WOW! American Extends Elite Status And Announces That Credit Card Spending From May-December Will Count Towards Million Miler Lifetime Elite Status!

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American finally announced that they too will extend their members elite status.

That follows other North American airlines like Alaska, DeltaUnited, and Air Canada as well as hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott.

However, American seems to have taken their time to add some additional benefits as well.

In the most shocking part of the news, you will earn 1 mile towards million miler status for every $1 spent on AA credit cards that post to your AA account between May and December 2020.

AA used to offer this, but it was discontinued way back in 2011! I earned lifetime Platinum status from opening credit cards back then.

You will earn lifetime gold status and 35K bonus miles when you earn 1MM million miler miles.

You will earn lifetime Platinum status and 4 systemwide upgrades when you earn 2MM million miler miles.

Alas, you can’t earn far more valuable lifetime Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum status from the million miler program.

Don’t have an AA card? You can get one now and spend on them to earn lifetime elite status:

AA also announced that:

  • AA elite status will be extended so that you’ll maintain your current status through 1/31/22. You’ll see the new expiration date on your account in a few weeks. Thanks Hyatt!
  • AA club memberships will get a 6 month extension.
  • AA club one-day passes that expire between 3/1-5/31 will be extended for 6 months.
  • AA elites can get a $400 credit towards an AA vacation.
  • Systemwide upgrades expiring 1/31/21 will not expire on 7/31/21.
  • Award tickets issued by 5/31 for travel through 9/30 can be changed or redeposited for free.
  • Award tickets as of 6/1 and going forward permanently can be changed for free more than 60 days before departure:

If you want to earn elite status for 2020, you can do so with reduced mileage and spending requirements:


Executive Platinums will have reduced requirements to earn rewards in 2020:


If anyone has seen JetBlue and Southwest, please pick up an airport courtesy phone and dial the operator.

Will you try to earn AA million miler status?

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Does this work on personal and business AA Barclay cards?


Does a cc signup bonus count toward million mile or is it spend only?


through a promotion I had platinum pro. If I flew a certain amount of miles within 6 months I would keep it. if not I would be back to my current one. it expired in April but was able to make the mark due to corona. do you think they will give me platinum back or should I call?


If you receive a CC bonus, 70k miles, will those count toward MM miles?


So can I just spend on the card and not fly with them to get status?


Does this mean that if I spend $1Million on my cc I will earn elite status?


What about the AA Companion certificates?


If I weren’t stuck at home social distancing, I’d totally go for it.


another method for them to find the hackers…$2 million spend in 8 months!


isnt this a downgrade ? aa used to allow free changes on award tickets now only 60 days ? if thats the case then its a massive devaluation ? [only upside that i assume changes before 60 days mean any route, unlike currently].


Approved for the AA 70K card, here we go!


“If your current elite status expires on January 31, 2021, we’ll automatically extend the expiration date until January 31, 2022” It does not look like it will help those with trial status.

ted onig

Dan, what say you how to maximize the $400 Vacation credit???


I’m also curious to see how they spend at bonus categories


Just to make sure I understand this, since it seems Dan is really excited… does this mean that in order to benefit from this, I need to spend $1 million on a credit card in the next 8 months? Are there really a lot of people who can do this, even if manufacturing? Even with average credit limits of $10k? This seems pretty impossible, unless I’m missing something? How can anyone really benefit from this?


CtownBin, if you’re someone like me who is close to his X million miles (for me 3rd), this can put you over the top. Then you can have enough miles to not only book a trip to Israel, but also have the SWUs to potentially get the upgrades to go with it.


I am at 1.6 million miles. Its going to be a stretch….



Moshe Brafman

Does this work for airline transfers as well? Back in 2011 it works for Spg. I know that spg does not exist anymore, but are there other ways to transfer points to AA? MR? UR?

I have been gold lifetime for years. Want to hit plat.

Thanks dan


Aren’t they being bankrupt come December?


Does spending by AUs count for the miles or only the account owner? I have the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World EliteTM Mastercard but only use it sparingly right now since AA miles aren’t that valuable compared to Amex membership rewards points.


What about AA miles that are expiring soon, have expired miles also been extended?


If I am Lifetime Gold now, will 1m spend get me lifetime platinum?


even websaver mileage tickets can be cancelled for free?


“Award tickets issued by 5/31 for travel through 9/30 can be changed or redeposited for free” Does this apply to the WEB specials awards?


Any chance buying miles will be considered for lifetime status – as it was in the past?


I guess getting people to spend is a good way to generate money for AA by selling more miles to the banks without having to sell their miles for less and be fronted by the banks.


What makes you say the spend “between May and December?” The AA site just says “through the end of 2020” and is dated April 13 so wouldn’t that mean effective immediately?


Thanks Dan for your updates.

I was actually on a status challenge from last year and achieved more than half of it 1 month into the 3, then COVID hit. I just phoned them and they are doing nothing for these customers right now.

They said they will allow another challenge in year, but based upon the current requirements (i.e. 3000 EQDs and 30000 miles in 3 months for Platinum Pro), which obviously isn’t worth it, proportionate to the current match program.

It’s a little upsetting that they are not thinking this through down to that level, or allowing their staff to have some discretion.


Even with government bailout, AA management is so inept and greedy, they may we’ll end up in bankruptcy.


If I book a partner award flight for December and have no status, will I be able to cancel the flight and get my miles and taxes back as long as I cancel 60 days prior?


How can AA elite get the 400$ credit?


Dan, if i got AA platinum status for free to try it until April 19, will it be extended as well until 2022?


You think United will follow?


Starting May. –

Does that mean they need to post to AA after may 1, or that the actual spend has to be after may 1.

Meaning if I spend now and my statement closes may 3, I imagine the points will post shortly after may 3 on my AA account. So the spending would be in April and the points will post in may?


Bill H

Any idea if people on current status challenges will get an extension?


as of no according to aa no. but they told me to call once the challenge has ended and they will see what they can do.


Alright, which one of you is gonna try to spend 1 million by the end of 2020 lol


I would be interested to see another article analyzing the value of gold and platinum status respectively. For example, do complimentary upgrades ever actually clear for gold members?


I am worried about signing up for the Barclays cards or even Citi as I have signed up for these cards already a few times and am holding 500k I advantage miles in my account. in the last few years (thanks to Dans informative website ), however aa has been closing accounts for signing up for these cards multiple time(not just from the Citi mailers)this has me concerned to sing up and then start spending toward million miler as all that effort would be for nothing if they shut me down if someone can advise gut moed

Elizabeth Warren

If I spend a million dollars on the card to get the miles, do I have to pay the balance?



I have a paper voucher (from being bumped), should i book a ticket and then cancel it to switch it to an e-voucher.