[Update: Challenge Period Extended!] Level Up Your Competing Elite Status With Delta!

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Update, 2/24/21: Delta just extended my window to complete my Diamond challenge and retain status through 5/31/21!

You can check your status expiration date here. Several DDF members are reporting the same. Is your window extended as well? Will you complete the challenge?


Update, 10/30/20: Tomorrow is the last day to apply for this offer! Note that some non-targeted accounts are being matched, while others are being denied.

Update, 10/23/20: I wasn’t targeted for this offer, but I was successful in matching my status to Delta Diamond! Several DDF members report the same. I applied on 10/19 and the match was approved today.

That means in the year that I’m flying the least, I now have published top-tier status on 4 airlines, American Executive Platinum (via Hyatt Globalist), Delta Diamond (via this match), United 1K (sadly downgraded from the incredible unpublished Global Services), and JetBlue Mosaic (via a DD reader nomination). How many will you have this year? 😀

Originally posted on 10/19/20:

Delta sent out this offer to level up competing elite status.

Officially this offer is targeted, but it can’t hurt to apply via the link above and see what happens. You will have to supply evidence of competing elite status.

You need to apply by 10/31 and you will receive elite status that’s a level higher than your current status through 3/31/21. If you fly the specified number of flights listed below (regardless of when they were booked) you will keep the status through 1/31/22.

Award flights and basic economy flight do not count towards keeping the status through 1/31/22.

  • If you have Alaska MVP, AA Gold, Southwest A-list, or United Silver you will get Delta Gold.
    • If you fly 2 paid round-trips or 4 one-way flights by 3/31/21 you’ll stay Gold through 1/31/22.
  • If you have Alaska MVP Gold, AA Platinum, JetBlue Mosaic, Southwest A-list Preferred, or United Gold you will get Delta Platinum.
    • If you fly 4 paid round-trips or 8 one-way flights by 3/31/21 you’ll stay Platinum through 1/31/22 and you will earn choice benefits.
    • If you fly 2 paid round-trips or 4 one-way flights by 3/31/21 you’ll get Gold through 1/31/22.
  • If you have Alaska MVP Gold 75K, AA Platinum Pro/Executive Platinum/Concierge Key, or United Platinum/1K/Global Services you will get Delta Diamond.
    • If you fly 6 paid round-trips or 12 one-way flights by 3/31/21 you’ll stay Diamond through 1/31/22 and you will earn choice benefits.
    • If you fly 4 paid round-trips or 8 one-way flights by 3/31/21 you’ll get Platinum through 1/31/22 and you will earn choice benefits.
    • If you fly 2 paid round-trips or 4 one-way flights by 3/31/21 you’ll get Gold through 1/31/22.

You can view the benefits of Delta elite status here.

Status matches will be approved or denied within 3-5 business days.

Did you receive this offer from Delta? Will you apply for this status match offer? Post the results of your match request in the comments below!

HT: YED, via DDF

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I find it amusing that they caught up to Soutwest Companion Pass qualification without flying by not including it on the match list.


Yes I did, I posted the exact status of the account (see DDF) so it can perhaps serve as a DP
Thanks for my first HT


do the round trip paid flights work with delta basic econ tickets? can I send my wife on one of the 12 flights to meet the match


im targeted, but i’m not a Gold or silver status with another airline


I’d keep checking your American promotions page. I got offered Gold by them for only flying a few flights a a promotion. Perhaps you’ll be lucky as well

Craig Brown

See how it goes, submitted by United Platinum for a match.

Nate the Great

What if I matched status maybe a year and half, two years ago?


What can I use to show my JetBlue Mosaic status?

“Please Note: Your request cannot be processed until you provide a legible copy of your current elite credential or membership card (digital or physical) with your name on it and a current statement from another airline showing your earned elite status and activity with that airline program. If you are uploading a digital credential, a photo or screenshot of the credential will work if your name is legible.”


@ dan And JJ Now We need Cheap round trip mileage runs, so we can stay with the delta platinum


i have jetblue mosaic that my friend gifted me
but dont think i will take the challenge


It’s technically free status until March even if you don’t complete it. Don’t see why not, unless you’re not flying anyway


I have gifted Mosaic status, but I highly doubt this will work for anyone with gifted Mosaic status. Deltas T&C’s specifically says “Members must have current, elite status with a qualifying airline that was earned through that airline’s published requirements.” as well as “Promotional or temporary elite status on other airlines will not be eligible for this promotion.” Seems they are well aware of the JB status match and are knocking out all those potentials that have the gifted status. I would be shocked to see anyone matched that doesn’t have actual activity in their JB account that shows they truly earned Mosaic…


what do we submit from the JetBlue website to document Mosaic status?

Mike ross

I am having the same problem not sure what to show them from my jet blue mosaic


what do I put by company name?


what proof do I send them that I’m gold with aa?


I am wondering this same thing


I sent a screenshot of the email when I qualified and a screen shot of the aadvantage page with my name on it.


Do they upgrade on flight from Tlv to JFK and what’s the benefit of having diamond stats


Approved from Mossaic status- Thanks Dan!


Nice! What elite credential or membership card did you send?


Screenshot of my mosaic status


what did you submit because i have tried my profile from jetblue website and it didnt work. they need more info.

Mike ross

I am having the same problem

Mike ross

Nice! What elite credential or membership card did you send?


Question is what is what is easiest way to get on the match-go-round?


Hi Dan

If you had a 1k status or delta platinum what would be the best to stick and why


Any dp’s of how long it takes for them to process. Am currently 1k with UA and have a flight scheduled with Delta in a couple of days, wondering about the turnaround time for processing the status upgrade.


What about marriott Gold & Hilton Gold Statuses? Is this only for Airline Statuses?

They changed mid-game

They gave me Gold, not Platinum. Matched from JetBlue status (that was really earned, not gifted to me). And to maintain it, are requiring that I fly a ton in 3 months.


Where you targeted?

Voice of Reason

Same with me. Worthless. Their loss. I fly 100 times a year.

shay peleg

I also did not get matched to a level above.


@dan I have 1k and delta gave me platinum. Wasn’t I supposed to get Diamond?


Just got my matched email
Mosaic to Plat


If I have AA EXP but no delta status, will they match me to diamond or gold?


I applied and got response today that from my UA Silver I am getting Delta Silver, after HUCA a couple of times to no avail… They suggested I write a complaint….


Just got the email 6 days after i applied, and got daimond medallion status


Have UA Platinum. Got DL Platinum.. not Diamond..


If u get diamond through this match for a few months, does that include the complimentary Clear membership?


what do i write by company name


Submitted match on Sunday, so far no word from Delta. (was targeted, though don’t recall if I clicked on link in my email or via the one above ) Will report back if status updates


Shavua Tov from our homeland. I have Emerald status with RJ and Gold* with Turkish and only Silver with United (via Marriott Titanium).On the Delta form I don’t see which airlines qualify for the match. Is there any reason to try with foreign airlines, or is it a lost cause?


I sent in my jetblue mosaic and they matched me to gold. I emailed them saying that it’s supposed to be Platinum and they got back to me saying I’m correct and upgraded it to platinum.


Where did you email?


Sent an email to which address?


I sent in my a list with southwest and got silver…its not one of the options on the list. Any explanation?


Not only did I not get an extension. Apparently, I lost my Platinum Status, which I got through the status match in October 2020.
(Same with my Wife’s account who had Gold – and was also downgraded).


My Diamond status was extended to the end of May also. Thanks for the head’s up.


I finished the challenge. Wish they extend the status past 2021


Ditto. Finished the challenge yesterday. Got an extension email and then a congratulations email a few hours later.


where is the link to apply?


Wasn’t extended, my match expired at the end of January. Ended up cancelling my only booked flight with Delta during the challenge and don’t have an anticipated flight with them through May so not too upset.


Wasn’t it supposed to last until the end of March?


Dan we need some more free stuff deals.