JetBlue Updates Accounts With Mosaic Status, Here Are Your New Published And Unpublished Benefits, Including One I Just Learned About Today!

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Update: Multiple commenters note that Mosaic members and their companions get overweight bags (51-70 pounds) for free, a value of $150/bag each way!

Premier members get a 70 pound baggage allowance on United and I’ve found that while I need to carefully weigh bags to stay under 50 pounds, I don’t ever need to worry about that when bags can weigh 70 pounds, so this is a great benefit!

I’ve added this to the unpublished benefits below, did you know about this benefit or do you know about other unpublished Mosaic benefits?

Lots of people woke up today with newly minted JetBlue Mosaic status thanks to the Mosaic nomination promotion.

You can view your Mosaic status here:


Here are the Mosaic status benefits.

Published benefits:

  • 15K points upon qualification, but this doesn’t apply to nominated status.
  • 3 bonus points per dollar spent on JetBlue flights.
  • First 2 bags free for you and all passengers on your itinerary.
  • No cancel or change fees, unless you’re on a basic economy ticket. If you cancel you’ll get the refund as a TravelBank credit. If you cancel an award ticket you’ll get the points back and get the tax back as a TravelBank credit.
    • Note that due to COVID-19, JetBlue currently isn’t charging any members a cancellation fee and the current waiver even applies for basic economy tickets. That’s a superior cancellation policy than the regular Mosaic benefit.
  • Same day confirmed flight changes (without paying difference in fare) and standby fees are waived for Mosaic members, unless you’re on a basic economy ticket. That means you can buy a cheaper flight and switch to a more expensive flight for free (even to a nearby co-airport) starting 24 hours before your original flight.
  • Priority Mosaic phone line (877-538-8783) with faster and better customer service when you enter your TrueBlue Mosaic number.
  • Priority security line access.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Free on-board alcoholic drinks.
  • Use points to upgrade to EMS (Even More Space) seats, unless you’re on a basic economy ticket.
    • For example on a flight I have booked from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland, the cost to upgrade to an EMS window or aisle seat is $48 or 600 points. A middle EMS seat upgrade is $43 or 500 points. That’s a value of 8-8.6 cents per TrueBlue point compared to a typical value of about 1.3 cents. You can transfer points from AMEX, Capital One, Citi, Chase, or Marriott to JetBlue. Upgrade fees will vary based on the route and cost.


Unpublished benefits:

  • If there is EMS seating available on the day of your flight, you can ask an airport agent for a free upgrade for you and everyone on your itinerary and most will grant it. If the ticketing agent won’t do it, you can always ask at the customer service center or at the gate. Of course that means risking not sitting together if you’re traveling with companions.
  • Some people have even reported being upgraded for free to business mint class at the airport. That’s not as common, but it’s certainly worth asking!
  • Multiple commenters are reporting that Mosaic members and their companions aren’t charged fees for suitcases weighing up to 70 pounds each!
  • Mosaic phone agents are also much more lenient when it comes to policy exceptions, though it may take some HUCAs.
  • You may be able to match your status to other airlines, share your results in the comments!

Which Mosaic benefits do you value the most and which other unpublished benefits and waivers have you taken advantage of?

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Free cancelation and changes, EMS points upgrades, and super accommodating phone agents


Woohoo. Once again, i am thankful for the information you provide. My business partner has Mosaic status, and now i do too. Two questions:

1) When is the status good until?
2) Will other airlines match?

Marissa Siegel

Free cancellation, and free bags.


Not yet:
Free on-board alcoholic drinks.


BTW, nice use of the language:
newly MINTED JetBlue Mosaic status


There’s also an unwritten rule that luggage could be 70 pounds


Are you talking where they lenient with a few pounds over or also 65-70 pounds?


I actually never had full 70 lbs, But when i checked in and it showed how many bags i can have, it shows 2 70lb bags per person. And for all passengers on my reservation even for the 6 ppl on my recent trip to MCO which we paid $21.00 per way…


I was nominated for Mosaic but my status has not changed yet.
What should i do?


Every time I flew with Mosaic they allowed baggage of 70 pounds each.


Can I match Air Canada Altitude to Mosaic on Jet Blue?
Seems like its pretty easy to earn Mosaic on JB with 50K spend on cc, with all these folks being mosaic should we expect the program to do downhill?


Hi, New mosaic member here (thanks Dan 🙂 What’s an EMS space?


Thanks for this comprehensive post!
So let me get this correct, the only 2 benefits excluded for blue basic fares is the cancellation/change fees and points upgrades to EMS. All the rest remains, correct?


Mosaic members can book EMS for 500-700 points. But if you do it after your ticket is booked and you change your seats to EMS it drops by 100-200 points.


I’ve gotten free upgrades to Mint, but that’s obviously not something you can count on or that occurs regularly as far as I know.

Don’t abuse other abusable benefits. They don’t take kindly to it. At all.

AA Explat

On AA if you EX Plat you get three 70 pound bags


whats the easiest way to get mosaic status


Been a Mosaic for many years and found that calling in for EMS will yield for approx an average of 200+ points less then doing it online and always opt calling it in and always found the same results


I’m a recent Mosaic member and a healthcare hero winner. The certificates expire in about a year. If I book a trip before the expiration, can I use it after the expiration as I have free flight changes via Mosaic?


I used the the 70 lbs multiple times, another important one you forgot to mention, (actually one of my favourites.) luggage comes out first on the carousel at arrivals,


In jfk and fll they barely ever care if you have priority on your bag on Jetblue. Sometimes it does happen to come out first but definitely not always


anyone know how/if i can still earn this moasic status now?