Delta Matches Baggage Fee Increase

Richard Snyder [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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JetBlue kicked off the latest round of baggage fee hikes by raising the cost of the 1st checked bag to $30 and the 2nd checked bag to $40.

Then Air Canada went up to the $30 on the 1st checked bag and $50 for the 2nd checked bag.

After that United matched JetBlue’s higher baggage fees for tickets within the US, Canada, and Caribbean.

As predicted, Delta has now matched these higher fees as well. The first checked bag will cost $30 and the 2nd checked bag will cost $40 on domestic and Caribbean flights. The first checked bag will cost $30 and the 2nd checked bag will cost $50 on flights to Canada. The first checked bag will cost $30 and the 2nd checked bag will cost $55 on flights to Mexico.

Your turn, American.

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What’s next?? bathroom fees??


When does it take effect?


Is this collusion? Why would they jump to get rid of a reason to use them over the others?

Jim Halpert

It’s called tacit collusion but not illegal

Big Mike

Will American follow suit?


They already followed


Dan, I always wondered what your take on this was — the consolidation of all the airlines into a cartel? They can all just copycat each other and be safe. Is this right? Is my opinion flawed?

Jim Halpert

Interesting link. Never realized there were different flavors.


It’s called market forces.


My Delta Platinum Amex just got more valuable!


American followed up today. 🙁
you asked for Americans turn.


So does anyone with the Delta AMEX card get the free first checked bag for international flights too?


Nope does not work for Israel


And then you have Frontier (!) lowering and even eliminating change fees in some cases. A shame that they nickel and dime for everything else.


What I don’t this is fair, is that those who already purchased tickets for later flights shouldn’t have to pay the higher price. At the time of booking the baggage was fee “x” I shouldn’t be subjected to the higher amount


this is why i love southwest!