and Zambia also have to quarantine in a hotel.

Israel may also begin to require a negative COVID-19 test result to enter the country. That follows the US which recently announced that a negative COVID-19 test result will be required to enter the country.

Last month Israel instituted and then lifted quarantine hotel requirements after political pushback. DansDeals readers have previously shared their thoughts on quarantine hotels.

Last month Israel also declared the UAE would move from green to red before cancelling that change and then cancelling green and red designations altogether.

With over a quarter of its population vaccinated, Israel plans to offer green passports to those who have recovered or been vaccinated for COVID-19. You can apply to get the ball rolling for that here.

Some 98% of people with both shots have high-level antibodies, which is truly fantastic news. Here’s hoping we can go back to normal life this year!

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No HT for senõr tavster? 🙂


Can you make a post on who can enter israel right now and how? Who as in what citizenship

אני אוהב ישראל

Do you need both doses of the vaccine and antibodies and positive and negative tests proof to enter? @dan can you clarify this? Also do has the green passport started already?

Nat Zitomer

As ‘green passport’ was sold to us a month ago, it would exempt its holders from quarantine on return from any foreign country, as well as other reasons for quarantine. Only now do some of us qualify due to vaccination. I don’t think that any of us actually holds a document (I qualify today and I don’t), we’ll have to wait and see exactly what it does give us.

As of today, it seems that requirement for a negative PCR test within 72 hours before flight will be instituted. Assuming it’s similar to the new US policy–those vaccinated are NOT exempt. Antibodies seem irrelevant.

For hard final facts (which may not truly be final…), stay tuned.


Green passport will get travel started and motivated to get vaccine. Why are they not testing for antibodies first with limited supply

Antibodies don\'t count?

Because that would probably compromise the deals with the pharma companies. And not achieve what the powers that be (whoever they are) want to achieve. Mass vaccination, even of those who have zero necessity for it. Vaccines are necessary for those who need it. But natural antibodies are just as good. Just not as good for the pharma companies who need lots of good data points. And don’t want to know how many of the vaccine recipients already recovered.


Israel is not testing for antibodies before administering vaccines. Decided it’s too expensive. So they’re clearly vaccinating folks who had mild cases, whether they knew it or not. Notice how testing positive for antibodies doesn’t (yet) get you a green passport. We’re living in very scary (although predictable) times.


It sure does get u the green passport. Get in touch with chaim vchessed

shay peleg

I asked the hospital they said you needed a positive corona test


cdc says positive anti body test doesn’t necessarily tell you have covid -19 anti bodies per say


Which is y Israel has very specific labs u can go to for tests


it doesnt allow u to apply unless u have vaccine just recovering not enough for now

Pfizer deal

Because they need to push the vaccine in order to keep up their end of the bargain with Pfizer. Just to think a clinical trial this large that doesn’t have a control for folks who already have antibodies. How are those numbers ever to be trusted?


Making Aliyah on Wednesday and we need proof of negative COVID test up to one week before the flight. They said we need this only because my daughter tested positive a few months ago.


Big pain. We just made Aliyah. Didn’t have to do the test before. But did have to at BG airport.


Mazel tov and hatzlacha everyone!


What happens to US citizens getting vaccinated in the US?

Hoping to go to Israel soon

Can a US citizen get a green passport?


Do you know the requirements to get vaccinated in Israel? Can anyone with an Israeli passport (citizen) get vaccinated?


I think you need to be part of a “Kupat Cholim”.


If you’re in the right age group you can get vaccinated at the hospital even if you don’t have kupat holim


Pesach rules?

Mark davidson

There wont be any normal considering the vaccine is good for 6 months from dose 1 but only goes into effect 1 week after dose 2. If someone does everything right he will have 5 months of window before process restarts …. considering everyone on earth will have similar time frame it’s just not a pragmatic way for countries to reopen while worried about those who overstay visas no longer being immune or their own citizens still not immune…


Vaccine is only good for 6 months?! What about my 10 month old antibodies, that I no longer have? Are they good?