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Not a deal, but I figured that this is worth pointing out.

American Express has long allowed payments made from their site to instantly increase your available credit line.  With Chase it has always taken several days for your credit line to be increased once again.

I just noticed a couple days ago that now immediately increases your credit line when you make a payment on  Love it!

Next improvement: Please allow people to make more than 1 payment to the same credit card on within 3 days of the last one.

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Amex does not let you over pay to put your credit above what you have


@mow, wrong
in fact they are the only one that does!
@DAN, I always transfer money from my checking account to my credit cards, one after the other no problem, whats your prob?


+1 —>Please allow people to make more than 1 payment to the same credit card on within 3 days of the last one.


Chase not letting you pay twice within 3 days is totally bogus, and shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. With that said, if you call Chase you can make a second payment. But you shouldn’t have to call.


Does this apply to the chase iphone app as well?

Steven (one word)

Is this automatic? I pay monthly on, including a few days ago, and nothing increased.


Where can I find out more info about how it works?


FYI if you do a transfer from your checking to your chase card, you can:

1) do multiple payments as frequent as you want
2) you can pay over the limit as well (this goes for payment to Amex also)


Be careful about spending close to your limit, paying it off and then immediately spending close to your limit again. Two months ago, I had my spending limit decreased on my Ink Bold. When I called in to ask why, they said I was consistently going over my spending limit. I told them that’s not possible because I made multiple payments a month to never go over my spending limit. The rep explained it takes several days when I make a payment for it to clear my bank and for funds to reach Chase even though the payment shows as being received on their website. In the end, the rep increased my spending limit back to where it was but warned me to wait at least 3-4 business days for the funds to actually reach Chase or my spending limit could again be lowered. (And I’m guessing if you have borderline credit, your account could even be closed!)

Steveo (one word)



neither does chase

boo chase

Huge pain every month when I go to make my 2nd CC payment that I have to call them on the phone. The rep tells me that if I want to make it easier on myself I should schedule my 1st payment in advance of the due date & then I can schedule a 2nd payment instead of having to call. I said thanks, but how bout you guys let ppl make 2 payments right away & not have to wait 3 days… Think the rep wet his pants & just responded, umm umm umm umm


@dan i’m shocked that you only got to know about it today, me with one chase card got an email from them 1/2 week/s ago about it, and you with multiple chase cards shouldn’t know. what a shame. lol


When you transfer from your checking account it takes several days for it to hit your account. This is instant.

Paying over your limit from your checking account with AMEX or Chase is a very dangerous game to play.

Were you making payments from the Chase site or pushing it from your checking account?

I got the email as well a few weeks ago and wrote about it on the forums:

However it took them a couple weeks from then to actually implement this.


not from the amex website for instant

credit line increase??

i pay my card in full each month
is their away to get a credit line increase without them pulling my credit score??

does it ever happen automatically?

annoyed with

generally ive been very happy with chase as a bank and as a CC company. (I have Saphire, Saphire preferred & Ink Bold, thanks to Dan).

What is annoying however is the fact that when you have auto pay set-up on your credit cards, once a month when it auto debits out, all it says is “CHASE AUTOPAY PPD ID:47XXXXXX” and the amount that auto debited from your account.

which card was it for?

who the heck knows.

that’s annoying.


how do you pay the bill? I pay online from my chase checking (usually as a transfer ) but never saw a credit increase. what am I doing wrong?


You can make more than 1 payment on Chase within 3 days, you just must use a different form of payment, like 2 different bank accounts.


@Dan From Chase’s website (paid from non-Chase checking)