Roundup Of Citi Limited Time And Expiring 50K-75K Credit Card Offers

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-Until the offer is pulled today or tomorrow, the Citi AAdvantage Consumer Mastercard and Citi AAdvantage Business Mastercard are each offering 50,000 AA miles for spending $3,000 in 3 months.

Both cards have their $95 annual fee waived for the first year.

-They both offer priority boarding and a free checked bag for you and 4 companions.

-The consumer card also offers a 10% rebate of miles spent on award tickets, up to 10K miles rebated per year.

Both cards qualify for 7.5K off discounted awards to rotating destinations. For example a round-trip flight from NYC to Palm Springs would be 17.5K miles after the discount. Short-haul flights are discounted by 2K miles, so a round-trip flight from NYC to Montreal would be 13K miles after the discount.

-Both cards have no foreign transaction fees.

You can get a Citi American consumer signup bonus as long as you haven’t opened or closed an American consumer card in the past 24 months. You can still get a bonus if you have an open American consumer card.

You can get a Citi American business signup bonus as long as you haven’t opened or closed an American business card in the past 24 months. You can still get a bonus if you have an open American consumer card.

American’s award availability got significantly worse last year, but as of late it’s been on the upswing, especially close-in:














-The Citi Hilton HHonors card is offering 75K Hilton points for spending $2K in 3 months for a limited time only.  There’s no annual fee. You’ll also get Silver elite status for as long as you’re a cardholder, which allows access to 5th night free awards and other benefits. If you spend $20K/year you’ll get Gold status. This card has no annual fee.

You can get a Citi Hilton consumer signup bonus as long as you haven’t opened or closed an Hilton consumer card in the past 24 months. You can still get a bonus if you have an open Hilton consumer card.

There’s no limited time offer for the Citi Hilton Reserve card, but it’s a great card as it which gives 2 free nights (officially for use on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays) at any Hilton in the world (including the excellent Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, the Conrad Maldives, the Grand Wailea Maui, or the Conrad  Bora Bora Nui.). It also gives Gold elite status for as long as you’re a cardholder, which gets you free breakfast.

At the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem we were treated to a fantastic daily breakfast, which is free for Hilton Gold and Diamond members. There is a mind-boggling quantity of awesome kosher food there, from dozens of daily hot dishes to hard cheeses, fresh fruits and pastries to fresh squeezed juices, as well as on-demand dishes like french toast, pancakes, waffles, and eggs. Unlimited wine, hot or cold chocolate drinks, and espresso drinks are included as well!

Gold and Diamond members get upgrades, food and drink amenities, late checkout, and other great benefits. Their Friday night Shabbos meals are pricey, but are well worth the expense (DDFers agree with that take as well), and the in-house restaurants are excellent as well.

With a breakfast like this, you may not even be hungry for dinner…









































If you spend $10K/year on the Hilton Reserve card you’ll get a free anniversary night (officially for use on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays) at any Hilton and if you spend $40K/year you’ll get top-tier Diamond status, which confirmed room upgrades and space available suite upgrade at hotels like the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. This card has a $95 annual fee.

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does Citi AAdvantage Business Mastercard count towards the 5/24?


Where is the link to apply for the citi aadvantage consumer mastercard?


Can you status match Hilton Diamond to SPG Platinum?


Might be worth noting that the Waldorf’s kitchen is not mehadrin only plain rabanate. This is especially relevant for meat.


If I apply for the hilton reserve card but do not use the 2 free nights the same year – do they roll over so I can have 4 nights the next year?


Can I get a Citi AA MasterCard if I have a Citi AA amex card?


2 free nights no matter which time during the year? Or any terms an conditions?


Dan, what would you value AA Points at?


@Dan Got rejected for Citi AA Business card… Have good credit… Any idea why this happened?

chana d

“Two free nights”, I think you should qualify this “weekend nights”


Does the Citi Hilton HHonors card have Citi Price Rewind?

Amcha yisroel

Does 2/3BM work?


That screenshot of your conversation with the mashgiach at the Waldorf is fantastic. One again you leave no stone unturned.
There is a nagging feeling, if all the ingredients are mehadrin then why isn’t the kitchen mehadrin hashgacha. Like you say FWIW AYLOR.


So when you say officially weekend nights, you book weekend and then switch?



Gota be used in first year ?


Was declined for the Citi Busienss card due to too many recent cc inquiries. I had 9 inquiries in past 3 months. When do you think I can reapply?


i get 2 free nights automatically with the hilton reserve or thru the pointts
what about the honors card, do i get free nights?


is there a way too be able to have only one inquiry on both the citi aa consumer and business card? thanks


you write that the Hilton reserve card 2 free nights are “(officially for use on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays)”.

can it be booked as well for a regular day?

and can these night be booked online or only in the hotel?


I did all the citi cats you recommended last year, but never use the points because either the itineraries are so loaded with so overs and/or the points costs are exorbitant. Feel a little burned. Suggestions?


When’s the citi 75k expiring?

With hilton, if I reserve a room with my MasterCard, can I switch to pay with points at the last minute? They tell me that they may have run out of rooms available with points by then, but I thought it’s different from airlines that may restrict the number o award seats they have?


Can I get the hilton card if I just got the AMex hilton card


I have an open citibusiness AA card that was opened like 6 years ago. I did not close it yet.
Would I qualify for a new one under this link?

Same question with a citi AA non business, I have both.


If duplicates do not qualify and my current card is a VISA will I be eligible since this offer is a MASTERCARD?


@Rachel: why in the velt would you not just close it then?


@Rachel: officially, you have to wait 24 months from closing the card, but unless you have another reason to have the biz card, I would close it so as not to pay another af, since the personal is already giving you the benefits of free checked bag, 10% return on award redemptions ect..


@Rachel: oh sorry I didn’t answer your question directly. As is apparent from Dan’s article, you can get a second personal (not biz) even if the first one is open, as long as you’ve had the first for 24 months.

If that’s the case, I would apply for another personal. Then if approved, go ahead and cancel the other 2


Dan, what is the best card to get now? Do you suggest me to wait right now for another card?