Hyatt 2015 Category Changes. Plus: A Unified Hyatt Award Chart

Update: The Park Hyatt Maldives, which just went from a category 6 to 7 earlier this year, has returned to category 6 today.  The cost of a free night there is now just 25K Chase or Hyatt points per night.  That leaves only 7 other hotels in Hyatt’s most expensive hotel tier.

If you have an existing future reservation you will automatically receive a points refund.

I made it to the Maldives a couple of years ago, truly heaven on Earth.

I checked through the list of hotels that went up in category this year and don’t see any other changes.

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Originally posted on 12/09/14:

Hyatt 2015 Category Changes Linky

Effective 01/22/15 there will 22 Hyatt hotels that go up in category and cost more points and 48 hotels that will go down and cost fewer points.

You can lock in lower rates by booking future reservations by 01/21/15.

Here is the Hyatt award chart:

Hotel CategoryStandard Room AwardSuite Night AwardPoints+Cash Standard Room AwardCost of points saved with P+C Award
15K8K2.5K+$502 cents/point
28K13K4K+$551.38 cents/point
312K20K6K+$751.25 cents/point
415K24K7.5K+$1001.33 cents/point
520K32K10K+$1251.25 cents/point
625K40K12.5K+$1501.2 cents/point
730K48K15K+$3002 cents/point

When booking a points+cash reservation I included a metric in the chart above that shows the rate that you’re effectively buying your points back at.  The category 6 rate is the biggest points+cash bargain. You “buy” back or save 12.5K points per night for $150.  Effectively you paid just 1.2 cents per point ($150/12,500) to save those 12.5K points per night.  The category 1 and 7 points + cash deals are the worst as you are effectively paying 2 cents per point.

Note that standard awards have no blackouts or capacity controls on standard rooms and suites.  However points+cash reservations are capacity controlled.  A nice benefit of points+cash rooms is that they are considered a paid rate, so they qualify for all promotions that apply to paid hotel stays and you can use a diamond suite upgrade certificate to confirm them into a suite.

Suite nights require a 3 night minimum stay and can only be booked over the phone.

Points+Cash nights can also only be booked over the phone.

Sample hotels getting more expensive:
-Park Hyatt Maldives goes from category 6 to 7.
-Andaz Amsterdam goes from category 5 to 6.
-Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee goes from category 5 to 6.
-Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar, Nassau, Bahamas goes from category 4 to 5.
-Grand Hyatt Macau goes from category 4 to 5.
-Park Hyatt Seoul goes from category 4 to 5.
-Grand Hyatt Taipei goes from category 3 to 4.
-Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo goes from category 3 to 4.
-Excalibur Las Vegas goes from category 2 to 3.
-Hyatt Regency Toronto goes from category 2 to 3.

Sample hotels getting less expensive include:
-Hyatt Place Orlando Airport goes from category 2 to 1.
-Hyatt Regency Montreal goes from category 3 to 2.
-Hyatt Place Orlando/Universal goes from category 3 to 2.
-Park Hyatt Chennai goes from category 3 to 2.
-Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Fort Lauderdale goes from category 4 to 3.
-Hyatt French Quarter New Orleans goes from category 5 to 4.
-Grand Hyatt Washington DC goes from category 5 to 4.
-Hyatt Regency La Jolla goes from category 5 to 4.
-MGM Grand Las Vegas goes from category 5 to 4.
-Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa, FL goes from category 5 to 4.
-Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Orlando goes from category 5 to 4.
-Mandalay Bay Las Vegas goes from category 6 to 5.
-Park Hyatt Washington Washington DC goes from category 6 to 5.

If you want to lock in a dream trip to the Park Hyatt Maldives in 2015, now is the time to book.

Even a reservation at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar that doesn’t open until June will become 33% more expensive (15K vs 20K) come 01/22. Plus it will no longer be eligible for Hyatt anniversary night redemptions once it becomes a category 5 property. You can reserve a stay now for travel through January 2016 at the lower rates or with anniversary nights.

HT: chucksterace, via DDF

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53 Responses to “Hyatt 2015 Category Changes. Plus: A Unified Hyatt Award Chart”

  1. jim Says:

    Hyatt website rarely shows any Club awards and never any suite awards.

    I once called for Suite award, the rep said he can’t do it.
    So I had to choose CLUB which is better than Standard.

    How do you book suite award?

  2. Dan Says:

    There are no capacity controls or blackouts for suite nights, if a standard suite is available for cash it’s also available for points. Though suite awards do require a minimum 3 night stay.

    You always need to call Hyatt to book suite awards and points+cash awards.

  3. Mo Says:

    Huh? Mandalay Bay las vegas is a hyatt?

  4. Dan Says:


  5. dkf Says:

    which number category can i use my free nights on?

  6. Dan Says:

    Signup nights are good for any hotel.
    Anniversary nights are 1-4.

  7. Nechama Says:

    Is the Fort Lauderdale hotel a nice one? Recommendations of nicest fl hyatt in Miami area? Thanks!

  8. Mo Says:

    Good to know. I’m trying to reach Hyatt diamond status with 25 stays- do you think my stay at Mandalay Bay earlier this year would count as a Hyatt stay? Even if I didn’t book directly through Hyatt?

  9. Dan Says:

    I haven’t stayed there, so there are some positive reviews I’ve seen.

    There is a Hyatt South Beach on Collins and 16th opening in the spring.
    Not yet taking bookings and no category announced yet.

    You generally need to book direct to get credit, but you can always try.

  10. Eli Says:

    Thanks for post and especially the chart!
    Can we get a category points chart for Spg as well?

  11. Dan Says:

    A unified SPG award chart would be a lot more complex. Would have to think about the best way to tackle it.

  12. Steve Says:

    Dan, I am a regular blog reader and fan. I had thought from reading your Hyatt articles about “Standard Rooms” and “No Blackout Dates” that if a room was available for sale, you could always use points. Not true I learned the hard way (although things worked out in the end) for me). You might say “Standard Room at Standard Rates” to be more clear for non-Hyatt experts.

  13. Dan Says:

    How else do you read this line from the post, “Note that standard awards have no blackouts or capacity controls on standard rooms and suites”

  14. jim Says:

    @ Dan

    I checked and found Suite room for cash booking but not award booking. I called and the rep said he can’t book suite but he can do Regency club.

    Is it a rule that suite can only be booked with cash most of the time?

  15. Dan Says:

    If it’s a standard suite and you’re staying for at least 3 nights you can book it with points, period.

    You probably saw a specialty suite. Those can’t be booked with Hyatt points.

  16. sal Says:

    If I have a current reservation for hyatt pier 66 in February, can I get the difference back?

  17. good news Says:

    @dan please read. The $30 Canon e-cash is still working in the Mobil site.
    We gotta say thanks to the guy who noticed it earlier this week, 25% off at BR.
    Also I tried to add a +1 to my email address and it was successfully done, I got the confirmation right away.
    Free 30 bucks is good anywhere.

  18. good news Says:

    DAN if I’m mistaking please tell me.
    It’s working fine +1 +2 +3…

  19. Eli Says:

    Applied for the Hyatt on recent MBM, wasn’t instantly approved.
    Now I’m thinking, it’s not worth wasting my ‘card allowance’ with Chase on this card.
    (I know there’s no official limit on the number of cards you could get in a set amount of time, but every card I get, makes it harder to get more cards without waiting in-between)

    It would only be worth to get, if I know of a specific very expensive hotel I want to go to in the next 12-14 months.

    What would you get it for?

  20. heavenlyjane Says:

    Good news that the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point is now a category 4. Nice coastal hotel that now accepts my annual free night certificate. This is a lovely property that sits between Ft Myers and Naples. Does not have a beach on the property but there’s a free shuttle to a private beach club on a gorgeous barrier island. Also close enough for a day trip to the western side of the Everglades. It’s been on my list ever since it was reviewed by Points Miles and Martinis:

  21. Chana Says:

    Considering going with 4 children (2 are young), any advice on what kind of rooms I can book with points. I am not diamond. Should I book two standard rooms? I also see 1,2 & 3 residences at this hotel, can they be booked with points?

  22. ABC Says:

    I have mixed feelings about Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. The beach area looks unattractive. One of the worst looking beaches I’ve seen in the Caribbean. Where’s the clear water the Bahamas is known for?

  23. Dan Says:

    Yes. It should automatic but you can also call after 01/22 for the credit.

    There’s an awfully big world out there, what exactly do you want me to suggest?

    Looks nice, would be a good use of a anniversary night it seems.

    Um…what hotel?

  24. Willy Says:

    For a category 7 hyatt, and transferring points from Chase, is it still worth the points + cash option, or would it be wiser to just use points?

  25. Chana Says:

    Sorry, the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.Thanks

  26. traderprofit Says:

    Excalibur is becoming Category 3?
    They have wall unit ac’s and 6 to 5 blackjack.

  27. Leo Says:

    Dan, Do you have a post anywhere explaining why (and how to use…) Chase Ultimate Reward Points on Star Alliance versus selling them at .015 cents per point? Thanks

  28. hong kong Says:

    Whats the hyatt in hong kong gonna become?

  29. Rant50 Says:

    Thank you for your posts. I am a frequent reader but don’t post so much. I am considering applying for the hyatt cc and was wondering if there was a link available from your website. I am not sure if that helps you in any way but if it does pls post and I will apply via the link on your site. Thanks again

  30. Harav Hagaon Says:

    is there a participating hyatt in barcelona? if yes how can i book with chase points?

  31. Will S Says:

    New reader, yet much impressed by your Hyatt coverage in recent posts — terrific — including the tip to get the Amex/Hyatt Place $50 promotion, via gift card. Happens I’m thinking to extend a stay at the new Hyatt Zilara in Jamaica – using points & cash rate. (12.5 K Gold Points plus $150 cash/night)

    Connecting the two: will I be able to use the Hyatt Place gift card cash value ($150) to pay for the over-the-phone reservation with Hyatt Zilara for points & cash?

  32. Will S Says:

    Footnote, to clarify: can we use the Hyatt Place gift cards for the cash component of any Hyatt points & cash reservations done over the phone? thanx.

  33. esty Says:

    dan, which cc can i trans pts o hyatt?
    thnx a mil.

  34. sruly Says:

    Keep seeing about grt beaches. Are these pritsus free, or anything goes when ur aay frm home.

  35. @Yehuda Says:

    Will booking now lock in a lower category rate so that if I make a date change later on, the points/free nights will still work for the new date?

  36. netlevy Says:

    Dan, what do you prefer? Park Hyatt or W in the Maldives?

    I need private pool…

    what is the bets way to get to the Maldives?
    I have SPG miles,Chase Points or MR points

  37. freddy Says:

    dan, how is the park hyatt in nyc?

  38. danfan Says:

    I have 29000 points by Hyatt that will expire in Feb, can anyone guide me how to extend or point out were on DDF were i can find out how to extend. TIA

  39. Anonymous Says:

    @sruly: Where’s the fun in pritzus free?

  40. Dawie Says:

    How quick is the Chase UR to Hyatt points transfer?

  41. answer Says:

    @Dawie instant

  42. AF Says:

    @danfan: Maybe just try spending $24 and buying 1k points from Hyatt directly?

  43. traveler Says:

    Hyatt will NOT allow me to book Grand Hyatt Baha Mar today because that property is not open yet and that’s what the terms and conditions are when using free night award, too bad or any ideas?

  44. Deals Says:

    How do you get to Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar from Miami Beach without flying?

  45. @Yehuda Says:

    Update: I just tried changing the date of my anniversary night at Baha Mar (which I was able to book online w/o a problem btw @traveler🙂 which was a cat 4 that today became a cat 5 and the rep was unable to. Computer didn’t let her and neither did a manager. Was just trying it out for fun, looks like it can’t officially be done.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    @Deals: swim?

  47. traveler Says:

    @Yehuda of course you cannot change today anything cuz will automatically cancel out cuz its now cat 5, btw I did manage to book it 🙂

  48. james Says:

    Something to remember on cash and point awards- just did one at cat3 HR DFW- the taxes charged changed the value from 1.2 cents paid per point to 1.52 cents per point.

  49. AsherO Says:

    You should update (or strike out) further down in the post where it says the PH Maldives went up from cat 6 to cat 7.

  50. ya Says:

    Points were already refunded for an existing future reservation for PH Maldives…

  51. J Says:

    Is it possible to use points (48k/night) for an over the water bungalow at the PH maldives? It seems like this property doesn’t have classic suites so I’m not sure if a suite award works.

  52. alyssa t KAPLAN Says:

    Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is bankrupt

  53. jason Says:

    I think you’re forgetting about the tax component on C+P bookings. City taxes can be upwards of 15-20%. So your cost of points saved creep upwards to $0.015 – $0.023

    At 1.5 cents, it’s really a tossup in my valuations(unless you’re trying to use a suite upgrade)


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