Free Sample Of Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

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Free Sample Of Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Fill out your information via the link above and you will receive your sample mailed to your home.

HT: bigdipper8545, via DDF

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Maybe it’s dead


your kid is probably too old. I was successful and his bday was in 2020.


how do i enter pamper size?


How many diapers do you get? 1?


I’m still waiting for the free nuk offer from months ago. Maybe I signed up for too many then and they canceled all of them

sol con

Thanks for signing up for your Free NUK Comfy pacifier. Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfill your sample request due to supply demands.

So, here’s the good news! We’re sending you the Perfect Bedroom Environment Guide (a $10 value!), developed exclusively for you by Natalie Willes, founder of The Baby Sleep Trainer and our resident sleep training guru for the NUK 3am Club.

We strive to provide peace of mind to parents in everything we do, and this guide provides the 4 critical elements that you’ll need to achieve the perfect bedroom environment for your newborn.


I got that also.
Heads up, please use your common sense.
It says in that to always monitor your kid with a baby monitor to make sure they are safe.
that sounds a little (a lot) extreme to me.


I’m also waiting for it I hope ill still get it before my baby’s bar mitzvah!?

A Pushite Yid

Just got a Case Swaddlers by my door!! Thanks @bigdipper8545