AMEX Membership Rewards Adds A New Valuable Star Alliance Airline Transfer Program With No Fuel Surcharges!

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AMEX has added the ability to transfer Membership Rewards points to Avianca Lifemiles, a Star Alliance airline. You can transfer points at a 1k:1K ratio.

Lifemiles is one of the rare mileage programs that doesn’t collect any fuel surcharges. United is another program that does not collect fuel surcharges, but AMEX points can’t be transferred to United as they are exclusively with Chase.

Points transfer instantly from AMEX to Lifemiles.

The Lifemiles award chart has several sweet spots.

See this post to learn all about the Lifemiles program and sample redemption bargains.

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Can you search and book online?


yes. giyf


Will this bring up the value of Amex points?


Good news. However one should be aware of “issues” with Lifemiles.
1. Co-airports aren’t recognized as such, so JFK-XXX-EWR isn’t a valid round trip, needs to be issued as two one ways, each with it’s redemption fee.
2. As an extension of above, changing a ticket to depart/arrive from a different airport, requires cancellation/redeposit/reissue.
3. If one finds a routing that doesn’t show on their website, it can still be issued by sending screenshots of what does show for the desired origin/destination, and screenshots of the individual flights showing availability of the routing you want. However, it requires a different department needs to call you back in order to ticket. If you subsequently require changes/cancellation to that ticket, it’s again a lengthy procedure requiring a call back from that department.
These are just some of the issues I’ve encountered recently. I am sure there are more.


dont all mileage programs not allow to book jfk/ewr as a roundtrip? and even if they dont allow the jfk/ewr rt booking, book one ways lifemiles is not like iberia


Can you offer another detailed post regarding options
for getting to Israel on miles or cash


lol have you searched the site?


Badly needs updating.


New Amex cards and programs coming out on Thursday as well


Link? Source?


lh f gonna get harder to snag…ua short haul does always seem to have a $60 surcharge, don’t know what that’s all about.


is it an instant transfer?


There’s also a whole thread on flyertalk called, “Lifemiles serious booking problems – Beware.” Good luck.


sweet spots: TLV-JNB/CPT/ZNZ/JRO
35k ON J


even via Europe ? Lh / LX?


I’m confused.
The chart shows that from us1/2/3 to Brazil is 30.000.
But from Brazil to us1/2/3 is 33-38.000.
Any explanation?


US-TLV in Business is pricey


Once in a whole we have this discussion which points are better ..


Ummm dan why are you advertising for gay crusies??


Just tried a transfer to a new Avianca account and points still aren’t there. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Called AMEX and they said the transfer was sent and received. Trying to book a last minute flight!


Despite the $25 partner booking fee, both pricing and availability are sometimes better with partners than on Avianca metal.


Do names need to match for a transfer?

mendel cik

DAN can you please advise what would be the best way to make united points out of SPG points? i know you have written about it before the merger but i have missed it, so what’s the situation now?