[Call IHG For Points For Expiring Certificates!] IHG Extends Anniversary Night Certificates, Points Expiration, And Elite Status For An Additional Year!

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Update: While 2021 issued certificates were extended, people are reporting getting bonus points, typically 25K but up to 40K, for each anniversary night that was issued before 2021 that is not being extended. You can call IHG at 888-211-9874 to request points for your expiring certificates. As with Hyatt, the expiring certificates remain available for use in your account.

HT: Zevi and DoC

Originally posted on 11/2:

IHG previously extended credit card anniversary night certificates to 12/31/21. They are now extending all certificates issued in 2021 through 12/31/22. While last year IHG did that by giving a bonus night, that doesn’t appear to be in the cards this time.

IHG previously said that points wouldn’t expire until 12/31/21. That has now been extended through 12/31/22. Points normally expire after 12 months of inactivity. If you have IHG Gold, Platinum, or Spire elite status (or an IHG credit card like the Chase IHG Premier Card or Chase IHG Traveler Card which give elite status) then your points never expire.

All members’ elite status have also been extended through 2/28/23.

The Chase IHG Premier Card is offering 150,000 points for spending $3,000 in 3 months, its highest offer ever.

Status, nights, and points expiration have now been extended by Hilton, Marriott, and IHG. What in the world is Hyatt waiting for?

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Why is Hilton always the last to extend nights?

Step up to the plate!

Steven Kastner

My Premier IHG certificates are good into dates in 2022 but the Select IHG certificate that scores Dec 31 hasn’t been extended yet in my account.


Does that mean my jul13 2020-jan 19 2022 will be extended till December 2022 ?


Similar question as Steve’s, I have one uncapped certificated that had April 2020-December 31, 2021 dates, would that be extended to December 31, 2022?


So if I cancel my c card I will still have status until 23?


So I have a free night certificate from back in 2020 and it shows it will expire 2/26/22 will that be be extended as well?


I have 2 that I hope are extended:
Book 1 between 04/02/2020 – 12/31/2021
Book 1 between 08/03/2020 – 02/19/2022


Any way to get an expired cert reinstated?


They are saying my 2019 free night expires this December.


Mine got the same answer.


Why does it say in my account that my free night from 2021 is valid between 03/08/2021 – 03/08/2022?
Do i have to ask to extend it?


Marriott extended all certificates to next year. +1 Marriott.


They just gave me 25k points because I couldn’t use the anniversary night by 31 Dec 2021. The free night is still in my account tho. I wonder if that one will get extended.


My certificate is set to expire on 2/26/21 and had to go thru hell to finally get someone to issue me 25k points. Atleast I ended up getting it.

Dan do you think its still safe to use up the certificate/sell on DDF before it expires?


4 reps and still none willing to extend or give points for a 2020 issued chase anniversary free night. Annoying.


They only want to give 25k for 3 certs including an uncapped night


Thank you for the reminder. I just got 25k deposited but not extended. I am going to try to book a night past the expiration : ) with the cert in the account.


Cant book a night past exp date 🙂


Anyone having luck getting 40k?


Did anybody try swapping free nights issued in 2020 for points?


Tried. No success.


Called in. Was transferred from first agent to Loyalty agent. Total hold of around 5 minutes.
The loyalty agent said cannot extend the free night, but offered 25K points instead.
I had to ask for thee points though once she said that free night cannot be extended.


DP as of 12/30/21 – received 25k … called in inquiring what they can do for an expiring certificate due to not being able to utilize. They said they would give 25k points in recognition of my many years as an elite.

Mike Gq

Thank you for posting this.


I track my expiration dates and totally forgot to call. That’s embarrassing. Just called and IHG still honored the 25K for each of my 2 expired night. Points posted instantly. IHG always impresses me in regards to keeping my loyalty.


Do you think this will be a continued trend? I have an upcoming stay at a 12K hotel but would rather use points and save my certificate expiring in Feb and try to convert that to 25K. Thoughts? Thanks!