Let’s Rewind: Chatting With United At KWFE NYC About Their New Kosher Meals And Wines

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Dan’s note: I typed up this post in February, but didn’t get the chance to publish it before COVID-19 hit. It is interesting that United is the only airline in the world that has maintained daily flights to Tel Aviv throughout the pandemic. They became a lifeline for the country of Israel and they are dedicated to being the carrier of choice to Tel Aviv. I mentioned this post in my speculation on where I picked up COVID-19 and commenters wanted to read it, so here ya’ go. Note that some of it is out of date and other parts, like kosher food in Polaris lounge, is pushed off indefinitely as those lounges as closed due to COVID-19:

In February I attended the KWFE kosher wine and food event in NYC. Perhaps I’ll write a comparison of that event to the KWFE LA event another time, but one aspect that I found intriguing was that United Airlines was out in full force at the event, co-sponsoring it and having a table there.

In attendance were United employees running the gamut from the head of the premier program to catering, to head of marketing, and strategic initiatives.

Charles Herzog tells me that Jill Kaplan, United’s president of NY and NJ, has been instrumental in working to improve United’s kosher food and wine offerings in NYC and on Tel Aviv routes.

It’s great that United is finally putting an emphasis on the kosher experience. Kosher airline meals from the US have long been overlooked, while excellent kosher meals from London’s Hermolis can be found on airlines flying from South America, Europe, and Asia.

I spent some time chatting with Alexis Barney Sinclair, United market specialist in NY and NJ, at KWFE NYC about the airline’s new kosher initiatives.

Here are some things I learned:

  1. As mentioned here, giving feedback is absolutely critical for United’s decision makers. Armed with data from flight attendant feedback, online form feedback, and feedback from the special email addresses given to 1K and GS members, informed decisions can be made. If you get a bad kosher meal or if you are considering flying another airline due to a meal offering, you should let United know.
  2. United has received great feedback regarding the Herzog wine program and is looking into expanding the program for the economy and premium plus cabins!
  3. United double caters the kosher wine from the US for the return flight. They heard feedback from passengers that there was no wine offered on flights from Tel Aviv and are investigating to see if the return flights wine allocation is being consumed on the outbound flight or if flight attendants aren’t noticing the return flight wine allocation. Alexis told me she would greet an incoming flight from Tel Aviv to see the situation for herself.
  4. United isn’t comfortable providing mini bottles of wine together with meals as some other airlines do as meals can go to children or alcoholics who may not want to handle wine. I asked about flight attendants having mini bottles of wine as some kosher customers may not be comfortable drinking open wine even if it is mevushal and was told that people should share their feedback with United about that.
  5. United is open to providing kosher wine systemwide in business class. Getting feedback from customers would be key in getting that implemented.
  6. United currently offers Fresko meals on the Newark to Tel Aviv route only. Based on feedback the next potential route for Fresko meals would be from Washington DC to Tel Aviv.
  7. United is open to providing Fresko meals on all routes from Newark, once again, getting feedback from customers is critical.
  8. Another route that United has received high demand for kosher meals is Newark to Brussels, so that is also a candidate for Fresko meals and kosher wine.
  9. United currently only offers kosher meals in first class on domestic routes that are greater than 2,000 miles in length and they’re comfortable with that. They know that Delta offers kosher meals in first class on all routes with meal service, but they haven’t heard much feedback about getting kosher meals on shorter flights. Of course the catch-22 here is that people don’t provide that feedback because US airline meals are of such poor quality that it’s not even worth asking for them…
  10. United is closely watching how many people request a kosher kids meal to Tel Aviv and for people’s feedback on the offering.
  11. The mid-flight snack bowl is something that Alexis had to juggle between the needs of kosher passengers and other passengers. Alexis went hunting from their supplier and found parve goodies like Madi K’s Sea Salt Almonds, Drizzilicious Cinnamon Swirl Bites, and Deep River Sea Salt Chips. Their supplier didn’t have kosher branded snacks, so that was the extent of what was available, but once again, she expressed hope for feedback. The M&Ms and Cheez-It Crackers aren’t going anywhere, despite not being suitable after a meat dinner, but it’s possible that United can add other parve equivalents to those snacks based on passenger feedback.
  12. United has heard very positive feedback to the new Fresko meals, including the meat dinner, the parve mid-flight wrap, and the dairy breakfast.

I also spoke with Erik Gross of Fresko foods and learned some interesting tidbits. Fresko sells prewrapped snacks and meals throughout JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark, but this is the first foray into in-flight catering.

  • Fresko is working to supply United’s Polaris Lounge in Newark with kosher meals in the coming weeks. Currently the thought process is to offer parve, such as salmon, and dairy, such as ravioli, options for passenger’s pre-flight meals or for connecting passenger’s post-flight meals. United Polaris business and Star Alliance long-haul business and first class passengers can access the Polaris Lounge. Kosher wine is currently available in the lounge, though unlike the in-flight wines, the lounge wines are not mevushal. There won’t be any need to pre-order these meals!
  • Sourcing quality kosher snacks that fit into 2 inch tall trays with high-level hechshers is no easy feat. Often times there is just one vendor for some products. For example I asked why they don’t serve greek yogurt (Norman’s Creamy Blend Lemon and Island Mango are my jam), and the answer was that the Mehadrin yogurt was the only Cholov Yisroel yogurt that would fit into the 2 inch tray.

United’s Newark-Tel Aviv breakfast tray, minus the hot entree:



I tried the Chicken Marsala and the Kale Spinich Burger, they were delicious! I’m sure they don’t taste that good on the flight, but boy what an improvement they are over inedible Borenstein meals!


The harvest roasted vegetable wrap, which is the mid-flight snack from Newark to Tel Aviv, was also great:



Have you tried the new United kosher options on economy or business class? What other questions do you have for United about improving kosher meals?

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Chaim gold

Pek-Ewr can use some help in the kosher food area


I am gs and traveled twice since covid19 to California and they didn’t offer kosher meals at all, and since they dont offer now hard liquor and i can’t drink non kosher wine i was stuck with coke
Is there a way as a gs to write to them about my experience?
Btw how many people dont drink from mebushel on the plane?


Anyone flying now other than for emergencies is seriously in denial


Heard of antibodies??

Dan Bee

“United double caters the kosher wine from the US for the return flight. They heard feedback from passengers that there was no wine offered on flights from Tel Aviv and are investigating to see if the return flights wine allocation is being consumed on the outbound flight or if flight attendants aren’t noticing the return flight wine allocation.” More likely, the flight attendants are stealing some of the extra wine, and if there is any left, are too lazy to offer it.


The food truly looks much better than Regal meals. But if only they can get kashrus certification on the level of Regal… Or at least something close to that….


I alternate trips NYC-TLV, LX or United. I hav not had the improved meals on United, the meals were eh, the lounge was punishment with zero options for kosher and the flight attendant on board was threatening to my self and my wife. My wife considered legal charges against him (she is an attorney in Israel and the NY) but we let it go.
LX was terrible the first time, no fish appetizer, no wine, it was like we were missing half the meal. On future flights it became clear that the LX was half a meal, the cabin attendants skipped the first half of the meal. It really lent a new meaning to YMMV, depending on crew.

good food

we ordered children meal for all of us – dont know what we got but it was very good we just flew to tlv end feb march. was that this new company?? thnx for e/t and all the write ups waiting for more Sunday roundups!!!


Lots of people including myself will not eat meals self served in the lounge from trays that are not prepackaged. I have the same issue when flying ELAL in the Dan lounge and same with the King David at JFK. I’m sure that it’s kosher but there is always the slightest chance that it’s not!
Any advice?


Slightly off topic, but I’ve been to the Calvin Klein lounge many times in Barclays center, where they have a self serve open buffet of kosher food (full time mashgiach at the table). I’ve seen people add the kosher food to their plates that had non kosher food on it. Not sure if it touched… Gotta stick to the wraps etc, that are wrapped…


Why not take it up with the full time mashgiach that’s there?


Flew UA EWR TLV past Tuesday. Booked 5 hours prior and surprised still got a Fresco meal. A bit skimpy on the quantity, but very tasty and fresh. Fresco should eliminate full size Kaiser roll. No indication if mezonos. The tray already had a huge chocolate croissant. Sub fruit item or something. I realize these are Covid times.


Has Fresko EWR – ZRH in March before covid. Very decent. Good change.


I see a few people are talking about wine. Can you survive 10-11 hours of flight without wine?


If you are flying business you should have some extra’s don’t you think ?


Can you Do a comparison with the miami KFWF also?