Costa Rica Opens Borders To Everyone Today, No COVID Test Required

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As of today, Costa Rica is opening their borders to everyone. No COVID-19 test is required.

Previously only limited locations were allowed entry into Costa Rica and a negative COVID-19 PCR was required.

The Hyatt Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo reopens on November 14th. It was supposed to climb from a category 5 hotel to category 6 earlier this year, but that category change was cancelled due to COVID-19. That means a standard room is 20K points, a standard suite is 32K points, and a premium suite is 40K points. You can transfer points instantly from Chase to Hyatt.

Starting in December you’ll be able to fly nonstop from Newark into Liberia (LIR) on United or from JFK to Liberia on JetBlue, which is nearby the Andaz. Kosher restaurants and the Jewish community are located in San Jose (SJO), which has nonstop service from NYC on American, JetBlue, and United, but delivery services are available to the Liberia area.

You can read more about Costa Rica, including kosher food availability, on DDF.

Will you travel to Costa Rica?

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News itself is great, kudos to the government. but if you have a chance don’t go to Costa Rica and go to Nicaragua. Same experience with more authenticity for five times as less money

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Is that really so?
Is it as beautiful?
And as advanced?

Not the Costa Rica is super-advanced, but is Nicaragua not a backwater?

Asking for real, not trolling


I now love the ppl who run Costa Rica


Nice! Costa Rica here we come!! 🙂

A. Any restrictions upon returning to USA?
B. Any other countries with open borders now?



Idk, we have a trip booked for Costa Rica for Yeshiva Break and I felt much better about going when Costa Rica was only allowing Americans from 6 states to visit and requiring everyone first take a COVID test. Now it’s an unregulated free for all and I’m having second thoughts on whether we should go.


Either way if you want to be sure that you’re safe you have to keep to all the rules, and if you keep to the rules you’ll stay healthy. (The virus can only enter your body in certain ways and its in your ability to stop that.)
So it shouldn’t make a difference to you who else is there.


anyone interested in Uzbekistan? you get reimbursed if you catch covid; “According to the new Decree, a whole set of measures for the safe stay of tourists in Uzbekistan is being developed. For example, if a foreign tourist catches COVID-19 while traveling in Uzbekistan, up to $ 3,000 compensation will be allocated for his or her treatment.”



This is NOT a political post. I JUST WANT TO TRAVEL,  so we are headed to Costa Rica.

So we booked tickets booked last April for CR for right after the Inauguration we also booked our trip to Alaska this past September at the same time after abandoning our South Pacific trip because of COVID.

Seeing the UK, and EU ramp up shutdowns and likely travel bans – think that the projections of travel normalizing in 2021 is overly optimistic at this point no mater who wins the election.


I like to travel, too, and I share your sentiments!


PSA: Will still be required to have COVID insurance or will be turned away if it fails to meet requirements also have fill out HEALTH PASS.

American expats in SJO toursim – info on insurance and local thoughts recommendations

Lia Rostenne

Our family traveled Costa Rica before Pesach 2019. There is a wonderful Jewish center/hotel/restaurant in Jaco run by an Israeli family On Shabbos we stayed there and the rest of the week we stayed at the Los Suenos Marriott which was 15 minutes away and ate at Izu’s restaurant.


No Hechsher!