[Update: Parents Of Young Children Can Skip Hotel Quarantine And More Exceptions] Israel Revokes Entry Permission For All Foreigners Due To COVID-19 Mutation, Will Send All Returning Citizens To COVID Hotels For Quarantine!

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Update, 12/22: Israel’s channel 12 is reporting that parents of children under 10 can request permission to quarantine at home instead of in a COVID hotel.

Chaim V’Chessed reports that Israel will continue to grant permission to enter for families who are residents of Israel. They also say that it appears that Israel will honor previously approved entry permits for those coming for family events unless they’re coming from Denmark, South Africa, or the UK. It is unclear if new permits will be issued. Single students are not allowed to enter the country.

The Times of Israel shares the dreadful conditions in some of the new COVID hotels as the army ramps up hotel needed for quarantine. “They want everyone to start going in to hotels, but if it’s been like this with just UK passengers, I really don’t know how they will manage.”

Israel’s Health Minister is calling for a 3rd lockdown.

Update, 12/21: Chaim V’Chessed reports that after an uproar, Israel has decided to allow foreign nationals who have special permission to enter the country to do so by Wednesday at 10pm. They add that the situation is quite fluid, and Israel may still reverse that decision.

The new 10pm deadline applies to entering the country without needing to quarantine in a hotel and for foreign nationals with permission to enter Israel.

Israel previously banned foreign arrivals from the UK, Denmark, and South Africa and required Israelis flying from there to isolate in COVID-19 hotels due to the COVID-19 mutation is spreading rapidly across the UK. Israelis who refused to quarantine and foreign nationals were returned to the country that they flew in from.

Chaim V’Chessed reports that effective immediately, foreign nationals from all countries will be denied entry, even if they have permission to enter Israel.

Passengers already in the air may be able to enter, but if you have not yet boarded your flight and manage to board, you will be sent back to your origin country.

Starting on Wednesday at 2pm, returning Israelis from all countries will be forced to quarantine in COVID-19 hotels. That quarantine period is 14 days, but it can be reduced to 10 days with a negative COVID-19 PCR test, followed by another negative COVID-19 PCR test 9 days later.

This will effectively shut down most flights in and out of Israel, so if you do need a flight in or out of Israel, you should take one ASAP!

If you’re traveling to or from Israel now, please share your experience in the comments below!

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Making Aliyah Next Monday

This is going to be interesting!


I think the politicians are getting a little ahead of the science on this one. It has not been scientifically established that the new mutation circulating in the UK is more transmissible. There can be many explanations for some of the localized outbreaks in the UK that have little to do with the virus’ properties itself.

But it’s understandable that they would have a quick trigger finger given that everyone waited way too long to act when the pandemic was beginning. (And the actions they took were way to lenient- the US “travel ban” from China didn’t actually ban half the travelers, most of the spread in the US was being imported from Europe, etc.)


It’s not about the virus, it never was


what a retatrted country i think its time for bibi to get out of there


Your spelling prowess definitely makes the case….


with an attitude like this towards Jews that live around the world. it’s time that we rethink our unequivocal support for the state of Israel.
maybe it’s not that bad that Trump lost.
one think is for sure, i’m not giving anymore money for IDF.


How did you reach that conclusion?


u should of never have given money for the IDF


For or to?


@yelped you should really consider yourself getting a life


Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman halted international flights

Leaving Israel

Have United flights booked for January 6th TLV-EWR. Think those will be stopped as well? Think it’s smart take next flight out if need to be in America?


United has been flying throughout the pandemic. I don’t believe they’ll stop now.

Leaving Israel

Think United won’t continue operating the one flight daily as they did throughout?


I’m wondering how this affects seminary/Yeshiva students in Israel. Can they come home for Pesach and return to Israel? Does it matter that they already had covid in Israel, tested positive for covid, and had a positive antibody test? Want to book flights but don’t know what to do.


They probably shouldn’t plan on coming home anyway. Why take the extra risk of all that extra travel? Can enjoy Pesach in Israel.


Returning to the USA for a Chag is the opposite of Oleh Regel. if this means nothing to you your parents wasted a lot of money on Seminary/Yeshiva.


just a tad judgmental. I understand the sentiment, but these are kids who want to be with family- who are states side. Try to understand- they don’t have family in Israel, Yeshiva’s are closed, There isn’t really an option of going to people’s houses in Covid times etc., where are they to go? so quick to judge and scorn-


Is there an official government announcement about this? 2pm on Wed. represents what exactly? When the plane takes off? When the plane lands? When they get out of the airport? Thanks.


I have a permit I have to fly tonight you think they canceled my permit


Chaim vechessed says that even if you make it to Israel with a permit they will send you back

Voice of Reason

How will they send people back where they came from if flights are getting cancelled?


why doesnt the US ban british travelers?!
What are they waiting for?

They\'ll call Trump a racist

Leave it to Biden


US is usually two weeks late


the way the us is dealing with it its safe to assume that americans will be banned from entering israel for a while


What for?
It’s already in the U.S.


it seems likely that the new strain originated in the US
but Britian has the technology to detect new strains
also it doesnt appear to be more contagious just that once they discovered one case they tested everyone else for it and discovered many new cases
but in reality this strain is older


did anyone notice that the TSA Nr. have bin over 1 million travels 3 days in a row
i think that’s very telling


My Brother just got into Israel. Does not need to go to Hotel to quarantine


Landed in Israel 5 hours ago everything seemed normal, It’s hard to know what will actually be.

Joe Biff\'s dad

What’s up Joe Biff


Dad send money

Joe Biff’s dad

No money, sonny.


My child is having a baby in middle January. I’m assuming that exception won’t apply here either, correct?


Right now they say it’s for 10 days. Who knows what’ll be in Jan


I think that everyone is waiting on the science to give more information on the mutation before they will ease up.

As of now, I read one article that a “higher up” in WHO said the current vaccine is effective against the mutation as well


The Covid-19 laws in Israel change every day, do you think this will be one of the long lasting ones?

chaim vchessed fan

As per yesterday’s update, the entry of foreigners into Israel from the UK, Denmark and South Africa was stopped suddenly and indefinitely on Sunday morning.

Today, after countless hours of discussion, the Israeli Corona Cabinet has come to some definitive conclusions regarding the entry of travelers to Israel, both Israeli citizens and for foreign citizens of all countries.

Here is what has been decided:

*Foreigners from all countries are immediately banned from entering Israel. This includes those who have already received entry permits, and is effective immediately. Chaim V’Chessed has learned that even those who manage to board flights to Israel will be barred from entering, and will be returned to their countries of origin.
Entry permits will not be granted at this time for students, or those coming for simchas or medical emergencies. We are seeking clarification regarding travelers coming for funerals.
*As of Wednesday, December 23rd at 2 pm, Israeli citizens returning from all countries will be required to quarantine in government hotels for 10 days (after performing 2 Covid tests) or for 14 days (without testing).
*Israeli citizens entering Israel in the next 48 hours will require home quarantine and will be directed towards Corona testing in their neighborhood within 48 hours. Quarantine will last for 10 days after two negative tests and for 14 days with no testing.
*Anyone found positive for Covid amongst those returning from abroad – from any country – will require quarantine in a government-run hotel.
*The above decision will stay in effect for the next 10 days, with an option for extension.


We’re on the wrong side of the door.
No matter what anyone says about Israel, if the country is sealed, I want to be on their side.

flight tonight

I have a flight tonight from JFK-TLV. Flight status on Delta shows it’s still leaving. Risky to board the flight? Can’t seem to get a clear answer.


As per Chaim Vchessed, “Foreigners from all countries are immediately banned from entering Israel. This includes those who have already received entry permits, and is effective immediately. Chaim V’Chessed has learned that even those who manage to board flights to Israel will be barred from entering, and will be returned to their countries of origin.”

stanley furst

Starting on Wednesday at 2pm- which is 14:00 pm
הממשלה אישרה הערב (יום ב’) את ההגבלות החדשות על הישראלים שחוזרים מחו”ל. לפי ההנחיות החדשות, כל ישראלי שישוב לארץ, מכלל המדינות, יצטרך לשהות בבידוד במלוניות קורונה. התקנות ייכנסו לתוקף מיום רביעי ב-22:00.


Are outbound flights going on as usual?


I’m in Israel now, have a flight out next week Thursday.. think it’s safer to try to get out now? If so, you think I can make it through Shabbos or too risky? I know you’re not the magic 8 ball, but still…


Hi- Thx Dan for all the info! Have a son in Yeshiva who came home (EWR) last week for surgery- suppoed to fly back next week… any ideas when they will reevaluate? His permit is definitely blocked now? Thank you


I’m on Bibi’s PR distribution list. It mentions 10pm.. for what it’s worth 🙂


Why isn’t the US closing its borders? Do we really need this new strain landing here?


You think it still hasn’t reached america?


Shut down our borders now! Why take the risk?


As Chaim V’Chessed reported earlier, Israel is barring entry to all foreign citizens, including those who live in Israel, even if they hold entry permits. This edict took effect immediately. Therefore, Chaim V’Chessed urgently publicized a call to foreigners abroad NOT to board flights to Israel, as government officials insisted that such passengers would be refused entry, and returned to their country of origin.

On the other hand, the same Cabinet decision ordered that Israeli citizens returning from abroad must quarantine in government hotels. Implementation of this decision was delayed until Wednesday, December 23, at 10 PM.

Incensed foreign residents of Israel who found themselves abroad reached out in anger to Chaim V’Chessed, to protest the unfairness of the situation. “It is bad enough that they are banning foreign residents from entering Israel,” they averred, ‘But they are not even giving us a grace period to get back to our homes!” Chaim V’Chessed CEO Rabbi Paysach Freedman feverishly began contacting government officials in an attempt to alter the decision.

We are pleased to report that a possible window of opportunity has opened. Due to the intervention of Rabbi Nechemya Malinowitz, head of the Igud of foreign yeshivas and seminaries, officials are now indicating to us that passengers holding entry permits to Israel who do arrive in the next day and a half will not be deported, and will, hopefully be allowed to enter Israel.

As this is an extremely dynamic situation, we are in no way able to guarantee that this will be the case. Each passenger should make his or her own decision as to whether they wish to take this risk.

We will provide further updates as they become available.

UPDATED: December 21, 2020 10:10 PM IST


if there is a grace period how is that preventing the new strain from entering israel?!
everyone is running back now before the grace period is over
Israel is just trying to outdo the world with restrictions


So slowly slowly it’s dawning on the world that this control has never been about health. For exactly – how does allowing the masses to run into the country help stem the new strain?!

Berry Stahl

The Bozos who are in charge are clueless. They close down the country thining the virus is coming from without but with all the closures they have had they should realize the virus is from within and spreading because of the Israeli motto “Rules are for you not for me”. How many politicians and ministers have broken the quaratine rules? Shutting down the country won’t do much to mitigate the situation if they don’t follow any rules.

Eli Perlstein

I took the 4:15 pm flight today out of EWR to TLV and I’m currently in the air.
Let’s see if they let me in……

Halpern Tovia

Eli please send best regards to Blau also on that flight


Also Lisa Petachovitz in 32A!

Bracha Ross

Did you have any issues?

Eli Perlstein

No. I don’t have israeli citizenship and I was let in no questions asked.

Voice of Reason

ELAL is not responding to any requests to cancel flights. Website says they are overwhelmed. I bought the ticket yesterday and need it cancelled within the 24 hours to get an FAA mandated refund. They don’t answer phones and ELAL CHAT option says someone will get back to me. Seems like BS.

Ben Zion

It says “This will effectively shut down most flights in and out of Israel, so if you do need a flight in or out of Israel, you should take one ASAP!” I have seen no evidence that there will not still be flights out to Israeli citizens. Where did you get this info?

m stern

I am an American yeshiva student, with a certificate issued from the yeshiva
I arrived from New York today with United Airlines
At the border control they put me in without any problems, I asked them if they put in strangers, so they replied to me that until tomorrow at 22:00 it is still possible to enter with these permits.
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