Florida Will Require Passengers From New York And New Jersey To Self-Quarantine For 14 Days

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that he will sign an executive order requiring passengers flying from New York and New Jersey to Florida to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Local law enforcement will meet passengers on flights to collect passenger information and take temperature checks.

Staying with family will not be allowed for self-quarantine.

He says that he will not issue a statewide stay at home order, but some cities such as Miami Beach have issued stay at home orders and have closed hotels. He blames NY and NJ stay at home orders for encouraging people there to fly to Florida. He also would like the federal government to curtail flights from regions hard hit by COVID-19.

Hawaii previously announced a 2 week quarantine for all out of state arrivals, but Florida will be the first state on the US mainland to require a quarantine for select arriving passengers.

Will this order change your travel plans?

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That’s only for flying so ppl would still drive down


Except that many were/are regardless already planning on driving instead of flying to avoid the flying risks.


Only flights? What if we r driving?


Don’t drive either


They are trying to save lives, it is selfish to go Thru a loophole to avoid the rules. If many followed the rules to begin with, didn’t have mass parties on Purim, there would be many less cases in the Jewish areas, and then Florida would not have to block ppl from coming.


Did you see that the OU, Agudah, Young Israel and several other rabbinical bodies sent out a joint letter forbidding travel for pesach. Stay home!!


Scheduled for tomorrow 11:30 from EWR. Will I be allowed to go out and get food?


Not for quarantine. You’d have to get it delivered.


How will enforce this? What If you take a stopover or 2 one ways.. Via atlanta

follow the rules, Save Lives

We are not dealing with a price mistake, or a deal on amazon. You are dealing with human lives, yet, many are asking how we can avoid the rules, in place to save lives. There are many elderly in Florida, with many loved ones from the New York area. You DO NOT want to cause many cases in Florida as many of the older population will not fair well. Stay home and follow the rules.


Does this mean airlines will refund (not issue credit) for flights into Florida.


Not likely




There isn’t a cancelation by the airline. As long as they offer service for that flight, they will offer you to modify or cancel (for united voucher credit).


Don’t be selfish and drive. Florida communities are asking you to stay home. Don’t ignore that and don’t try to find a way around that.


thanks for the advise, i was locking for someone to give me great advise.


They should not be driving either no one should be coming to Florida they should respect the request of ALL the Rabbis from Florida community request.


What a waste of precious resources (law enforcement, PPE, etc…)

Everyone could still drive down


I hope this order will help me! Thank you for being a great source for so much information!
I have a flight to Florida on 4/1 with Spirit and was scheduled to come back 4/6 with United. Because of your advice (tysm!), I have not canceled yet even though I knew for a while i wouldn’t go. I live in NJ, so I’m thinking this quarantine will allow me to request a refund for my tickets? Any advice from anyone how to get a refund as opposed to a credit?


Not quite….. not quite… unless the airline themselves cancels. Otherwise, expect airline voucher to use within the next 12 months


So then fly out of Allentown or Philadelphia, both are Pennsylvania


Shame on you, for encouraging ppl to put the lives of others at risk, shame on you!!!

Jack out of the Box

If we would all just stay put it would probably help prevent the spread very significantly.
Shame the passenger airplanes weren’t grounded worldwide 2 months ago.


STAY HOME!!!! Don’t spread it to Florida!!!!


Seriously people. Please dont drive to Florida either. The infection rate is much higher in NY and you have a high chance of spreading it to an elderly population. You are putting peoples lives in danger unnecessarily. It is selfish, unethical and I rabonim in NY should speak up against it.



Some Rabbis just don’t get it. They are helping ppl break the rules, rather than guide them the right way. This is sickening already. It is not a coincidence that Williamsburg, Monsey and Boro park are hot spots. You are not getting Mitzvot by Spreading the virus to grandma, because you are being selfish. Close the yeshivah, close the shuls!! There is technology that allows us to learn remotely. There is no excuse at all.


What’s your deal? Yes, right now we need people typing away and over-generalizing… Who the heck are you?
Some people in Central Park also don’t get it. All the Rabbis that I know of closed their shuls and yeshivas. You going to reference a wedding from over a week ago? Sheesh.


It was not a week ago so get your facts straight, and even if it was, it still should not have happened. Do the math!!!!! The full numbers of those even at the wedding did not yet populate. There is a yeshivah still open near me that has ppl in and out as if nothing is going on. It is facts, and the numbers show it. Who are you? Your agreement with this behavior is part of the problem! Yes there are ppl in Central Park that don’t get it, but by far larger amount in the above referenced communities. Let’s face the facts and not live in denial over it. The Purim parties should not have existed either!!

It this makes you feel better

If yelling about perceived injustice gets your stress out, we’re happy for you, otherwise I don’t think any group you’re referencing will read your comment and think, by golly you’re right!!


You’re right, let’s not live in denial. Instead let’s shame these segments of our people and go back in time and stop the Purim parties before they start, maybe Doc Brown can help. We got this.


Which Yeshiva or shul in NY is still open?


Last I heard, mirror yeshivah.


Well said, look in the ‘mirror’ and stop believing every (self-hating) rumor out there


So wrong to drive to Florida. It’s called careless!


Curious if this order will change my AA Refund policy


Dan, how do you know one cannot self-quarantine by staying with family? I assume you got it from somewhere, I just didn’t see it in the article you cited… Thanks.

Corona Virus

The governor did not mention the people that fly into private airports. Will there be law enforcement personnel at theses airports?


Good question

donna l tuttle

What about the railroad …massive of people and employees go to NY every week especially employees who lay over one night and then return home…


People going anywhere should self quarantine for 2 weeks.

Marion pimsler

No one should go out in fl stay home mandatory why should others suffer and get the virus from people who can’t obey laws

immunocompromised in fla

OMG!!!Any one of you still considering driving down literally could not care less for anyone else.. this is insane that jews would actually think like this- dont bother making pesach if you are going to put an entire community at risk.. there are tons of elderly and pple with medical issues here.. do you only think of yourselves????? Nobody wants or needs you here now.. do you think the world was created only for you??? just stay home for goodness sakes.. is it really that hard for you????!!!


Yes, many seam to only think about themselves. States are closing down everything, companies are closing indefinitely, and so many sacrificing to provide medical care, etc.. yet, many in the communities are disregarding rules completely. They don’t care if anyone else around them gets it, it has to be there way!!! Terrible terrible terrible. What a Chilul Hashem . It’s embarrassing for the Jewish population that abides by the rules. Additionally, we wonder why there are anti-Semitic incidents on the rise, because of selfish behavior like this.


Maybe it’s because of selfish people like you that complain about other Jewish brothers and sisters.


I agree. It’s unconscionable to be that people would go down there still. Beyond selfish.


Dude, you’re calling myself, and those that agree (large majority) selfish, because I worry about the lives of others? Brothers and sisters, protect each other from harm!!, not endanger them, especially for selfish purposes!! You really think that I’m the reason that goyim are talking bad about us? Really?
Hospitals are overwhelmed, and valuable resources being used up, especially maimonidies, Coincidence? I can tell you for certain, that authorities are looking down at us in bewilderment, at this behavior.


Ok? Let’s say you’re right? So besides for making yourself feel better by standing on your soap box, what are you accomplishing with your rant? Bringing awareness to the masses? Nope, just ranting and feeling holier than thou


Many yeshivah are still open for business, including,(last I heard) mirror Yeshivah. There was a large wedding today in Boro park, that found a loophole, so they invited many ppl, but only allowed 50 in a tent at a time. This is notA joke, and these few have no right to endanger the lives of so many.

No matter your beliefs, not everyone believes in same, and when you live with others around you, you need to respect them as well. The Authorities are in shock as to what they see, amongst us. Very simple, and this is what many with large weddings have done. They made a small wedding in there homes with minimal family members (parents, siblings) and postponed the parties till a more appropriate time.


If recovered already after testing positive is there still a quarantine?


I have read reports that people have gotten on twice unfortunately.

social distance

If I keep to myself why does it matter if I drive down?


Please stay home. Matza, wine, morrer, hagada. You can do it at home and save lives.
Miami Beach hotels and beaches and condo and community center pools are closed. Many kosher stores will be checking drivers licenses and denying entry. Shuls are closed as are malls, theme parks, parks, boat slips and entertainment venues. Nothing to do Chol Hamoed and more restrictions are sure to follow.


Will airlines extent there credit for over a year since we dont know when we can fly again I have like 6k credit with jet blue bank


Florida resident here. A few things to take into account if you are thinking of coming down:

1) Everything here is closed. Hotels, pools, beaches. Only grocery stores and other “essentials” are available.
2) The rabbis across the orthodox spectrum in Florida have forbidden people to come down. Modern Orthodox, yeshivaish, chabad, you name it. You are violating a very serious halacha by not listening. Personally, I find it funny that someone would keep pesach, but not heed the rabbis here.
3) You are also at this point violating Florida law
4) If you come, keep in mind that you might not be able to get back. Three weeks ago, the idea that we would close down all commerce sounded like a joke. Today, pretty much every big city is closed for business. It would not be surprising if highways are closed off in the coming weeks.


They just don’t get it, don’t bother!!

David R

What Florida law does one violate by entering Florida?


another FL resident…. kosher stores will be checking ID and refusing service without a FL ID. I already see NY licence plates in the neighborhood. Please do not be selfish and STAY HOME!

Respiratory Compromised Nana

Another Florida resident chiming in. As was stated, everything is closed…pools, beaches ,Theme Parks, hotels in the Keys and Miami, and restaurants. We are experiencing extremely hot weather for this time of year….86-93 degrees in Tampa for the next week and sunny. This would be great under normal vacation times, but it’s too hot to even take a walk. Also, our groceries that are in short supply must now be shared with vacationers! Those restaurants that have delivery service and take out are already overwhelmed. Now, add all the people on the 200 planes that come to Florida from New York every day that would need their food delivered for 2 weeks while they are quarantined!! Normally we love visitors, but please, please stay home so that we don’t have to share our precious resources (food, hospitals, emergency services,etc. with vacationers.). This new mandate will add a huge additional expense to our already hard hit economy.

To those who are considering driving to circumvent the order, realize you are no different than those who enter our country illegally at the Mexican border. Ask yourself if your actions are honoring Gd?


Dan, thank you for an amazing site. You always manage to steer clear of the Lashon Hara that comes up with these topics. You don’t have hate stirring headlines. You have quality posts and wonderful site.
That being said, can the commentators steer clear of Lashon Hara as well. Don’t post the latest gossip on certain groups and yeshivos. Last I heard, it’s assur to believe Lashon Hara, let alone to say it over.
Please stop spreading hate and it’ll be a zechis for Hashem to stop spreading the virus.



Well said!

Florida Resident

PLEASE HEED THE WORDS OF THE Rabbanim. ITS PIKUACH NEFESH. IF CV YOU GET SICK WHILE U ARE HERE WE CANNOT TREAT YOU. Its so wrong and selfish of anyone coming here for ‘vacation” if you don’t care about the lives of your fellow Jews who live here. think for a minute about what an apocalyptic chillul Hashem you will create. Our government officials already know about the Jews coming for Pesach and they will have their eye on you. WE want to welcome you with open arms, but not when each household is battling for their lives. we can barely sustain our own communities. I cannot understand how you plan to engage in any sort of religious activity when you have disregarded the word of every paskening governing body in the country. , they should put you in cherem…


I don’t get it. There is a broad based psak halacha and legal restrictions prohibiting travel yet people think they don’t have to abide by them. What are they thinking? How can they be so selfish?


just curious, do you listen to your own Rabbi when he tells you to avoid smartphones and not to talk in Shul? Then how do you expect others to respect his words when it pertains to something you feel is important?

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I’m with you 200% that it’s very important; but I can easily see ppl being ‘smarter’ than their Rabbi, ala when it comes to spiritual issues.

Well said


Pesach is now 14 days

That’s what the NY’ers are thinking

Helene Reiss

We are in Century Village of Deerfield Beach- seniors 55 +. Most of us changed our plans and aren’t having our kids join us for Passover. Some inconsiderate people are driving down from N.Y. We already see some guests but not many. Some residents/owners are driving down from N.Y. and some guests will driving or flying. The people here- all elderly and many sick, are nervous. We do sit outside and talk but do distant ourselves. What can we do about the people who are coming- any way to stop them from being outside with the other people?


Does this apply to Air Force One?

Average Joe

What if somebody has a stopover in NY/NJ? Would they still need to quarantine?


Before anybody starts yelling at me for coming to Florida, I’m asking for someone who lives in Miami, and wants to get home to their family for Pesach.


I can’t say I get everyone’s concerns 100%. Most anyone I know thinking of going to Orlando for Pesach is bringing all their own food and since all the parks are closed anyway will effectively be quarantined in their rentals in Orlando as opposed to their homes in wherever they live.
After being stuck at home for 3 weeks by that point human beings will want a least a change of scenery (different walls to stare at) and maybe a pool in the back to swim in.
No one will be mingling around at teh non existent water holes spreading the virus.


(I’m not getting into “politics” and not picking sides here. I am not going to travel). I know and understand what you mean regarding a change of scenery, even if there is nothing to do in town. What I don’t understand is that why would one want to use their “vacation time” and “vacation money” for a period in the year when you won’t really get to go out and enjoy things. Orlando is loads of fun, and it would be a real shame to spend the time, effort, and money traveling there— only to be cooped up in a rental there the whole time- With No theme parks, no beaches, no outlet stores, no malls, no mini-amusement centers, no chol Hamoed restaurants, etc. etc…

David R

You say it’s a shame, but I would like to do just that, yet I am being discouraged by all these pronouncements.
As far as vacation money, house rentals may have already been paid for before this issue arose, and Southwest from LGA is less than 5,000 points one way (and is not even subject to the quarantine because there is no nonstop).


i agree with that part 100%. There are some ppl that BH can afford it obviously so it would not make a difference. And also ppl for example living in boro park in small houses with no yard would welcome some space!


can we even go home as a student or someone visiting ny , my home still has my parents living there it wont be self isolation.


So they will be be able to stay at hotels in Florida? POr need a rental? Anyway, I’m stranded here at Zurich without a home anywhere, as I have lived in hotels, and now they are closing and I have to find a place, as I don’t think I should get on a plane but this is very difficult alone. Anyone have a furnished apartment here at Zurich or kloten or Opfikon for month to month rent in a nice area available NOW?

Adrian w Rose

Saw lots of ny plates in Boca Raton today. How you going to quarantine them?