Loving Chase Right Now…

I’ve had 4 positive recent dealings with the Chase secure message team for myself and my family just for asking to be matched to the following better offers “that I had heard about from a colleague.”

You can send a secure message by logging into your Chase.com account and click on the secure message center at the top-right part of the site.

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United Explorer Visa (You can also use this link to signup for a club card by using the Club card tab or for a business card by clicking on “Are you a business owner” on the top-right of the page)

Ink Plus Mastercard

1. Matched from 30,000 miles to 55,000 miles plus a $50 statement credit on the United Explorer consumer card after spending $1,000 and adding a free additional user.

2. Matched from 30,000 miles to 50,000 miles plus a $50 statement credit on the United Explorer business card after spending $1,000.

United Explorer’s benefits include a free checked bag for you and a companion on United, expended saver award availability, guaranteed standard award availability, primary CDW coverage that almost no other cards besides United has, priority boarding, all United miles will never expire, 2 annual United club passes, and upgrades for elites on award tickets.

3. Matched to a waived annual fee for the first year on the United Club card.

United Club’s benefits include 1.5 miles per dollar spent worldwide, no foreign transaction fees, 2 free checked bags for you and a companion (and for free authorized users and their companion) on United, a full United Club membership with access to Star Alliance lounges worldwide, access to United and USAirways clubs even without a plane ticket, gate passes for you and all companions to the secured section of the airport terminal if it has a United or USAirways club, waived award expedite/close-in fees, primary CDW coverage that almost no other cards besides United has, expended saver award availability, guaranteed standard award availability, premier silver boarding zone, premier baggage handling, premier security line access, all United miles will never expire, 2 annual United club passes, upgrades for elites on award tickets, Avis President’s Club with guaranteed 2 class upgrades often to luxury cars from an intermediate, and Hyatt Platinum status for free internet on ann Hyatt stays and 2 free suite upgrades when you apply for the Hyatt card.

4. Matched from the old $10K spend requirement to a $5K spend requirement on the Ink Plus.

Ink Plus’ benefits include 5 points per dollar on internet, cable, wireless, and telecom. Plus 5 points per dollar at Office Supply stores which sell all kinds of gift cards to hundreds of other stores. Plus 2 points per dollar at gas stations and hotels. And there are no foreign transaction fees. This card also allows you to transfer all Chase points you or your spouse may have to airlines like BA or United or hotels like Hyatt.

With my successful 3BM this month for the Ink Plus, Ink Cash, and United Business cards (even got approved for the 2 Ink cards on the same phone call to Recon) I now have 13 active Chase cards on which I am the primary cardholder, making up about 30% of my currently active credit cards.
Best of all thanks to Staples’ recent promotion and CVS stocking Vanilla reload cards I was able to already meet the spend thresholds buying Vanilla cards, transferring those funds over to Bluebird and paying off my Chase cards electronically via Bluebird. Of course you can also pay off other bills, like your rent or mortgage, via Bluebird as well.

My current lineup is:
Chase Consumer (8):
United Explorer
United Club
Southwest Premier
Freedom Exclusives
Sapphire Preferred Visa
Sapphire Preferred Mastercard
United Awards Visa

Chase Business (5):
Ink Bold Exclusives Mastercard
Ink Plus Mastercard
Ink Classic Mastercard
Ink Cash Mastercard
United Explorer Business Visa

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81 Responses to “Loving Chase Right Now…”

  1. Yehuda Says:

    Is the bluebird thing still alive?

  2. Dan Says:

    Sure. I’ve loaded it with $5K from Vanilla reloads bought at CVS and paid off my bill with it.

  3. yaks Says:

    btw you refer to the recent staples promotion as though it was a good deal….. Im assuming yo are aware that after the emails they sent out adjusting the amounts on the 200 gift card its not nerly as good of a deal as most of us expected it to be……..

  4. Dan Says:

    They’re still going to give $30 for $200 GCs after the adjustment.
    For 5 cards that means spending $1,034.75 for the cards, earning 5,174 points with Ink (about $100 worth of points), being $1,000 closer to the spend threshold, and getting $150 of Staples GCs.

    Hardly a shabby deal, though it’s dead now.

  5. azhopps Says:

    Nervous at all about using bluebird to pay off large credit card charges from CVS?

  6. love this blog Says:

    Why is Hyatt (2 free nights ) better then Marriott ( 7 free nights )?

  7. Al Says:

    How did you load $5k? Isn’t there a daily limit? Is there any chance that Chase or Amex would shut you down for doing that?

  8. Dan Says:

    No, but if you are you can always just have them cut you a check.

    @love this blog:
    7 free nights is at bottom tier hotels:

    2 free Hyatt nights work even at ultra-luxury $1,000/night hotels. Plus the Hyatt anniversary night works for great hotels as well that got for $$$. And the Hyatt card gives Platinum elite status just for having it and gives special bonuses for existing elites.

    $5,000 in the past 5 days.
    I’m not too worried about it. If AMEX shuts down my Bluebird then so be it, I don’t really have a need for it except for this purpose anyway.

  9. Al Says:

    @Dan: it’s nice to use Bluebird to pay mortgage & any other payments which cannot otherwise earn miles

  10. Roger Says:

    Is the United card churnable?

  11. a gast Says:

    @Dan: how did you manage they should match you the spending limit on the Ink Plus ? I tried several times & their best answer was that if I will be unablle to spend only 5k within 103 days they will manully credit the points . Any advice?

  12. Dan Says:

    True, though there are some other methods to earn miles for that.

    I open a new mileage account and never have a problem merging them later.

    @a gast:
    What is wrong with getting them manually credited in 3 months? They just want to make sure you don’t get the bonus twice but they will honor the 50K signup bonus even if you just spend $5K.

  13. a gast Says:

    @Dan: (RE: They just want to make sure you don’t get the bonus twice) but this exactly what I wanted, is there any way around this?

  14. Dan Says:

    @a gast:
    Nope, they’ve gotten wise to that.

  15. alce Says:

    I got a United club several months ago and paid the fee any wasy I can match and receive back the fee

  16. Dan Says:

    You have about 3 months from when you are approved for a card to request a matched offer.

  17. yaks Says:

    Im not sure that you are correct about that. They have updated the wording for the rebate it now says:”Get a $15 Staples Gift Card on EACH Purchase of $100 or more”. Im worried that it means A.One $15 rebate for the entire purchase (5 $200 cards= one $15 rebate)or B. even if they do honor each one seperately how are u sure each card will be $30 and not $15?

  18. alce Says:

    I was charged 395 on July 1, 2012 and paid 300 on Aug 6, 2012. Do you think it’s worth trying. Thanks

  19. zboy Says:

    Hi dan what am I supposed to write them in the secure message so they’ll waive me the fee on the club card?

  20. DealsSeeker Says:

    I sent Chase a message on the 17th requesting the new Ink offer. They sti/ll haven’t gotten back to me, even though I have sent them a couple of messages since.

  21. Peter Says:

    Why don’t you get some sleep!

  22. Doug Says:

    Hey Dan,

    When you apply for the same card later on, do you always first set up a new frequent flyer account? I didn’t reach the point where I can reapply for anything yet, but if I want to try the Barclay’s USAir again in 6 months or so I’m wondering if I should do that and then try to merge, or if I can just use my original US Air miles number.


  23. Yosele Says:

    @Dan: /

    What are the other methods?

  24. Adam Says:

    Hey Dan,
    Im not sure i understand what this post is talkig about. I have a chase saphire preferred visa that i just got a month ago. Does this post pertain to me? If so, what do i do?

  25. meir Says:

    Can I upgrade to the club card from the regular explorer?

  26. south Says:

    Apllied for chase sapphire, chase united and ink bold. Was told by more than one rep that they wont approve the third card (united) cuz can only do 2 cards in a 30 days….

  27. dave Says:

    Dan I’m having trouble using my visa gc in AP it only gives option add bank account not to use cc, or is there a way to use visa gc in bb to pay my bills? Thanks

  28. Howie Says:

    Can I get anything if I already have the united card for a few years?

  29. Naphtali Says:

    The only place in Baltimore I found the Vanilla Relaods is at a Family Dollar but they won’t take credit card for it. any ideas?

  30. Mina Says:

    United business card? Never heard about it from you before and can’t find it on chase website

  31. yitzy Says:


  32. Reuven Says:

    How did you get them to match you on the United Biz card? I signed up with the 25k linky.

  33. joel Says:

    What’s the difference between united card & US Airways Premier World Master Card?

  34. Dan Says:

    Feel free to contact them yourself to confirm.

    I think you’re too late but it can’t hurt to try.

    Look at the first line of this post for inspiration.

    It can take up to 7 business days.

    With Chase I do.

    For example my old apartment took credit card via rentpayment.com

    Nope. Though there are way to keep getting new Sapphire cards (it’s churnable so you get the bonus again) by offering to close old Sapphire cards by switching the old to a Mastercard and applying for this Visa again.
    Just worked for me last week.

    Call and ask.

    I have gotten way more than 2 cards approved in a period like that.
    Just keep calling the various Recon numbers and offer to shift credit around or close older cards and shift their lines over to get approved.

    Amazon Payments allows you to send money to anyone with any credit card, including Visa GC.


    Did you look at several different CVS, Walgreens, 7/11, etc?

    I just applied and got it and got matched to 50K plus $50 and so can you.
    Just click on “Are you a business owner” on the top-right to get to the business app.

    Search on DDF.


    Look at the first line of this post for inspiration.

    They’re different cards from different airlines and different banks with different benefits.

  35. dave Says:

    Dan, can I send from AP to my BB account?

  36. Reuven Says:

    I understand, but did s/t actually exist? If they ask me for a linky or screenshot, can i send them s/t?

  37. joel Says:

    Could I book united flight with us air miles?

  38. Mimi K. Says:

    No Marriott 70k? Priority Club 80k? British?!?
    Are you getting conservative?

  39. Jack Says:

    Could you please upload a picture of your wallet… it must be a sight to see!!!

  40. Joseph Says:

    Dan – I applied and was approved for the chase ink bold. While I my app was pending, chase changed the sign up bonus to 50K UR after spending 3K in three months. I sent a secure message asking to be matched and this was my response:

    I would like to inform you that, you will receive 25,000
    points after your first purchase and an additional 25,000
    points after you have spent $10,000 within the first 93
    days the account is open.

    If you are unable to exceed the $5,000 spending threshold
    within 93 days of the account open date but you have spent
    at least $5,000, please contact us after 02/16/2013, at
    which time we would be happy to add the remaining 25,000
    points. Please note, we have already credited the first
    use bonus of 25,000 points to your rewards balance.

    If you have any questions, please call us at the number on
    the back of your card. We?re here to assist you anytime.

    Any suggestions?

  41. Dan Says:

    No, just send from Amazon to a friend and back.

    They don’t ask for a screenshot.

    Yes, though United miles are far superior in many many ways.

    @Mimi K.:
    Why would a waste a pull (or even 1/3rd of a pull) on those when there are better (more valuable) signup bonuses on the other cards?

    What’s the problem?
    Just send an SM then and they’ll add your points.

  42. Joseph Says:

    I guess so. I was hoping I could get the full 50K points sooner (upon spending 5K) but i guess I’ll just have to wait.

  43. sol Says:

    Is it a new thing you can’t transfer ultimate reward to BA acc not in your name?
    its giving me an error “does not match account holder” even if it does match?
    anything i’m missing?

  44. Ellen Says:

    @Al: Nonesense, you can only reload up to $1000 a day and a maximum of $5000 per month, Not Dan or anyone can exceed this, once u reach the limit VR will not reload even 1 $ for you!!!

  45. Dan Says:

    That’s exactly what I said in comment 8.
    Now having a family though helps with that…

  46. Reuven Says:


    Did the higher offer actually exist on the biz card, or was is a shot in the dark?

  47. Al Says:

    I didn’t realize you are limited to $5k per month loading to Bluebird from Vanilla Reloads. Is there any thing to do or just wait until next weekend?

  48. chasecards Says:

    dan, am confused i got the United Mileage plus explore card last month the offer was for 30K points how can I get the Matched from 30,000 miles to 50,000 miles plus a $50 statement credit on the United Explorer business card after spending $1,000. mines is NOT business?

  49. Dan Says:

    Shot in the dark, but worked like a charm.

    Open a BB for another family member or wait until 12/01.

    Send an SM just like wrote in the post.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    just to confirm – the consumer united card that you have the link for in the forums is not the best offer? what is the details of the better offer I should be asking for?

  51. Dan Says:

    Read this post.

  52. Dudeski Says:

    Dan, I need to meet a $5,000 spending limit. What do you think of making a big purchase, allowing the bonus points to post and once the statement closes returning the item and churning the account. Would chase come back to get those points?

  53. Eli Says:

    I currently have a Chase Consumer card (4 months). Am I correct in understanding that I can open a business card account as well and receive 50K miles after $1,000 in purchases?

  54. Dan Says:


  55. Eli Says:

    You also wrote: “3. Matched to a waived annual fee for the first year on the United Club card.” If I were to sign up would I not be obligating myself to the $395 fee, in hopes they will waive it?

  56. Dan Says:

    You can always cancel a card within 60 days of being charged an annual fee for a full refund.

    You can also send a secure message before applying for the card asking if you apply for the card if they will match the offer to waive the fee for the first year.

  57. Eli Says:

    Thank you!!!

  58. CHase SM Says:

    @Dan, Can you please post the wording you used to request the 50,000 points and $50 credit for the united business explorer. I recently got accepted, and would like an idea of what to write to try to get the extra miles.


  59. Dan Says:

    @CHase SM:
    Just look at the first sentence of this post…

  60. Eli Says:

    Applied for the business version of United (have the consumer card – 4 months amongst a handful of other cc) and received a message about them contacting by mail within 10 days. Does that mean they turned it down? Anything to be done about it? Thanks!

  61. Dan Says:

    You can call business Recon and negotiate moving over lines from other cards if they can’t approve you otherwise:

  62. chaim Says:

    Thanks dan, matched to 55,000 and $50 as soon as I spent my $1,000.
    Any tips for spending that?

    “We’re writing in response to your question about the
    additional bonus mileage offer on your United MileagePlus®
    Explorer Card.

    Heres a summary of your request:

    We understand you applied for an offer that provided
    30,000 bonus miles when you submitted your application in
    November 2012.

    You let us know that you are interested in an offer that
    provides 50,000 bonus miles. That offer awards 20,000
    additional miles after you spend $1,000.00 in the first
    three months your account is open.

    Please call us at the number on the back of your card
    when you have spent $1000 in the first three months your
    account is open so we can add the additional 20,000 bonus
    miles to your account.

    As a reminder, here’s how you can earn 30,000 bonus miles:

    You will receive 30,000 bonus miles after you spend $1000
    in the first 3 months your account is open. You will see
    these bonus miles post to your account six-to-eight weeks
    from the date the spending requirement is met.

    You can also earn 5,000 bonus miles after you add an
    authorized user to your account and make a purchase with
    your card during the first three months as a Cardmember.

    You can also earn 10,000 bonus miles when you spend
    $25,000 or more on your card each calendar year.

    Furthermore, please contact after you’ve made your first
    purchase and we’d be more than happy to add the $50.00
    statement to your account.”

  63. Robbie Says:

    Dan I will say that I think 80k for pc card plus a free anniversary night at any IC is worth it. I will keep the card for as long as that benefit remains.

  64. rifky Says:

    i’m still new here what dose churnable meam

  65. Dan Says:

    Well done.
    You can spend $1,000 easy with Amazon Payments.

    The problem is that PC points are only worth a third of other point currencies like UR plus their hotels aren’t what I aim to redeem at. I’ll do better using the 1/3rd of a pull churning another card with a better opening bonus offer.

    I also don’t have Royal Ambassador status and have never stayed at an IC, so the 1 night doesn’t do much for me, though I understand why others keep the card around.

    Opening the same card multiple times for the signup bonus.

  66. rifky Says:

    with closing the old one ?

  67. mosh Says:

    if i have now the one pass club card could i apply for this 2 cards and get the bones ?

  68. Dan Says:

    It can be done either way depending on the card and your luck.

    Yes, but to be safe make a new mileage number for the new cards.

  69. MEIR613 Says:

    try the walgrrens by hooks and reisterstown. Ivjust stocked on 3k

  70. mosh Says:

    just got the amex gold declined after review any help? thy say there is no such think as shifting over credit from 1 card to other only after approved.

  71. jack Says:

    Any card out there that could give me a status just by using it?

  72. The rebetzen Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Just applied on 3bm. The reps said I’m approved for the whole 3, but they limited to on card per 30 days, so I got to pick one. Ever heard on such a thing, or its all polishtick?

  73. lamden Says:

    whats the difference between the 2 united cards United Explorer and United Club i don’t see any difference ?

  74. Dan Says:

    The Club card gives better benefits than status.

    @The rebetzen:
    Call again.

    They are very different cards, just read the description in this post.

  75. Yaakov Says:

    Question from a newcomer; which are the Ultimate points that you talk about that can be transferred to Hyatt and then to Southwest? Any Chase points? Please advise-

  76. me Says:

    hi dan, i tried to obtain a gatepass to meet someone arriving (with my united club card and club pass) and was denied. i called the club 866 number and was told that i could only get the pass if i book a conference room. anyhow you posted that it was possible and i relied on that so u may wanna let people know that it may NOT be possible so that they dont waste trip to the airport.
    i trust that others have had success, but people should know it isnt guarantedd.

  77. me Says:

    and also, i made an authorized user and he was denied the free bag. they said he has to be the primary card holder (ie have the club pass) and i called united and they said the same thing.

  78. Dan Says:

    Yes, but you need a Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus to make the transfer.

    Incorrect. I’ve done it dozens of times.
    In fact it’s written policy that you can refer to:
    Just mention gg checkpoint line 53.

    Did you buy the ticket on the card?
    If you did the checkin agent (or their manager) will waive the bag fee as they can’t tell who is the primary.

  79. me Says:

    oh ok. ill try that next time. and i didnt realize that the ticket had to be bought on the card.
    thank you for replying and clarifying!

  80. menachem Says:

    @ Dan,
    I wanted to know what all this about asking them to match an offer means? This card only offers 30k but ur asking them to match the offer on a dif card? thx

  81. tracy Says:

    I was able to get matched to the 50,000 mile offer on the United Business Card, but was told the $50 statement credit is only available on the consumer card. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks!


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