Signup For National Emerald Club And Get Executive Status!

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Signup For National Emerald Club And Get Executive Status!

Signup for National Emerald Club via the link above and you’ll automatically get Executive status through 2/28/20.

  • Earn 1 rental credit for every qualified car rental. Free Rental Day = 6 credits
  • Choose any car (Fullsize and above) in the Executive Area and only pay the Midsize rate (in US and Canada).
  • In the US and Canada you’re always guaranteed a free upgrade when you reserve using the Midsize rate.

Officially this is targeted to AMEX cardholders, but I was able to enroll with my Sapphire Reserve card, which gives free primary car rental insurance. AMEX cards only provide secondary coverage on rental cars unless you call to enroll in a program that costs $20/rental to upgrade the secondary coverage to primary coverage.

If you pay for a rental by 1/31/19 with an AMEX you will earn 6 rental credits which can be redeemed for 1 free rental car day on up to a full size car.

The free rental day expires 12/31 of the calendar year following the year in which the credits were earned.

HT: Definitions, via DDF

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Am I eligible if I already have an emerald club membership


officially no


Yes! Worked for me


Me as well. Just updated profile and worked


Yep me Three! Thank’s Dan!!


how can i sign up if im under 21 any way dan?


U need a corporate see forums for those


can hertz match this so i can get presidents circle?



Yechiel Greenspan

How do I go about asking Hertz to match it for me ?


You will only get 5 star


will i get the credit for 6 points if i use my Sapphire reserve?


Just signed up but it did not upgrade to executive any idea?


I thought that the reserve card automatically gets executive status?


That’s what it says in the Sapphire Reserve benefits.


Just beware National is often more expensive then the competition, sometimes double the price.


Would it work with Sapphire perfered


Just signed up with my existing account and it was upgraded to Executive!


where did you see that it upgraded you im trying and my status is not changing


i signed up and it didnt seem to give me executive status any ideas why?


it works for existing users if you just “sign in” after clicking through the offer, not “enroll”


Signed up but it said “Earn free rental days with National, you earn a Free Rental Day for every 7 rental credits OR you can earn miles/points with your chosen frequent traveler program on every National Car Rental.”

You may want to update the post.

Joe S

Can this status be matched to any other car rental companies?


Are there any other programs that will status match for this?


which code is good for under age by national?


This seems unethical. The offer requires an Amex and although it seems to work without an Amex account suggesting that people can get this offer without being eligible seems unethical.
And no, I am not ready to accept that perhaps they meant for people to abuse it and that’s why they left this loophole open.


I guess this website isn’t for U…


Dan posted the original post, it is not for you to decide who it is for. I try to live every day as if it were this past Wednesday.
Dan is ethical enough to post posts that are somewhat critical.


I just upgraded my account and it now says executive expires 2/19 instead of 2/20. should l them and tell them its a mistake?


If you have the sapphire reserve you should get executive status thru card benefits
Am I missing something??


Fact: The more that people are becoming Executives, the more they remove good and larger vehicles from the aisle, making Executive status less valuable. Witnessing this in NYC airports more and more. Silly that Executive Elites share the same aisle, so there is no really room to grow.


Thank you so much!

I updated and got EC. It earned me a free day


Do I pay midsize if I pick a minivan?


Yes if you’re executive you could have a minivan for a price of a mid size


Worked for me!


@dan do you have an article that explains the difference between primary car rental and secondary?


The Sapphire reserve always gave executive status And American express platinum also gives executive status so that’s a good deal

Yechiel Greenspan

Seems that it works w a chase freedom unlimited card
Though on the homepage it says executive and says AMEX underneath

Yechiel Greenspan

Just signed up for Emerald club.
Im seeing a promotion for One Two Free. Anyone know anything about this?

Yechiel Greenspan

I got executive status and the lowest monthly rentals im seeing are over $1000
What am i missing?


Can I start the rental with my CSP to get the primary insurance and, upon returning the vehicle without incident IYH, change the payment method to Amex? Will that qualify for the 6 credits?


How to enroll if not 21