PSE&G Customers In NJ & ComEd Customers: Get A Google Nest Thermostat For Free After $130 Instant Rebate! On Sale From Amazon For $99.99

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PSE&G Customers In NJ: Get A Google Nest Thermostat For Free After $130 Instant Rebate!

PSE&G Customers in NJ can get the Google Nest Thermostat for free via the link above.

ComEd customers in Illinois can get it for just $1 via this link.

Shipping charges may apply.

This Google Nest Thermostat is on sale from Amazon for $99.99 after a $30 price drop.

Know of more free offers for thermostats from your local gas or electric provider? Post a comment below!

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I have con Ed. Not com. Qualify?


Read the post?


comd coned same, just call and they should give you it for 41 or $99 refund


I actually was just looking at this in an email from ComEd. Seems the ComEd link is dead.


Looks like it’s working now!


Anything like that in Baltimore


Think 75 rebate from bge


ComEd link worked for me. Cart added $10 in taxes but shipping was free. $11 total.


Thanks I got 2


Do I need to be a customer, or just an account is enough?


Also Free for NJNG customers.


What do I need it for ?
I am a renter
Pls explain benefit of item


How about do some research of your own


Products must be installed within 60 days of purchase in the same home as identified by the
PSE&G residential account used to validate customer eligibility. Resale of rebated products
is expressly forbidden.


Lol ComEd vs ConEd confusion


Same here …


In for 2 from PSE&G NJ. FYI their price is $99 as well


PSE&G reserves the right to inspect all rebated products to verify compliance with PSE&G
Marketplace Program terms and conditions. This may include post-installation inspections or
participant interviews. Upon reasonable notice by PSE&G, the Customer must allow access to the installed product for a period of four (4) years after receipt of the rebate from PSE&G.

Dan\'s the Man

you have to use it for 4 years?? No thanks!


Not working by me, I’m trying to get one for my commercial account I guess it only works for residential

Yossi Gordon

I live in Los Angeles I have some friends who got a free one from ladwp (our water and power company)
The reason they want you to have these is because they want to be able to have more control over the grid. During a heat wave a few months ago it hit almost 120 F°. Anyone with one of these thermostats did not let them turn it below I think 85° F.
I friend of mine who runs an hvac company said he got dozens of calls from customers thinking there air-conditioning is broken, and he spent the whole day replacing fancy nest thermostat with old simple cheap ones.

If you don’t want your utility to decide the temperature in your house, don’t get it!!!!


welp.. I’m cancelling my order tomorrow!