11/9/22 News Roundup: End Of The Road For MAGA? COVID Vaccines, United Teases Southwest, Mattress Mack, Frontier Shower Class, And More!

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Some stories and deals don’t get their own post, but should get some coverage. Here are some quick takes on stories that caught my eye. Let’s hear your thoughts about them in the comments below!

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Is This The End Of The Road For MAGA?

Historically, the ruling party loses big in midterms. That didn’t happen this year, as Republicans will wind up with a subpar performance.

Instead of a red wave, there was a red ripple in the House map. Republicans appear poised to win the majority of seats, but it may be tough for current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to get all of his members in line.

In the Senate, Democrats have the lead in Arizona, though that race hasn’t been called. For the Republicans to win, they would have to take both Nevada and Georgia. Nevada has a good number outstanding mail in ballots likely to lean Democrat, which will mean that race may not be called for another week.

Meanwhile, Georgia is headed for a runoff on December 6th, which will strip the Libertarian spoiler out of the race.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Dejav who?

Knock knock.

Yes, we just did this 2 years ago. And Trump’s election denials flipped both of Georgia’s Senate seats to the Democrats, giving them full control over the Executive and Legislative branches for the past 2 years

If Democrats hold onto their seats in Arizona and Nevada, will the Georgia runoff even matter?

You bet it will.

It will mean the difference between the 50/50 Senate where Joe Manchin has effective veto power or a 51/49 Senate where Manchin can be bypassed.

What happened to the predicted red wave?

Roe v. Wade was certainly a factor helping Democrats, though polls show that dropped off significantly in recent months.

But Democrats spent heavily to get MAGA/Election Denier Republicans into the general election. And of course President Trump also pushed for those Republicans to become general election candidates.

But while the base loved those candidates, elections are won at the margins. Swing states may have at least a third strong Republican base and a third strong Democratic base. Those bases choose candidates they like in the primaries, but if they pick extremists that don’t appeal to swing voters in the middle third of the population, they’ll have a hard time winning in a general election.


Independents didn’t want to hear about 2020 election deniers and sent candidates like Doug Mastriano, Tudor Dixon, J.R. Majewski, Steve Chabot, and dozens of others home in seats that would likely have been won by more moderate Republicans. Trump endorsed Don Bolduc lost a winnable election in New Hampshire. Just having an extremist like Doug Mastriano on the Pennsylvania ballot hurt Dr. Mehmet Oz. Oz was already a weak candidate and was only able to win the primary thanks to Trump’s endorsement. He failed to beat John Fetterman, who recently had a stroke, but received sympathy from people offended by how he was treated. His capacity to serve could have been questioned in kindness, rather than being taunted, but that sort of civilized politics seems to have left the building in this era. That’s bad for our country as it lowers the quality of candidates by dissuading decent people from running for office.

Other election denying candidates like Kari Lake were predicted to win big, but are underperforming as well and may possibly lose.

In Ohio, J.D. Vance came out of nowhere to win the primary after a late endorsement by President Trump. While centrist Mike DeWine won in the governor battle by more than 25% of the vote, Mr. Vance took an election denial position and won by a quarter of that margin, despite being gifted buckets of cash by Mitch McConnell, who considered Ohio to be a must win state at the expense of spending in other states.

Marco Rubio won by more than 16% in Florida and Ron DeSantis won Florida by more than 19% by staying away from election denial claims that anger swing voters. That strategy paid off for them with massive margins of victory.

And yet, President Trump is expected to announce next week that he will run again for President in 2024.

There are decent odds that his announcement will cause Democrat Raphael Warnock to once again win a Georgia runoff next month.

Republicans had a chance to permanently remove President Trump from ever running for office in January 2021, but failed to do so. Will that come back to haunt them?

Ron DeSantis has time to decide if he will run, but running against Trump will be a bruising battle and he might prefer to wait for 2028. Even if he does run, he may wind up splitting the anti-Trump vote among other candidates like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and Ted Cruz, and hand the nomination to Trump as happened in 2016.

Spoiler alert. If what we’ve seen in 2020 and 2022 continues, that’s a best case scenario for Democrats, as Trump sure seems like he may be unelectable.

Does Anyone At The CDC See The Bigger Picture?

18 months ago, we all had high hopes that the COVID-19 vaccine would end the pandemic. Delta and Omicron proved that it would turn endemic and we would have to live with it.

I was happy to vaccinate myself, despite recovering from COVID, as I was able to visit many countries that required vaccination, and getting some added protection against reinfection didn’t seem unreasonable. The vaccine’s uncomfortable side effects and eventual lack of efficacy ensured that I wouldn’t be getting a booster.

Bizarrely, the CDC continues to use language such as this, stating that vaccines aren’t “100% effective at preventing infection,” instead of just being honest and saying that vaccines do very little to prevent infection, but can help reduce the chances of severe COVID or death.

Indeed, my mother has had 5 (!) COVID shots, including the bivalent booster a month ago, but tested positive for COVID just yesterday. She’s grateful that she’s only achy, but wouldn’t it be nice if the CDC was more transparent?


A risk based approach to COVID vaccines makes sense as it affects older people and people with elevated risk factors more than others.

The CDC recommends that children get vaccinated and boosted for COVID, despite little evidence that there are tangible benefits to outweigh the risks in an age group that has nearly zero complications from COVID.

By putting the COVID vaccine on the schedule of vaccines for children, it can affect which schools that children are able to attend. It also puts the COVID vaccine on the same pedestal as other vaccines that do prevent diseases that cause grave danger in children. But if the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent infections, why is this not being left up to individuals to decide if the benefits outweigh any potential risks? Or will it cause more schools to just stop enforcing the CDC vaccination schedule?

My grandfather did a lot of the original research on the polio vaccine and my family has many MDs in fields from ENT to infectious disease to pediatrics and many more, but they concur with my decision not to vaccinate my children against COVID, especially since they already had COVID before the vaccine was approved for children. But while you can test out of a chickenpox vaccine if you had chickenpox, there’s no such luxury given to COVID recoverees.

A holistic approach by the CDC would reveal that their failure to be honest with the general public is going to hurt their reputation and the medical field in the country as a whole. They previously failed by originally saying that N95s were of no benefit to the general public at the beginning of the pandemic, when it was revealed they did that to retain supply for hospitals, after failing to stop the export of N95s en masse to China before the pandemic reached the US.

The US is one of the last countries in the world still requiring foreign nationals to be vaccinated in order to enter the country.

My wheelhouse may not be medicine, but the narrow minded approach reminds me of the same small thinking that did United’s former CEO Jeff Smisek in. He ditched JFK service because routes like JFK to LA and San Francisco weren’t profitable on their own.

However he failed to stop to think of the systemic consequences of that decision. When United killed off JFK-LAX they wound up chasing away many of their top passengers and corporate clients in LA. In turn, they damaged their entire LAX operation and they were forced to shrink that hub and cede their once market leading service there to airlines like American and Delta. Worse yet, United permanently gave their JFK slots to Delta and to this day, the airline is unable to course correct as it can’t get ahold of any slots to operate in JFK.

Will someone please save the CDC?

United Will Remind You To Checkin For Your Southwest Flight

United has a cute campaign at NotGroupC.com throwing shade at Southwest for having to checkin at exactly 24 hours before your flight to avoid boarding in Group C. You can schedule a phone call for a reminder 24 hours before your flight through 5/3/23 so that you’ll get a good boarding position.

Of course United doesn’t really want you flying Southwest, but they’re here to remind you that other airlines don’t require you to checkin 24 hours before your flight to get a good seat.

Of course Southwest doesn’t offer Basic Economy, and United doesn’t allow you to choose any seat if you’re flying basic, though they are making exceptions if you’re flying with kids. United also blocks many seat assignments unless you have elite status or will pay for it.

But that’s neither here nor there, I still love seeing airlines throwing shade at Southwest’s anxiety inducing lack of assigned seats.

It reminds me of AirTran throwing shade at Southwest, before the latter got even by buying them and selling off their planes to Delta. Somehow I don’t see Southwest buying up United based on this campaign though.


And hey, Southwest might not have seatback entertainment, but they do have great live entertainment:


Don’t Check Valuables, But AirTags Are A Game Changer

I get a surprising number of emails from people who are looking for advice after losing valuable in checked luggage, from Tefilin to Jewelry.

First of all, don’t do that. Far too many bags and valuables in checked bags are stolen or lost.

But having an AirTag in a checked bag is a no-brainer at this point.

Readers have told me that they have been able to get airline employees to look in back offices in airports after showing them that their Airtag shows the bag is there.

There are so many stories like this one as well…


If you don’t have an AirTag, well, hopefully some kind DDFB members will help reunite you with your bags!

There Are Still Honest People Out There

From my inbox. The reader is correct, I always love a feel good story!

“Hi Dan,

Thank you for the posts you always put out there.

I think you’ll like this story that happened this week.

I booked tickets for my parents to go on vacation to Florida for 1 week they went this Monday with United airlines Flight 441 from Newark to Fort Lauderdale.

About 20 minutes after they landed I get a phone call from someone that works for United in Fort Lauderdale airport asking if I left something on the plane. I conferenced in my father on the phone and he tells me he has all his luggage. She asks him if maybe they lost money, and my father checks and realizes he left his envelope with $500 spending money on his seat!

She confirms she has that envelope (she got it from one of the cleaners) and tells us she will come to the baggage claim desk they should look out for her with a blue vest. They met her there and they got back the envelope and offered her money for returning it, but she refused to take anything!

Her name is Tereza Aramis and she got the envelope from one of the cleaners on the plane.

There are still some honest people out there, the cleaner that found it most probably makes around that in a week!

Thank you again for your posts.”

A Shocking Story Of Delta’s Abuse Of A Pilot

The Seattle Times shares a shocking story of a whistleblower pilot for Delta Airlines.

Unhappy with the whistleblower not accepting the airline’s actions, the airline paid a Doctor $74,000 to diagnose her with bipolar disorder in order to end her career.

She was eventually reinstated to fly A330s for Delta out of Seattle.

After a 6.5 year battle, the pilot finally won, with the judge ruling that Delta weaponized the diagnosis to obtain blind compliance by its pilots. The pilot was awarded $500,000 plus legal fees, but that’s not even a slap on the wrist for Delta. The judge also ordered the airline to post copies of his decision at every pilot base and that the pilot be reinstated with the highest possible wages along with payment for the lost time flying.

The Doctor involved has forfeited his medical license rather than face charges in the case.

Delta offered no apology or admission of wrongdoing.

Shame on Delta for dropping the ball on this one, and for creating an environment where their pilots don’t feel safe to report problems.

Flaming Toilets On El Al

El Al’s slogan is “Hachi babayit ba’olam.” That roughly means “the most at home in the world.”

But hopefully people don’t set fire to their toilets at home?

An Israeli passenger decided to have a smoke on a flight from Tel Aviv to Bangkok. Now, airlines are required to have ashtrays in the bathrooms, just in case someone does try to sneak in a smoke at 35,000 feet.

But this genius decided to forgo the ashtray and toss the cigarette into the trash, which then ignited toilet paper in the trash which caused both the toilet and trash can to catch fire.

Luckily the crew caught it before the fire spread to the cabin and the fire was extinguished without any injuries and damage to the plane. The airline decided not to involve Thai police in the matter, though charges were pressed back in Israel.

A Nigerian Prince Has Millions Of Dollars For Emirates

Earlier this year, Emirates suspended flights to Nigeria due to a dollar shortage and the inability to convert local currency into something the airline could repatriate. The airline resumed flight in September after receiving $265 million from the government.

However, Emirates has once suspended service due to the inability to repatriate funds from flying to Nigeria.

Luckily, I have the contact email of a Nigerian Prince that has offered to extricate the funds in exchange for a small percentage of the total amount recovered. If anyone can pass that information onto Sir Tim Clark, that would be great.

A US Air Force Pilot Shares A Yom Kippur War Story

There are countless stories, both miraculous and sad, told of the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

But it’s not everyday that you read an AvGeek story about a US Air Force Pilot delivering arms to Tel Aviv, who had some divine providence making sure that he didn’t wind up landing his plane in the water at night.

United Does A U-Turn After Protesters Block Highway In Sao Paulo

Protestors in Brazil that were unhappy with Jair Bolsonaro’s defeat shut down the main highway connecting Sao Paulo with Guarulhos Airport.


That caused United to turn around mid-flight:



A little PTSD? Who, me? But what’s life if not for having a few adventures to tell along the way?

Mattress Mack Does It Again

No baseball fan outside of Texas likes the Houston Astros.

But I love Mattress Mack.

Once again, he gave away tens of millions of dollars in free furniture thanks to a brilliant annual promotion where he offers a full refund of your furniture purchase if the Astros win the World Series, which they did last week. He’s able to do that by hedging the promotion against an aggregate $10 million bet he made on the Astros, which comes out of the extra proceeds brought in by his wildly popular promotion. This year, the bet earned him $75,000,000.

Whether the team won or lost, he would break even, but he gains the added business from the promotion and a whole lot of people in Houston got free furniture.

Why aren’t stores in other cities offering promotions like this?

Are Extra Legroom Fees Racist?

I’d love to see hotel resort fees and fuel surcharges get regulated out of existence, but extra legroom fees?

Fly Frontier Shower Class

Don’t have the miles to splurge for Emirates Shower Class?


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by DansDeals (@dansdeals)


Just fly on Frontier Shower Class!


I May Need To Try This One Day…


Living In Elon’s World

Amazing how we got from banning the Babylon Bee earlier this year to where we are today.

What are you thoughts on Elon’s takeover of Twitter?


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Early voting prior to the Fetters Oz debate is what got Fetterman elected. Different outcome had there been no voting prior to the debate


Nope. It was a lot of democrats believing in Fetterman coupled with independents and some republicans seeing Oz for the snake oil salesmen and New Jersey resident that he is.


All this Trump v. DeSantis talk is juicy, but under the hood, there’s a far more pressing issue: Democrats fortified their COVID mass mail-in-voting apparatus. It’s a vote-harvesting juggernaut that will continue to produce competitive results no matter the GOP nominee.


Bingo and agreed with Dan that we need to start playing the game we’re being forced to play.


Great write up as usual I definitely agree with your trump analysis



Moishie Hersko

Ladies and gentlemen, finally a new knock knock joke that is freaking hilarious.

This roundup is worth it just for that.


Oooh and a verified green badge here. I guess I need a better ‘in’ on here!


Just pay $8

Yehuda Zucker

I went to israel for sukkos this year. Had AirTag in every suitcase and hand luggage. Someone mistakenly took my hand luggage from tsa. Was able to track it to where they were.

Thanks for the tip


Thanks again for the news roundup. We want more…..
I like your short and sweet analysis on Trump. Echoes the thoughts of many.


Wow, almost a year since the last roundup! Thanks Dan, I love these.


The veracity of pushing the covid vaccine amongst our communities really deterred me from wanting my family and I to live in a Jewish community. I was shell shocked how much hate I got when I refused to get vaccinated. All I did was read the research. I kept sharing it with everyone, but nobody listened to me. Instead I was made a pariah in my town.

Thats OK. Everybody knows now. And now they all want to be friends again. I’ll never forget what they did to me.

I’m happy you realized the same now. I love you for it.


Not sure why this would make you want to not live a Jewish community. Assuming you live in the US, just move to a Chareidi community like Lakewood Monsey etc. – noone was a pariah there


They were never your friends, truly. Find new friends.

Chad Bidoro

Roundups are back ! Thanks Dan for doing the dirty work of sifting the web to bring us quality entertainment ! Love it


Great roundup again! Really enjoy them. Mattress Mack is great.

Dan, re the elections I agree with you, but Trump aside, we are all seeing and feeling the effects of inflation and high gas prices etc etc so why isn’t that in it of itself a reason to trigger a red wave?


Because people need someone functional to vote for. Case in point, Ron DeSantis who won by 30k votes 4 years ago, didn’t get on the Trump election denial train and this time won by 1.5 MILLION votes. Clearly people would have voted for more responsible and disciplined Republican candidates. Another point, in Georgia all the statewide republicans who beat their Trump backed contesters in the primaries easily won, while the Trump backed senate candidate got a lower percentage of the vote than the Democrat and is gonna have to face him again in a runoff.


Is the party that’s spending recklessly and promoting the issues facing every day Americans really the “functional” party to vote for? Is it really possible to convince people that the inflation/crime/gas etc etc are really Trumps fault?

And indeed Trump has got to go. He was a good president but the bad is far outweighing the good

#Never Fly Lufthansa

Denying legitimate elections are only going to keep hurting the party that promotes that idea regardless of what else is going on. (Perhaps Trump “stole” the election from Hillary? Wouldn’t you think that absurd of anyone who claims that?)


MAGA will not die, and has not died, friend. DeSantis is MAGA and is the second and third dose of Trumpism that will rid our body politic of the DNC virus.


Voter turnout in FL was 10% less than in 2018. DeSantis did not win by any “mandate” that is all made up by the media. Once Disney goes to the Supreme Court to overturn DeSantis’s special tax law aimed only at Disney, that will become a national issue that DeSantis won’t be able to hid from! Raising taxes is not a Republican thing. Once all the Orange County residents get their new tax bills that stench will very hard to overcome!


I doubt that Trump really cost the Republicans much of anything in this election. Take a look at Wisconsin where super-Trumpy Senator Ron Johnson won re-election even as the Democratic governor got re-elected in this same round over a Trump-supported candidate for governor who previously lost to Russ Feingold for Senator.

There just aren’t that many true independent swing voters as there used to be, and politics becoming less local
and more national is part and parcel of that. Also, the country’s self-sorting and gerrymandering have set up the country for more of the same “the other side is evil” politics and what that means for being truly “independent”.

What amazes me: how incompetent the Democrats are with putting out hard-hitting messages; how much extreme hypocrisy Republican voters tolerate from
Republican candidates nowadays.

What surprises me is how the Democrats pulled off a pretty sweeping victory across Michigan with the state legislature flipping.

The Democrats nationally would have done better if they got their act together on messaging more around inflation-induced economic hardship and crime being a Trump-delivered situation. Also, the Democrats seemed to have lost the plot on Republican plans to gut Social Security and Medicare for most Americans who have paid into it. While Democratic “scare-mongering” about Social Security no longer sells in Florida like it used to be able to sell, it should still be able to sell in the Midwest and Rustbelt areas.


But Johnson is a veteran up against an unknown. And he also won by a slimmer margin than predicted by polls.

Regardless of Johnson, on balance seems clear that Trumpism lost out here. Many of Trump’s picks lost, in particular in swing states.

Maybe it’s time to put Trump back on the drawer.


Trump cost us in terms of his endorsements leading to nominations, in turn leading to failed candidacies. We get better candidates organically, even if some aren’t true Republicans.


Someone has to figure out a way to get rid of that clown he has definitely overstayed his welcome.


If the dems nominate a real functional centrist vrs Trump it will be an absolute blowout.


Sounds like you believe that boring middle beats roaring clownishness. I am not so sure about that in a world that all too recently elected Trump, Modi, Bolsonaro, Orban, Netanyahoo 😉 and so on. Even in a very evenly split state like Wisconsin, a known bad boy like Johnson won the Senate race against a known guy like Barnes in the state. Lying clown ≠ loss, unfortunately.

Too many Americans have gotten used to hyper-partisan playing fields; and for 47+% of the country, Trump would probably be accepted yet again in an election for US President. In such environment that makes elections a game between turnout maximization and voter suppression maximization. And Democrats keep bleeding males — particularly Hispanic-American, African-American, Asian-American, Native American men — but seem incapable of messaging correctly to capture non-college-educated European-American males.


Still support the clown from Queens or are you dropping your support since he supported so many losers?


I messaged delta about family seating for basic eco ticket. Rep wouldn’t do anything. Asked for a supervisor. Supervisor provided seats


I saw Delta recently spread a family of 1 adult + 3 young children across seats that had each child away from the accompanying adult and each sibling by at least two rows each. [Also saw Delta bungle how it assigned seats for a family of 2 adults with 3 wild children under the age of 6.] The gate agents said they couldn’t do anything even an hour before boarding started. Seems to often be a problem with the way Delta handles “basic economy” passengers, but not only. Why Delta can’t get its act together in such situations as well as even KLM does in such situations just speaks to a degradation of service level from Delta and may one day set up Delta to lose a massive lawsuit when an emergency evacuation goes more wrong than it would have if Delta had it as a priority to always seat kids next to their parent(s).


I love your thoughtful perspective on the election!


to add to the CDC post, the US still remains one of few (maybe only?) country that is still refusing entry to non-vaccinated visitors….


The Dems complain about elections, too, but yes… Trump’s gotta go.

Political Expert

A. http://www.fivethurtyeight.com never predicted a wave. So for those who did, maybe it was more of a bad prediction than “trump”. It’s easy to look back today and blame a bad prediction on Trump.

B. Previous waves happened when the minority had 175 – 195 seats. It’s hard to have a wave when you already occupy 213 seats. How many seats did you really expect republicans to win, even with a “wave”.?


538 predicted the GOP would take the house by a solid margin of 20-30 seats. As it stands they have one of the slimmest majorities ever. People are blaming Trump for endorsing a lot of candidates in the primaries and then barely supporting them afterwards especially if they failed to spew his election fraud nonsense. He raised nearly $100m and used a negligible fraction of that supporting the candidates he picked, most of whom lost if they were in a competitive race. Trump did a great job as president, he’s doing a horrible job as ex-president.


Here’s your link. “republicans have an 80% chance of holding between 214 and 246 seats. The odds of taking 20-30 seats was less than 20%



Thank you for deerrrpp spelling 538, a fake wannabe “institution” that only gets it right once a decade or something.


Dan, did you hear the Dr. SEUS southwest flight speech? It’s really funn.I have it if you want it.


Feel free turn your furniture store into a casino


Great roundup once again, Dan.

Would like to hear your take on the Twitter saga.


Roundups make my day!
Thanks Dan!

Round up

Thank you for the News Round up . This is best Political summary of the election I found so far .

I have yet to fly southwest . I do prefer assigned seats and finding my flights on Google flights .

Am I not correct that people living in the Netherlands are taller than the marginalized people President Biden is talking about ?


Did the polls have any affect on election turnout? With all the Trump hate and endorsements The candidates were all still polling to win. If the problem was the candidates shouldn’t the polling prior to the election have shown that? weve seen polling get it wrong all the time – maybe polling causes people to stay home and come out…


love the ‘shower class’ dig 🙂
question is will Jetblue become this..
Jetpacks are not so new but incredibly hard to fly..

Scott Silver

Wow, I didnt realize that Dans Deals would be giving political opinions. A few facts first, why does it take Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, etc several days to count the votes? I can only come up with 1 reason for that and its called cheating and fraud. The republicans should have been successful in winning both the house AND the senate. Unfortunately though it appears that they are getting cheated out of the senate seat for Blake Masters in Arizona, and maybe Laxalt in Nevada. A country the size of Canada or France can count ALL the votes 24 hours from the end of the voting but all these democrat run states cant.

Secondly, Trump busted his butt flying all over the country to hold huge rallies for Republicans. I believe Trump endorsed candidates were like 173 wins and 16 losses in the general election. The fake news and main stream media can call it a red ripple, but I believe that 173 wins and 16 losses would be considered a RED WAVE. If there had been no multi day counting in Arizona and Nevada then I do believe the Republicans would have won both the house and the senate. Katie Hobbs the Arizona incumbent Governor and her democrat friends ran the election counting in Maricopa County Arizona. She and her fellow Dems are going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, when Kari Lake wins the governorship ship.

Let me ask you all this. Were you aware that CNN did an exit poll on election night asking voters if they were happy or angry about the direction the country was going in with Joe Biden President. 73% of the respondents said they were either angry or very angry with Joe Biden and his policies. That coming from far left fake news CNN. Those all add up to a red wave. Yes the Repubs lost Pennsylvania because Oz was a flawed candidate.

So please stop listening to what the main stream media and the RINO’S (repubs in name only) tell you. Without the cheating in Arizona and Nevada in which they wait DAYS to finish counting the votes,the Repubs would have won both houses in congress. Just saying.


Washington, Oregon and Nevada, do the vast majority of voting by mail. It takes time to count those mail-in ballots. Those states have had mail voting for the last 20 years, but you were not paying attention to how long the vote counting took prior to 2020, right?


While there are potential critiques of CDC-public communication, several medical inaccuracies are present in the COVID-19 analysis. It would be worth leaving these types of discussions to public health experts, infectious disease specialists, and infection prevention experts. SARS-CoV-2 represents one of two major infections for which having disease (infection) DOES NOT confer the same level of immunity as vaccination (haemophilus influenzae is the other). Thus, the guidelines continue to recommend vaccination and booster even if one has had infection previously. Having disease alone as well as vaccination plus disease without booster continues to confer lower levels of protection against severe disease and long-term ramifications of infection (such as “long COVID”).

Your mother having had 5 COVID shots sounds consistent with medical guidelines for the patient population in which she resides. It is good that she had that protection when she contracted disease. It is possible that it could have been far worse had she not received appropriate recommended vaccination.

The risk based approach to COVID vaccines is exactly what public health experts recommend. I’m always shocked that there’s this social psychology of attempting to “meet in the middle” when one side is factually inaccurate and the other side is “the middle.” The CDC guidelines are based on level 1 data and expert consensus analysis that combines infectious disease and public health expertise. To suggest that it needs better public input is to suggest that passengers’ perspective on proper fuel amounts and flight plans should carry a level of weight in decision making in the flight deck similar to that of the expertise of the pilots themselves. It sounds ludicrous but that is exactly how most medical professionals truly entrenched in the data feel with this type of conversation.

“The CDC recommends that children get vaccinated and boosted for COVID, despite little evidence that there are tangible benefits to outweigh the risks in an age group that has nearly zero complications from COVID.”

The complications from COVID are hardly zero in the pediatric group. I personally have encountered several previously healthy young people die from COVID. It’s certainly rarer but hardly zero. The level of evidence for COVID vaccination and age-appropriate booster dosing in children is quite compelling. The “little evidence” statement does not appear to be grounded in any studies from major medical journals. The CDC recommendations are not in isolation. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends age appropriate COVID vaccination. That decision-making entails hundreds if not thousands of scientific experts. It’s great to have doctors in the family but there is incredible value to understanding what recommendations are coming from medical societies and what the foundation is for those recommendations. Again, see explanation above why COVID is different from varicella (chickenpox). We also are beginning to learn about the long-term ramifications of COVID infection in children, including among those completely vaccinated per recommendations, incompletely vaccinated, or unvaccinated. Needless to say, vaccinations are about public health. To some extent, no one is safe unless we are all safe. The decision to vaccinate completely per recommendations or not vaccinate per recommendations may not just have impact on those receiving the vaccine but also their family members. They may be the entry point for the high risk and/or immunocompromised family members who will have ramifications from exposure. One could argue that a decision to drive drunk may be one’s alone to make as a crash would impact one’s own life – it ignores the fact that one is also a danger to everyone else around, even if they are driving safely. Their driving safely lowers the risk but the drunk driving still makes conditions riskier.

What happened during the pandemic is exactly what experts said would happen. While there was certainly room for analysis and improvement, the strategies at different points in a pandemic change based on rates of community spread, evolving understanding of the contagion, and the public health targets. Containment and mitigation are two very different strategies and quarantine and isolation are two different tools for pandemics. It would behoove our children to be quite educated in all of these concepts – let’s hope they are not as rigid and fixed as the generations before them. There is overwhelming evidence that the risk of pandemics moving forwards is higher than where it was previously. It’s certainly possible this may not be last respiratory pandemic of this type we encounter in our lifetime. We had SARS-CoV-1, MERS, H1N1, and now SARS-CoV-2, which spread far further and faster. We really do not know if another will arise in our lifetime. The likelihood our children or their children will face one is also far from zero.

It sounds like the CDC doesn’t need saving. We do.




TL;dr pretty please


So Dan complains the CDC continues to peddle how the vaccinations prevent covid and you just go on some fancy rant basically ignoring the fact that it is not exactly stopping any spread and telling us all to stay out of it leave it to the Holy CDC. Which is exactly why Dan concludes at the end “A holistic approach by the CDC would reveal that their failure to be honest with the general public is going to hurt their reputation and the medical field in the country as a whole.”
Unfortunately, you fancy response does not help with the conclusion of many people doctors appear to be completely brainwashed by the CDC and their recommendations


Wearing a seatbelt doesn’t prevent one from dying in a car crash but it does significantly reduce the risk. See above again for the more detailed explanation. Vaccination works.


Sorry your rant is full of medical errors, misrepresentations and assumptions. The idea that you claim vaccines provide better immunity than a natural infection is completely unproven. You don’t even mention which Covid vaccine you are talking about. You’re not even differentiating between humoral or cellular immunity. I also find it laughable that you say non medical professionals have no right to talk about what they are seeing in the medical community around them. That’s a terrible insult to Dan.

In my case I was fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. The vaccine made me sick for three days. Three months later I still contracted Covid. I was terribly sick for five days. Over a year later I been in close contact with Covid almost every day at work and I’ve never gotten sick or tested positive. Clearly the natural infection has worked better for me.


Good writeup. Some additional points below.

1) The switch from absentee voting with a valid excuse to mailing everyone alive a ballot has radically changed the dimensions of the voting public. If the GOP wants to win, they need to revert back to pre-COVID rules on absentee voting. No more election month, no more mailing people a ballot who didn’t ask for one, and on and on.

2) There is no regaining trust from the WHO, CDC, HHS, etc. On the basis of the Covid vaccine misinformation and obfuscation, and data shenanigans, I have assumed similar things are being done with the other vaccines, and have ceased vaccinating the kids until further notice. If they want to course correct, it’ll have to be for those people who are under 12 years old as of today. Everyone else with some modicum of intellect won’t soon forget.

3) Thank you for the Apple AirTag vignettes. I had (potential) issues with luggage on my current overseas trip and the airlines have left me no choice but to AirTag my luggage going forward.

4) Unfortunately, we need to just switch to DeSantis, even though if we were assured the GOP could win, we’d love to nominate Trump to make the left’s collective heads explode. We should just make Trump Speaker of the House and let DeSantis finish of the left in 2024, with extreme prejudice.


1. the media got a new agenda to bash trump really bad even republicans
2. trump did all the work this election by himself all the votes were his noone helped campaign which is pretty impressive how much people came out for him
3. everyone is busy answering everything up i have it preety easy IT WAS FRAUD


Re: apple AirTags – what if I have Android?


Dan, I would leave vaccination advice to readers and their doctors. Children can and do get bad cases of Covid. 2% of young children get Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS) after contracting Covid. Children who get this syndrome, get very ill, hospitalized, and some even die. Why would you not want to prevent that from happening to your children?

There is also evidence that multiple cases of Covid in an individual, of any age, have bad consequences over the rest of that individual’s lifetime. People who had previous infections of Covid variants prior to Omicron strains, and then become infected with an Omicron variant have much higher chances of getting “long Covid”. There is no rhyme or reason as to who has more serious side effects after their infection. With the best advice still being, “try all costs to avoid infection”. Which means even if vaccinated: wear a mask in close quarters, wash/disinfect your hands, and practice social distancing if possible. Outside of my home, I have worn a mask almost non-stop since March 2020. My allergies/hay fever have disappeared, no common cold in 4 years, and I have never contracted Covid. The CDC has advised masking and social distancing from Day 1. Simple advice that too many people ignored!


Day 1? really now the CDC did not recommend masks for the general population for the first month or so…


your MAGA analysis has some inaccuracies; for example “Dr. Mehmet Oz. Oz was already a weak candidate and was only able to win the primary thanks to Trump’s endorsement. He failed to beat John Fetterman, who recently had a stroke, but received sympathy from people offended by how he was treated. ” Fetterman was treated with respect and no trace of insensitivity. Oz lost because of voter fraud, plain and simple, as will happen in Georgia.
Aliya anyone ?


Smell what you are shoveling as if Israel is less corrupt the whole world is corrupt. why can’t you understand that there are millions of people against trump whatever fraud numbers you claim in 2020 it’s not in the millions, a few thousand in PA a few thousand in AZ the fraud you claim is for electoral votes not the popular vote which he lost by 5 million and being that 2022 was just a popular vote it makes a lot of sense that he didn’t get the votes ( and the claim that trump got more votes than desantis doesn’t really have much bang to it 1. less turnout in a midterm election 2. percentage desantis did much better)


Election denialism is a form of anti-American bias. Just as anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism when it denies the right of Israel to exist, election denialism denies the right of America to reside as a safe democracy free from existential threat.

Commenters engaged in election denialism and those on the fence would best be served reading How Democracies Die by Ziblatt and Levitsky. Venezuela was once the model of democracy in Latin America and has now collapsed. Hungary has eroded into an “illiberal Christian democracy.” These didn’t happen with military coups. This happened through soft transition to authoritarianism, demonizing of essential journalism, seeing political opponents as enemies of the (authoritarian) state, inaction of parties to rid themselves of extremists in their midst, and several other factors present in America today.