JetBlue Is Increasing Baggage Fees Again, Get Ready For Other Airlines To Match; Roundup Of Credit Cards That Waive Bag Fees

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Not too long ago, JetBlue was one of the few airlines offering free checked bags. That fee increased to $15, $20, $25, and then $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag.

JetBlue’s days of being a breath of fresh air in a nickel and dime industry started to evaporate when they forced out founder David Neeleman. When they brought on Ben Baldanza, former Spirit CEO, to their board of directors, it definitely showed the direction they want to go.

A week after he joined JetBlue last year, the airline led off the most recent round of bag fee increases to $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag. Other airlines were quick to match.

2 months ago they added basic economy restrictions, which are especially hard on their elites. Awards are also pricier as they can’t be bought on basic economy fares.

And for tickets purchased as of today, bag fees will climb to $35 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag.

For now, JetBlue will offer a $5 discount on each bag if you pay for them more than 24 hours before departure. In the past they’ve offered a discount like that and gotten rid of it, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that phased out in the future.

JetBlue will also charge a $25 phone fee for bookings and services that can be handled online.

I’d guess that Alaska, American, Delta, and United will be only too happy to follow along with increased baggage fees. We’ll see if they also pass along a discount for paying in advance.

The higher fees make the case for having an airline credit card that waives baggage fees even stronger:

Do you keep airline cards just to waive checked baggage fees?

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Southwest = southbest!


Stouthwest = 2 hour layover

new yorker

Very hard to find direct flights on southwest which mean waste ur day for a 3 hour flight, southwest became worthless to me when they left Newark


Very hard to find any flights on SW now that they have disabled their interactive route map.


Where are you going that you cant find direct flights?

new yorker

There’s no direct flights from NYC to FLL, MCO, JAX, CLE, CMH, PHX, LAS, LAX, SFO, OAK, MSP, SAT , for a new yorker southwest now is mostly worthless unless you waste a day in airport with connections.


Correct. I live in the 5 towns and ISP is amazing. I love flying out of that airport. Takes all stress out of flying


Even bigger pain


This was true before they killed service to FLL and EWR.

JetBlue going downhill

I’ve noticed over the past year (conveniently since I became Mosaic) that JetBlue has been going downhill. They’re even hiring less professional flight attendants. Some are outright nasty on the NYC to South Florida routes. Not all, but some.


The airlines will keep taking advantage of consumers by rising fees and devaluing points. There is room for a mid cost carrier with great service who don’t nickel and dime. Maybe dans deals can get 25k ppl together and invest in an airline!


the united explorer card doesn’t wave the bag fees! only if you use their card that offers no incentives or rewards for your flight booking do you get the free bag? I guess ill have to pay $30 to use my SR.

any other ways around the fees?


I have called and been able to pay most of the flight on my CSR besides $5 on the united card. I have also redeemed CSR points and paid $1 on my United card


If you know you’re going to have to check a bag, I think it’s worth passing on the 3x UR Points from your sapphire reserve and using the United Explorer card. Instead of earning 3x UR, you’ll earn 2 united miles and save $30+ on baggage. If you used your CSR and paid for your baggage, you’re basically buying 300-500 UR points (whatever your fare is) for $30.


Shame on them. Everyone is turning into ULCCs.


This is insane. The 25$ price stuck around for a decade. Now just a year after a 20% price hike, they do it again?? Are they run by the MTA???


Jetblue used to be my favorite airline. I almost signed up for the cc just for the free luggage, but there are literally no other perks.


“The Citi AA card or Citi AA Business Card offers a free checked bag and priority boarding, even on a basic economy ticket.”
Free bag domestic only.


Love being Mosaic with Jetblue!


It seems that JB is squeezing the benefits away from Mosaic… but being able to change a reservation is still a good thing, and having phone concierge service is great. Of course we also take advantage of the 2 bags “free,” — at least one suitcase is FOOD!!


I just got the Jetblue card just for the bag fees. Was worth paying $90 for 4 free bags on each of my trip legs.


love the comment about starting our own airline!
first meeting will be right after mincha in the coffee room of vishnitz (downstairs).


They still give you a free carry on, on basic economy that lots of airlines don’t.
And you can check your carry on in for $5 if you don’t want the hassle of carrying it around and fighting for overhead bin space on the flight.


Delta is looking better and better.
Still have the JB credit card for the free bags. If they remove that perk, I’m
Cancelling my card and flying elsewhere.


none of the airlines, with the possible exception of Singapore Air, according to Reb Dan, is anywhere near perfect. I do like Delta’s sky lounges, but a good friend just flew Delta to Mexico City, and his brand new, carefully packed suitcase arrived falling apart and wrapped in plastic… I still haven’t heard if Delta is going to compensate him.


I reviewed the post and comments and still unsure about whether the airline credit cards mentioned waive the fee of a ticket purchased for not the card’s airline.
Does the Chase United waive baggage fees for tickets purchase on it of other airlines ?


i agree with you,dan. i dont either consider spirit and frontier airlines


Humbly predicted this. I still believe that within 3-5 years there will be little difference between Spirit and Jetblue. I’m a rookie compared to others out there, but I continue to predict that towards the end of 2020 Jetblue will begin charging for carryons, first with Basic Blue, followed through the rest of the classes (excluding Mint). According to many data stats, Spirit already beats JB with on time arrival in many markets. Really sad!


As a matter of fact, I don’t think Alaska offers priority boarding for card holders at all.


If somebody purchases a ticket for you using one of these credit cards, but is not flying with you, can you get any of the card benefits


What annoyed with JB recently was the introduction of Blue Basic which has the cheapest fares but does not allow some of the Mosaic perks such as free cancellations.


Perhaps it may be worth mentioning that the Amex airline credits on Plat biz or personal, Gold personal, and Hilton Aspire can be used to offset baggage fees on any of these airlines as long as it’s your selected airline


Can someone please tell me if this makes sense: I have a citi Aadvantage mile up no annual fee card and am flying in a few months with my family domestically. I want to upgrade to the citi Platinum select or Executive World Elite card because they have one free checked bag per passenger. Can I upgrade to one of those two cards which carry large annual fees and then downgrade after my flights back to a no annual fee card and hopefully get prorated back some of the annual fee? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


JetBlue also does not allow Mosaic members to check free bags if using the Blue Basic option… we used to be able to do that. Also, if you are buying the flight with points, basic isn’t even an option. Very sad to hear that JB is going the way of Spirit… I did actually try that once… oy vey!!