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Update: The Beta site is now open again with updates based on your feedback! Please post a comment with more suggestions or if you find any bugs.

I’ve been blogging about deals since 2004, though when I started it was at the ever-so-catchy, later, and then

I had always wanted, but the owner of that domain never responded to my inquiries about its availability.

So I waited until the domain expired and registered the domain name in April of 2007 for all of $10.

I did all of the work for the new site on my own and launched it in August 2007. You can probably tell that I have no design background 😉

Back then people still used Blackberrys and RAZRs, mobile web design wasn’t exactly on anyone’s mind.

In 2007 a big traffic day meant several hundred visitors. Today, tens of thousands of people visit every day. There are over 100,000 social media followers on TwitterInstagramFacebook Page, and the Facebook Group. I’m most proud that it was all done via word of mouth.

10 years is an eternity in web years and I’m pleased to introduce the beta version of that DDF member Suave (Jack) has been working on along with JJ and me.

You can view new features that the site offers via this link.

We have more new features in the works, so stay tuned.

Change is never easy. I hate it when sites I use change things for the worse. The new AMEX site and the new United site are prime examples of sites that have changed for the mobile age, but stripped away critical functionality in the process.

Our new logo.

The new DansDeals look will likely take time to get used to, but hopefully you’ll find the core functionality has improved whether you’re browsing from a computer or mobile device.

If you don’t like the new excerpts found on the home page you can click on the settings gear to toggle back to legacy view, where you can view posts in their entirety. Plus you can even skip to the next post when in legacy view, so that you can maintain the current DansDeals format and take advantage of faster browsing.

You can go straight to the legacy view here.

The site is still in beta mode, and there will be more changes made and bugs that have to be fixed. But your feedback is important to us, so before we go live, I’d love to know what you think about the new site. All feedback is most welcome, especially any bugs, glitches, suggestions, and positive feedback is appreciated too.

If you do come across a bug, please post what device, browser, and screen size you are using when describing the bug. You can email screenshots of bugs to

Thanks for your help!

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Like the site a lot – much cleaner and easy to navigate layout. However, i must say the color scheme reminds me of SD and the layout reminds me of d2b…


I’m a big fan of usability. There needs to be some delay, however few milliseconds in your hover drop downs. (Where it says forums, and also a little further down where it says Credit Cards.) I enter your URL in the address bar on a PC or click on a tab to switch back to your site. Then in order for me to scroll down I have to move my cursor over your drop-down menus. The drop downs instantly pop up, and makes it even more annoying that I have to move my mouse down even further to use the scroll wheel. Otherwise it looks good. Hatzlochoh!


Very exciting dan. Looks great! Well done. My only idea would be to perhaps make a “Hurry Zone” section on the main page featuring “hurry” deals that may be dead very soon.


Much easier to read as it currently is. Maybe it’s the coloring or the fact that the posts are in the center of the page and not left-aligned. Not sure exactly, but hate the change. Looks messier to me. Drop downs flying everywhere instead of having to look in the forums. In case i’m not clear..not a fan of the change!


I’d love an email list where you can select which types of deals you receive, so I can notices for the “hurry” deals I’m interested in without getting ones for the ones I’m not.


I like the old way:)

Dont have click every post to see the deal….


@barry: Did you select legacy view? We designed it with that worry in mind.


the beta site it’s a “no” for me , Why ? your current view is a treasure hunt, people like that. Your beta is drop down- I have to work at each category instead of a scoll down. I like the remove-dead-deals feature, and That should be incorporated in the Classic view.Thanks, and much continued success.


@zvi: Did you select legacy view? We designed it with that worry in mind. The remove dead deals is incorporated into that as well if you select it.


504 Gateway Time-out


looks like it crashed 😅


first problem. Can’t handle the traffic! the site doesn’t work!


Site is down. Probably too much traffic due to the DD Effect.


The speed of the site is due to it not being on the full DD servers now.


I’m looking at it from a PC.
I think there should be a more obvious separation between posts.
The idea of quick view is a good one but it’s not working for me.
I like that expired deals are very clearly expired.
I like the clarity of the posts’ categories.


@la: +1

Keep getting gateway error 504…
Although, that’s probably due to the amount of traffic to the site you just generated 😉


dan, i feel with the mew website you lose ad space compared to the old website. you should change the layout abit to make for ads


Error establishing a database connection


now its working, but i like to see the expired deals, how can i see them?


This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall


Site is down. You probably crashed it with this post.





I like the legacy view, buy why all the trip notes before i can see the current deals?


Too many ads


“Use legacy view” do not seem to work.
Chrome browser

Put it to a vote

@JJ: Why don’t you guys submit the alternate designs to a vote and choose the default site based on the vote, and let people who want the alternate one to that? I’ve always loved the traditional design with no jumpy ads dancing in your face that make most other blogs extremely annoying to read. The simple scroll design makes for easy readability and good black on brown text contrast. I personally think the old and simple design is far superior.


@Put it to a vote:

agree with 100%

Menasheh Peromsik

It’s about time!


For a moment there, I thought I was at TPG 🙂


Not a fan of the Change


Much better


Yes I click Apply but it don’t stay apply ..
The ‘Hide expired dales’ work


when app coming ?


Any way to set up customized feeds based on the category? While I appreciate the flight deals from Twitter, sometimes the volume of notifications is somewhat difficult to manage.


i use Chrome incognito on a Win10
and yes your link worked as ‘Legacy’


@Dan Same issue as Kevin. Doesn’t work in chrome (incognito as well)on desktop. However that legacy link does work.

Agree with MG on the separation needed

Also can the forum be more prominent? Like on the menu tab as opposed to the minuscule header on desktop or small hyperlink on mobile?

Mountain Man

This beta is much better than the previous proposals a few months ago. Nice job. One suggestion, maybe have a link to the forums in the ribbon on top.


Like the old school layout best, everything catches my eye more. new site is a little too much all over the place for me. try toning down the colors everything is a little too bright.


Very nice and very clean!

Few ideas:

1. Just as you have a “trending posts” section, you should also have a trending forums section, this will help drive traffic to the forums and that is anyways where alot of the action happens, I imagine the trending posts is either measured by comments or shares, the forum threads can also be measured by which threads are most active.

2. the “trending posts” takes too much real estate and should be condensed.

3. if a post has an update, then the word “updated” and date or update # should show up in the main page, but in same type of red, it should not be part of article rather more part of the heading, like where u have all those tags that most ppl done use

4. the tags are not used that much because practically who is clicking “amazon” it is to general, so unless you get way more detailed you should consider not giving it such a prominent location. more tags like “toys” or “computer deals” etc. should have a practical use, like amex offers should not be amex it should have its own. also signup offers should be its own. i have tried tags a few times and was pointless. (“shopping deals” tag who would ever need that?)

5. ads: i only see the main banner, it would help to see where the ads will go, ads keep the site going but should also not be intrusive.

good luck and keep it coming. hatzlacha!



It seems from the Responses, that it will be very confusing with the Legacy view option.

Therefore, I think you should default to Legacy view, and if someone does not want it, it can be turned off.

Too brite


Totally agree.
New site is like bright LEDs
Regular site is like incandescent much easier on the eyes.


Add a larger search strip not just the search button. I suspect many people use search on DD.

Keith H.

Do not like it.
Please stay with current website.


I’m so used to current colors and layout. Can you at least keep the same colors?



There are too many pictures on a page.

– can you add a setting to hide them or

– maybe you could only have pictures in featured posts

Advertisement byline is not prominent


I like the new layout, easier to read.

Deal Guy

The broken D with the ! does not look clean in my opinion. The old look on the logo was nicer. Shouldn’t the logo symbol be something like a double D,for Dans deals,as opposed to a exclamation point and a half circle?

Don't change

The current site is way easier to read and navigate. The colors are more gentle on the eyes compared to the Beta.


Very clean and clear design.

Maybe have the “related articles” (at the end of each post) use a different background color, or a visible border around it.


thought it would be better,


Whoo, I had a different (imaginary) image for suave in my head than his LinkedIn profile..


Looks like you made a decision already, so mazel tov on the new site!

To share some thoughts though – Amazon, Google, Craig’s List, the list goes on, haven’t changed much in 10 years design wise. “UX” designers have no answer for why they seem to break every rule they preach (for example “too much content/links/etc on home page” or “keep it all above the fold”), yet still never lose a single visitor. I think the current DD site meets your and your user’s needs splendidly. So, I hope you just made this investment for your own eye, and don’t have aspirations for new growth due to it. It won’t be a magic bullet for any current or new visitors.

Ten Bucks a Week

I like the current site because it is very easy to navigate and I can scroll to what I want. I don’t mind a refresh, but the rebooted site seems too much like other sites. I like your site.


Its really nice, but YOU RISK LOSING THE HEIMISH FEEL THAT PEOPLE LOVE. It might look a bit too corporate

love the changing challenge

@A: You said it right.

exactly what was on my mind after first visit.


I think it needs a darker background. Thanks


I hate change. At least let’s keep a link for those who want to access the old site (like amex :P)


Hi Dan. It’s missing the Haimishe feel that the old dansdeals had. It’s too similar to sd and similar websites.


Dan, no reason to change. Nothing better about the new design. I would keep what you have and you can have someone play with the current design if you want it a bit more of a modern look.

old dog

@Eli +1 “Change is never easy. I hate it when sites I use change things for the worse. “


@Totally agree.
New site is like bright LEDs
Regular site is like incandescent much easier on the eyes.

New site is modern look, looks just like any other website
old site is unique, dans signature cannot copy that


Well done! Easy to read and navigate. A vast improvement.


I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the new site! Love it Love it Love it! So bright and vivid! Excellent!


1. there must be a separator added on homepage between the posts.
2. on the individual post pages, everything kind of runs into each other. there’s no clear delineation when the actual post ends and all the related products, articles start. so you need a different background or a border for the actual post.
3. why don’t you try to keep some of the current color schemes from the old design into the new?

I think the new design is ok, but nothing really good with the UI was done here.


Much better. Too bright. Have a few BOLD words in the titles with important info that’ll make it easier to scan/scroll fast w/o reading the whole title.


Cool logo n all, but the new version is TOO OFFICIAL! the old version helped me feel i was really getting some deal……
also, looks like in new version will be easier to miss out deals if you’re not savvy on the site….. 🙁


Very nice. Clean, Easy to read and see deals. Pictures are nice. I like it.


Clean fast and coloring is good for eyes.
Dropdowns and slightly annoying…maybe they should only drop down after your mouse is on it for a sec…


@Tali: I agree with the Too Official


Suggestions: to save deals for a later time. Sometimes I come across a deal and continue browsing and then either I forget the deal I wanted to follow up on or have no time, by my next visit I can’t even find it.


A) I toggled the settings to try the legacy, clicked apply, yet the page it took me to nothing changed. In fact, when I returned to the settings to try again, the legacy option was back unchecked. I repeated this a couple of times, no success.

B) Have you improved the search function which as you no doubt know is currently terrible?

C) The settings button and the the search button are too close to each other. Nearly every time I tried clicking the settings button, I mistakenly clicked the search button, sometimes a few times in a row… very annoying.

D) Perhaps you can add to the settings a toggle to eliminate the Chinese auction ads (and all the others too obviously)? Maybe even one to eliminate the weekly repetitive posts like for restaurant Groupon etc? 😉

E) In case it helps, I’m using a Galaxy S4.

Thanks for finally fixing this ancient weblog. You’re still somewhat useful 🙂


In the new logo, why did you remove the apostrophe from the word “Dans” ?


First i was very upset at the new look, but when i changed it to legacy view i am basically relieved! I like the new look BUT the space between the lines (points) are way to wide.
Also why is the DDF link so tiny and hidden?
BTW i love the scroll to next deal feature.


Legacy view doesn’t work for me. Page reloads with legacy off when I press apply.

Jack [ Suave]

A few notes from the Designer & Developers:

  • We have noticed that visitors who are using AdBlocker browser plugins are experiencing more issues than those without any blockers. For the best user experience (and to support Dan, JJ & Co.) we strongly recommend disabling AdBlockers on &
  • We are currently resolving an issue with the “Legacy View” feature – it seems not to work well with caching. We hope to have it fixed by this afternoon.
  • The trending posts widget (It’s not actually displaying currently trending posts as this is is just a demo/beta) does not display thumbnails (small preview photos) to many users – We are working on correcting this ASAP.
  • We are currently coding a new approach to the main menu by adding a slight delay and writing an algorithm to figure out user intent before their cursor even reaches the menu.
  • For those that complained that the forum menu in the top bar is too small – It’s something you will come to appreciate with time, as we have special forum integration features on the roadmap that will really enhance the DDMS/DDF experience.
  • Some users have mentioned that posts on the homepage (and category pages) – in non-legacy view, should have a more visible separator. While I have already tried designing & testing several different separators and ultimately decided to remove them, We are putting it back on the discussion board.

Overall we have received over 300 positive comments & reactions via the feedback form on the beta site.

Here are some of my favorite:

“Amazing design all around. Really built with the user in mind, Thank you!!”

“Great looking & refreshing too!”

“Love it! Clean lines and easy to read”

“Incredible work, as a graphic designer I must say it’s up to par and conventional. Keep up the good work.”

“(Mobile view) I feel like you thought of everything!!!! I also like that the comments have a specific button to see them. It’s a really nice neat & clean user friendly interface!”

“Awesome. It is slick”

“Looks great. I like that I could now hide expired deals”

“Great job Dan! Congratulations”

“Love it. Very easy to navigate and the layout shows more in a smaller area.”

“I love you Dan your amazing!!!! Keep it up I’m one of your million supporters followers!”

“So much easier and clearer to navigate!”

“Very clean and easy to use design”

“Love that there are images next to the post’s snippets and that it’s mobile friendly”

“So much easier and clearer to navigate!”

“It’s a huge step up from the previous site and I’m looking forward for it to become the main!”

“Love it! Looks way More professional”

“What a beaut! Gotta say, the old site never bothered me as it did what I needed it to do. But now that you made this one-gotta say it’s great!”

“It looks a lot more user friendly!”

“much better layout”

Each of the following words showed up more than 20 times in the feedback: Love, Great, Awesome, Clean, Amazing.

Thank you all for the amazing feedback, please keep’em coming.

Stay tuned.


It dosnt have a search tab to be able to search on specific keywords when you had the latest deal on that keyword or so…


love the logo, however my prediction is you will go back to the original format which you know very well is unique informative exiting and a cant wait to check it every day website.


I was really happy with the current site (I browse on mobile) main thing is that on the new site I have to click on the deal to see the details, as opposed to the current, where I can just scroll down, and the only time I currently have to click on it is to see/leave comments


While the design is nice.
It does not feel like a real metzia site more of a sales type of site


Love the new Logo and look! The new site is very clean and easy to read.
Keep up the great work.


I personally like the site the way it is. Even viewing from a mobile device. Love the new logo though. As others have said. The new site looks like a sales site. The simple interface that you’re using now is very unique.

I like the classic site on mobile or not. JMHO


I have never been a huge fan of your search feature. I can tell that you backbone it off of Google unchanged. By default it organizes the results by hit count, not by reverse post date as you should.
Please add a search feature to the new site. Second, make it return results in order of the deals post.
Everything else is looking good my friends.


please stay focused on speed with future improvements. tools like (results for the beta site at do a great job of showing you what can be improved and how.


It’s funny to hear people saying that this is a unique design. I’d have to assume they are under 20 years old or just started using the internet because in 2005 every other website on the internet had this layout in the blogspot glory days.


@Mendy: Have you tried legacy view?

It really should be a very similar experience to how you browse DansDeals now. (With the improved scroll to next post feature.)

Tzvi Opoczynski

Can u make a dansdeals app??


Been following for five years avidly. The new site design, even with legacy view, is it looks slick, corporate, and soulless and it’s arduous to browse through. Surely, given the ubiquity of blogs on mobile devices, there is a way to make it less graphic heavy and more textual? Having said all that, I’m already getting used to it. If you really keep it, put the images on the right side of the text boxes rather than the left, as the eye naturally wants to start reading from the top left corner. Just keep saving me money and find some new version of the Target Red Card and I won’t care what you do. Thanks Dan!



Nice site. I’d get rid of that red feedback side button. Its in the way.


great new site!
but on PC browser there is no option for quick view


I like it! Much easier to read! Looks really professional! The logo is a great design. Clean, and simple. Again it looks you paid a professional big bucks for this design.

Bob The Builder

Nice site, the “DAILY EMAIL DIGEST” brown background is an eye sore.

Bob The Builder

Much better!

Jeff Baum

really dont like the new site. Old one is so much more comfortable on the eyes


Really dont like the new site. can you go back?


Any way to expand the search tool? I remember reading on DD about one Star Alliance program that does not charge fuel surcharge to TLV on another airline besides United. Can’t remember if its Air Canada or Swissair, and can’t remember which program – was it Aegean? I checked the latest ‘ultimate israel’ chart and it doesn’t have that info. (It doesn’t include Aegean at all, not complainin, just sayin…). I tried searching Aegean in the search tool, and it doesn’t bring up any posts in the last 3 years.


Three weeks later….Issue on the PC using Firefox… If I’m on a page and start to scroll down the menu bar at top disappears, which I guess is fine, but then I instinctively start scrolling back up to the top to say go back to the home page and the menu bar suddenly appears, which is also fine. However, on that menubar there does not seem to be a link back to the home page, which then makes it frustrating because now I have to scroll all the way back up to get to the home page link (your logo) or remember that I can click on the blue UP arrow now at the bottom right of the page, and then click on your logo which would be two steps. Would be nice to see a link (even with just a small icon) on the menu bar to your home page.


I never signed up for this service. But it pops up in my Chrome everyday several times a day. Can you please let me know how I can remove it?


I often try to use my computer to access the deal that has been tweeted by Dan, but the listing does not appear on website until sometime later. Is there some setting I can change to see the deal on Dansdeals website as soon as it becomes available?