Hawaii Will Require A 2 Week Quarantine For All Incoming Travelers

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While more states continue to add shelter-in-place and stay home rules, Hawaii will become the first US state with a mandatory 2 week quarantine for all incoming travelers.

The new rule goes into effect on Thursday at 12:01am. It applies to both Hawaii residents and visitors flying in from any other state or country. It doesn’t apply to intra-Hawaii flights and it also won’t apply to flight crew.

If you don’t have a home you can quarantine in your hotel room. You won’t be allowed to leave your home or hotel room, except for medical care or to take a flight out of Hawaii.

Violators will face a year in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.

Do you think other states will copy Hawaii’s incoming traveler quarantine rules?

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It’s about time . Great.


hawaii and alaska are probably the only states that can do this .If there are land roads between states it becomes much much harder to do any sort of enforcement


Right. Other states can only mandate quarantine for incoming air travelers. But it needs to be done on a federal level for the entire country for it to be effective. Otherwise travelers reroute to states without quarantine restrictions and then drive.


Blatantly unconstitutional to apply this to a US citizen.


Well, if you don’t believe in state’s rights, you can make that argument, but quarantine laws have been around since the yellow fever epidemics of the 18th Century, and the Founding Fathers took for granted that states could enforce quarantines. They were just worried about the federal government stepping in.

David R

No other state could have a clue who enters from another state as well as Hawaii can.


I have a one-week trip to Maui from June 21 through June 29. With your knowledge and understanding of what’s going on now, do you think this mandatory quarantine will still be in place at the end of June?


I sincerely hope that not!!


Have a cancel plan…


Please explain- Why wait until Thursday when the virus will ultimately be spread there this whole week?


Hawaii’s governor said the delay in the implementation of the mandatory quarantine order is “really in order to allow our industry partners to make adjustments,” and ensure that “we don’t have someone come here and be surprised that they’d be quarantined for 14 days.”

The CEO of Hawaiian Airlines said Saturday that the airlines’ revenue is “virtually zero” and that some days they have more cancellations than bookings. He said that the airline has already seen a huge drop in arrivals and expects to cut flights further next week.


Thanks for the detailed reply. Still seems a little long for me. All it takes is one infected passenger…


Could it be a valid reason to put a claim to the insurance company if the planned vacation trip was only for a week?