Get A Free T-Mobile Hotspot With 30GB Data For 30 Days

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T-Mobile is offering a free hotspot for 30 days, up to 30GB of data.

You can test drive T-Mobile’s network by using WiFi from the hotspot on your phone and see how it compares to your own carrier.

  • Not valid for current T-Mobile customers or customers that have taken a trial in the past 6 months.
  • No credit card or credit check is required.
  • You do not need to return the hotspot at the end of the 30 days.

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Why the Pritzus ad for vacation in Hawaii?

oy yo yosef

Zeh Yosef Hatzadik


Welcome to the month of Elul!

Moshe Berger

Is the device worth anything after 30 days?
What can I do with it?


It’s free, and that’s a great price – PewDiePie


Congrats on 100m

Moshe Berger

Does it work in Israel?

Yo ssi

“includes 200MB roaming. (Which means in USA) Your non‑T‑Mobile rate plan terms also apply. Coverage not available in some areas. Not for international use.”


Any gimmick?


Any idea how long it takes to ship and get delivered?


Google Voice Numbers work

Coffee Guy

How can we figure out if this Mi-Fi device would work with other SIMs?

Yo ssi

I believe it is locked to T-Mobile, but try your luck!!


I’ve used a google-fi sim card in a t-mobile locked phone. Google-fi uses their towers. If the Google-fi sim card would work in the mifi pack, then you can probably use it overseas. You would need to set up the google-fi apn settings….


Clever idea


Do you have to return it when you’re done?


I was just chatting with a T-Mobile employee about what to do with the Hotspot after 30 days and this is what they answered:
That’s a good question! Once the trial is over (30 days) you must return the hotspot device at a local T-Mobile store for recycling or hand it off to a friend so they can try out T-Mobile too! 🙂


Can a few phones be connected at once?


Do I need to start the 30 days right away it can I wait?


T-Mobile asks for a phone number. I assume this is just a contact number and not for porting (since it’s a hotspot!). Correct? Thanks.


Can a laptop connect to the wifi or only my phone?

pinchus ym

Do you need to activate it? if yes, how?


Thank you! Dan I got 1 on the way.


Just got mine! Thanx Dan!


its after the 30 day trail and its still working. will they bill me?


Is this offer dead already?

Lori Schneider

I wonder why I din’t receive mine . I got email saying I got it, it was coming … Yet nothing arrived. Then I may have erased it all .


Still available?