Here’s How To View Credit Card Offers On This Site

You can help support this site when you apply for credit cards through links to our advertisers.

Here’s how to find them.

At the top of this site you can find tabs for AMEX Consumer cards, AMEX Business cards, Barclaycard+Capital One cards, and other credit card offers:









For card offers from other banks you can click on the tab for Credit Cards and locate the following banner on the top of that page to view cards from all banks:










From there you can click on a bank’s logo to view their card offers:








You can also read credit card and mileage posts by clicking on the tab for Credit Card+Mileage Posts

Thanks for your support!

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10 Responses to “Here’s How To View Credit Card Offers On This Site”

  1. Yaks Says:

    Dan going bow tie on us!

  2. Rachel Says:

    will you teach me the UPS method in return? lol… just ready too many hilarious threads on the DDF… but seriously…can you teach me the UPS method?

  3. Dani klein Says:

    Thank you Dan for the links to Chase Sapphire Reserve!

  4. Big mama Says:


    it’s actually very simple, every UPS Driver has the ability to charge your credit card on their Barcode scanner in exchange for UPS credit, once you get that credit call UPS and ask for a refund by check,

    that’s the ups method, very easy!

    Ps. Just make sure to also give the UPS Driver your ssn!

  5. Rachel Says:

    @Big mama:
    that much I’ve figured out myself… I was hoping to get some ‘sooper seekrits’…

  6. Mendy Says:

    Which credit card do you recommended to get for everyday purchases?

  7. Eric Says:

    @Big mama: If I give my wife’s also can I do it double?

  8. Helpful Says:

    @Mendy: Dan recently recommended Freedom unlimited for general spending for the 1.5 points/$ combined with the CSR card. Someone CMIIW?

  9. dave Says:

    @Big mama: seriously is that the ups method and do they really send you back a check for that amount also how long does it take to get the check

  10. Moty Says:

    Looking for way to get Chase to issue Milage Plus Card to my 19 year old daughter who goes to College so she can get priority boarding, economy plus seating, precheck. Need it in her name as she flies alone but I pay. She doesn’t earn sufficient income so keep getting declined


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