Getting 33.3% Off Hyatt Gift Cards From Hyatt Place With AMEX Offers


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I have 7 AMEX cards that had a targeted $50 off $150 Hyatt Place offer.  I registered all of them using the multi-tab method described in the AMEX Offers post.

I called my local Hyatt Place to confirm that they sold gift cards and went there today for the first time since Hyatt ended years of FFN insanity fun that ran annually or semi-annually from about 2002 through 2010.

This was actually the first gift cards that the hotel had ever sold.  I first bought a $150 gift card to test the waters and sure enough I got the familiar “Congrats!” email from AMEX.  Then I bought a $900 gift card and split the tender onto my remaining 6 AMEX cards.

$1,050 in Hyatt gift cards for $700 is nothing to sneeze at. Especially considering that even if I am using points I can still charge activities (like a helicopter ride in Kauai, etc) and parking to the room and pay for it with the gift card. And of course it will work for Hyatt Points+Cash as well. The gift cards are Hyatt Place branded, but are valid at all Hyatt hotels in the US, Canada, and Caribbean.

In general buying a gift card is an easy way to lock in AMEX Offers savings.  Works great for offers from WalMart, Best Buy, Marriott, and Amazon, and any other store as well!  Post where you have bought discounted gift cards thanks to AMEX Offers!

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I went to Toys R’us to get Visa gift cards to take advantage of the $5 off $25 Amex offer, but all they had were Vanilla Visa gift cards, and I don’t think they work to load Serve or Redbird, so I didn’t get any Any thoughts?


Why do you think you can’t load Vanilla Visa to REDCard?


can you buy the Hyatt GCs online to trigger the credit or do you have to go down to the hotel?


You need to do it in a Hyatt Place hotel to get the credit.


Hypothetically would I be able to use the gift card as the cash option if I paid for a hotel stay with points and cash?


So is there any way around not having the offer on any of my cards? Rather sad…


Dan,the first ever I had a futsh.i did what you say saved offer to few cards in muti tabs same browser ,an unfortunately did not saved only on 1 Cart 😢
Any advice?



Did you register and check your AUs?

English please?

If you correctly follow my instructions it works perfectly every time.
But if you didn’t have the offers page open for each of your cards in a new tab, then everything else will go away once you save the offer to one card.


Dan ,I have added my self as an authorized user on my own Amex accounts ,(im the primary user as well)
But I have created for each additional card a seperate account ,because I wanted to be able to take advantage of every cards offer seperetlly ,(didn’t know by that time your trick from muti tabs on one browser) now I wana merge them into one account may I call them to ask them to do that from point of view that they will see I’m an additional on my own account ?
What should I tell them when they ask me why I did additional under my own name ?


The only way I know how to register is to sign on to my AMEX online account and check the offers for each CC account. None mention Hyatt.

We are headed the Hyatt Key West in a few weeks and would love to subsidize the cost of the resort fees and a few mojitos.

Is it possible to register with Twitter?


I dont think they work at all inclusives


I’m not aware of a Twitter Hyatt hashtag.

The Ziva/Zilara logo is even on the back of the gift card (along with the other Hyatt brands).


Amex told me that all room charges are automatically eligible on “ANY AMEX” — that you don’t have to enroll to receive the offer.


Lol, that’s why we invented the acronym “DROPR” on DDF.


Not a major reliable one but I read a review on trip advisor for the zilara in cancun that said that they tried to use gift cards but that the manager said they aren’t accepted at zilaras. Not reliable source but something to look into for someone buying cards specifically for ziva or zilara


Seems like it works at Zilara and Ziva hotels in the Caribbean, but it doesn’t work in Cancun as Mexico isn’t part of the US, Canada, or Caribbean 😉

Either way, I’ve read that they’re working on getting these working worldwide.


hey Dan,

The Hyatt Travel certificates we can buy using Citi TY points, do you know which that is considered on the website you posted? Check certificates maybe?


If you don’t have the Amex offer, you can buy Hyatt gift cards on a Amex Business card and get 5% back (be sure to register your card for the cash back vs. 2x extra points on the AMEX OPEN Savings site).
Plus you can get an additional 10% off (till end of Dec I think) with code GPGIFT14


@Dan: I assumed it was like Serve. Are you saying that for Serve it’s not ok, and for Redbird it is ok? Thanks.




Has nothing to do with Serve or REDCard per se.
Just has to do with WalMart or Target.

Any payment type should work at Target while only some work at WalMart.


@Dan: Got it. Thanks!


What’s the expiration date (if any)?




I’m hoping to go to Grand Hyatt Kauai and use points to pay for the nights. Do you know if there will be a $25 resort fee per day? Can I use a gift card to pay for that?


@Dan, re: DROPR. Amex online chat rep told me “ANY AMEX” no enrollment required. I kept a screenshot of the chat session, just in case.

Buenos Naches

Perfect timing –

I have one $50 Hyatt Check from Costco left…;)

Ari L

Hi Dan, I am planning a trip yo Prague. Do you have any info on stuff do there for the kosher traveler?

Maybe a link would be very helpful..


Does anyone have experience multi tendering gift cards for the cash portion of a C+P stay? I have 3x $220 GCs hoping to use them for the cash portion of a 3 night cat 6.


Sorry for my English….. But I did exactly that way how you guide ,all the tabs were open to the offer page ,an I swiped between the tabs an saved to each of them,but when I checked at the end if it’s registered only of the first tab -card witch I saved it to ..


OP: Post where you have bought discounted gift cards thanks to AMEX Offers!

I bought $600 worth of gift cards for B&H Photo during “Shop NYC” for 20% off


I was checking and found Orbiz Hyatt Place Panama price glitch $8/night. Got confirmation email. will they honor?


Which HP has gift cards?


@ Dan – any experience with saving an offer to more than one card in a single amex online account, then redeeming on those multiple cards when it’s an offer (like this Hyatt one) that mentions 1 credit per account specifically? (most just have the limit of 1 per card vs 1 per online account).

Mine are spread out among a few online accounts, but a few of mine are on cards that share an online account. Of course I want to maximize the savings 🙂


I have an amex gold busns and spg busns both are over a year. Should I close them or convert. tnks in advance for yr help.


Amex has an offer now for $50 off $250 at Hilton.


Dan, did AMX ever find out that you did not complete a stay to get the gift cards? I was wondering as I guess they could reverse the $50 statement credit.

Sajer Guy

Bought 5 gift cards (using my 5 registered Amexs) at a Hyatt Place on 26 Feb and never got a confirmatory email or credit this far. This happened to anyone else? I’ll give it a few more days before contacting Amex

Sajer Guy

My five $50 credits just posted today. Wonder if it had anything to do with the charges on 26 Feb that didn’t post until 5 Mar.