Get Fee-Waived $200 Visa Gift Cards From Staples This Week, Earn 5x Points Everywhere With The Incredible Ink Cash Card!

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Update: Alive again and now valid with a limit of 8 cards per customer per day!

Update: DEAD!

Staples is waiving the $6.95 purchase fee on $200 Visa gift cards through 9/23 in-store only.

Use your Chase Ink Cash Card or Ink Plus card and get 5 points per dollar spent. Office supply stores never charge a fee for retailer gift cards such as Amazon and hundreds more, but these Visa gift cards can be used anywhere!

The IRS recently lost a case trying to tax a couple that bought millions of dollars in Visa gift cards, which they subsequently cashed out in order to earn 5% cash back. The court ruled that rebates for gift card purchases are not taxable.

You may be able to use the gift cards to buy money orders at various stores and gas stations. Just use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number to cash them out. Beware that most stores no longer accept these for money orders.

Or you can donate the gift card to charity and get a receipt for the full face value while earning 5 points per dollar.

Or you can give away a gift card as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah gift.

Or you can always use it for everyday spending anywhere while earning 5% cash back or even better, 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar everywhere!

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where can i find a gas station that will give me a money order for my gift card?


it’s in your hometown.


Can i use a staples gift card to buy these?

rental addict

I called Chase to inquire about buying gift cards they said any cash related purchases don’t count towards a spending for a signup bonus


These promotions have been advertised here for years. Do you really think Dan would post it if if doesn’t work???


The first rule of the game is to NEVER call the bank! Lol



cant beleive it

are you serious? what’s wrong with you? did you just land from Mars? looking to get smarter than anyone else? when in doubt ask a question here! if you do not trust this place don’t come, don’t read and don’t verify you do not trust it anyway; Period.
this game is tougher everyday we don’t need people to ruin it for the others.
Next time an airline is having a price mistake you gone call their tech support to ask them about it? Or any other deal for that purpose? i cant beleive it!!!
Just for the gig try it now and see for yourself and if you dont have the guts then just get lost and don’t mess up everyone else!

Grammar Man

Your message is on the money, but:
1. You could have said in in a more mentsch’liche way.
2. Take the time and make the effort to do a grammar and spellcheck and people will take you more seriously.


Dan, is there any difference between chase and Amex in regard to getting points for gift card purchases?
And can you post a link for high value gift cards that I can buy to meet spend thresholds?


How do most people liquidate these? Money orders at groceries?


Us the cards to donate to tzedaka


does it charge as a cash advance on the CSP?


Any comment on the AA cancellations? American and Southwest airlines seem to be flying into the wrong clouds…;)


I have purchased in the past, without problems, using them for some of the purchases mentioned here. However, now I would love to know if these purchases count for spend threshold on Citi AA cards. It appears that this current forum is not being answered, but perhaps another user with experience could answer.

stan r

I am finding it very difficult to find these cards in the Hartford, CT area. most Staples aren’t getting them in. any advice? should I call staples corporate? thanx


In my area some of the Staples locations always have a plentiful supply and some only have a few. Those without a good supply blame corporate. It’s best to go early in the week when there’s a no fee promotion and ask the manager if there are none on the rack. The racks have storage inside and in many stores there’s a drawer behind the registers with cards in no particular order.


They keep them by the register!


Any idea if the staples are having fee waived visa gift card in December? Thank you!


Our local NJ staples is out of them
For months
And manager have no idea when vendor will bring so nice offers but unavailable

Boro Parker

Is it possible to say off your credit card balance with these cases just as any debit card?

David R

If you default and it goes to collections, then likely yes. Obviously, that’s a bad idea.

Boro Parker

Why can’t you pay your balance with these aren’t they like any other debit card

David R

Since when does Chase let you pay your credit card bill with any other debit card? Citi does let you pay credit card bills with a debit card, but they are particular about which cards they accept and don’t accept the cards that this deal is for.


Because they are not!

David R

I was able to use pay yourself back to redeem UR points at 1.25¢ per point towards the Staples purchase I made in October using my Ink Plus card.


Does it work for chase ink business preferred? Thank you.


You should mention that 5% only applies to the first $25,000 per membership year.


Hi Dan, have you stopped posting these sales? I was in Office Depot and saw they are running such a sale but didn’t see it posted. Thanks


I have a “INK BUSINESS UNLIMITED” When i check on chase how much i can earn for staples it says “Shop and Earn 2 points/$1”. How can I earn 5 points per dollar?
Thank you


Ink business unlimited doesn’t earn 5 points.
Just ink cash or ink plus at office supply stores.
I’m also assuming you were looking at the shop through chase portal, which in any case won’t work, as this sale is in store only.


Where can you buy no fee money orders with gift cards?


Acme(not all, but I have had success in north jersey)


Where are these sales advertised? I don’t see it in their weekly circular.


For Lakewood DDers – the Howell store has them at the register but will only give you five at a time. The Brick location (on Rt70 by Costco) they have plenty on the display.


2019 Anchor Benifit
Proptery tax Relief


This page is a 404


Store #292 Greenville NC never have the $200.00 Visa Cards in stock. I called Staples Corporate 2 weeks ago. Still none in stock today. Who’s responsible is it to maintain Stock. They have an essesive amount of other denominations. NEVER $200.00 cards.


Can’t use them to pay yeshiva tuition anymore. What changed in past month?


What’s a difference where you use it? it’s a regular visa credit card


not entirely true. there are a few places where such cards don’t work.


For example overseas? Why will the yeshiva not go thru?


Can you buy on line?
Also can you use a Haytt world card and get 5 points


My staples has a sign that “all gift card purchases will be called on before the final sale”. Anyone have issues with this sign


what does “will be called on” mean?


you can also upload the cards to Venmo account and then transfer to bank account for free it takes a few business days though


How can you do this. I’ve tried and I couldn’t figure it out


When is this up again?


DEAD?: Went to store this morning and Discount was not applied on Visa $200.


I just signed up for your ink credit card deal. Can you give me step by step of how to purchase this in store?


Update the post to reflect the current SUB on the Ink Cash


“You can use the gift cards to buy money orders at select grocery stores and gas stations. Just use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number to cash them out”
I would like to try this. Is it worth the fee to purchase the MO from them?


Do they let you buy money orders in the walmart in howell or brick?

Chaim F

Do they take PayPal?

Dan M

Just went to staples and tried to buy but they rang up with the $6.95 fee unfortunately

David R
Set the ZIP code to that of the store you went to and see if it’s in the ad. If so, make sure you’re buying the right card.


If I purchase several Visa Gift Cards from Staples with a newly issued credit card does that purchase qualify towards the spending amount that I need reach to earn a points bonus. I am asking because it is almost like using a card to purchase cash. Please advise and thank you.


For Visa and MC yes. For Amex no


I’ve figured out how to add the gift card to my Venmo account (as another payment method), but how do I transfer the money to my personal bank account? Is this doable?


send to someone you know and have him send it back to you


Does Venmo charge the 3% on gift cards?


Has not worked for me. “Transaction declined: Please try again in a short while.
Apologies for the inconvenience” – been getting this for a couple of days.


When trying to add to Venmo says invalid zip if I use my zip code. Any ideas


Go to, enter your info and the zip on the card will be yours


Is there some way to purchase these online without the fee? We don’t have a Staples in our city


Just checked the website. I think the deal is dead now.


Cannot purchase money orders with this anymore in Walmart or USPS


Ever since I got the ink card and Staples runs these promotions, i always go to the store and its always sold out. This was my way of reaching the $6000 thresh hold and now im basically stuck


Find another office supply store?
Ask them to order more cards?


But this deal is only in Staples i thought?

They said whatever is there is all they have.

Actually happy i went today because they had fantastic deals on Bounty and Charmin


My local staples manager claims they can’t order them. Rather, corporate sends them sporadically. I don’t know if I believe that or not…

Just wondering

Anyone know where i can buy money orders with these in the LA general area? (Even further north Malibu etc?)


Went yesterday first thing in the morning and the rack is still all cleared by me


Can you go to an ATM and take out the 200 using the last 4 digits. Assuming the atm does not charge a fee




Just got these at my local Staples, they had at least a whole wall full of these $200 visa gift cards. Will now check to see where I can convert these to money orders. Was just thinking… do money orders cost anything?


Yes. Depending on the store, might be $0.49 – $2.


Thank you Dan!! Just purchased 18 of them on Chase Ink Cash!! Found a staples that did not care about any limit and just wanted to complete the purchase before they closed for the day!



Elchonon Morozow

Just got a chase ink card. Anything to be aware of so it doesn’t get flagged? Is there a limit of how many to buy or how many times to stay on the safe side?


Are these purchases taxed?




Can I buy them just with the cc numbers but no physical card? Didn’t get it in the mail yet…


Try adding those credit card credentials into a mobile wallet, like Google pay or apply pay

David R

I was told in one store that they are not allowed to accept mobile wallet payment for gift cards, presumably because they can’t confirm that the name on the card matches the ID. They told me this moments after the cashier accepted my Samsung Pay payment for a purchase of gift cards. She was nervous that she would get fired for that. To allay her worry, I told her I was skeptical that a manager looking over the transactions after the fact could differentiate between a Samsung Pay payment and a contactless payment using a physical card.

To Motty’s question, that would raise a red flag in the cashier’s head making them unlikely to do it even if they could.


hi for the life of me i cant figure out how to transfer the visa gift card from venmo to either another person or to my bank account. keeps saying declined or error. was able to put gift card on venmo. any insights? thx!!


i had the same issue. please post if you get it resolved


Same with me any other ways to get cash or to send through Venmo?


I was able to get 9 cards in one transaction, fee waived.


This will be active for 2/5-2/11


mine did not code 5x, any ideas?


What do you mean, where did you buy?


Doesn’t make sense. Which card did you use?


I tried to buy a money order at Walmart. Swiped the gift card and it was declined twice. What am I doing wrong? Can I use two gift cards to buy one money order? Or is it limited to one gc per money order?

David R

Walmart no longer accepts these cards as payment for money orders.


Hi, is this still available?


In January I bought VISA gift cards with no fee to help spend for my Cash Ink bonus. I live in Brooklyn, and most Staples stores didn’t have the $200 denomination.

I called around, and one Staples store said they should be getting more “at the end of the week.”

Now, I need to buy a few more to finish my bonus spend. I went to that same store today, they were in stock, but they refused to sell them to me.

I was told they can only be purchased with cash or a debit card – not a credit card.

I showed her on my Chase app that on January 23rd I purchased the same item in that same store with my credit card. She said it must have been a mistake, and still refused to sell them to me.

She said the same applies for any gift card there (Home Depot, Delta, Lowes…etc…)

I will try other Staples stores, or perhaps this one again when a different set of people is staffing the store (today was Sunday, so probably different staff than weekdays).

Does anyone know anything about this supposed restriction? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Help!!! I need to spend just under $1000 by March 30th.



What location was this? Never had this issue on Coney Island, but almost never in stock.


This was at Erskine Mall (Gateway Center). In January, they were the only Staples store in Brooklyn, Queens, or lower Manhattan that had the $200 cards.

When I went there, I purchased $2000 in Visa no fee $200 cards.

A few days later, I went back and purchased $750 of Delta cards.

All of these were purchased on my new Chase Ink Cash Card (business). The salesperson went out of his way to be helpful, and although he did ask to verify my ID, I had no problem buying them with my credit card.

I am just under $1000 short of the required $6000 in three months, so I really would like for this to work out. I really hope it’s not a new Staples policy to not sell gift cards other than with cash or debit cards


I go to Staples 535 Morgan Ave Brooklyn, Never had issue, always enough cards but they stick to the 8 limit


First: thanks @Shim and @DG for your comments.

I went back to the same Staples at Gateway/Erskine Mall during the day. Completely different staff from yesterday.

The salesman who helped me (they keep the $200 cards behind the counter, not on the display case) was nicer than nice! I was able to buy the 6 cards that I needed with my Chase Ink Cash card, no questions asked. He even apologized that it took a few extra minutes to activate them as he was scanning them into the register!

I don’t know why the night/Sunday manager was so adamant that she could not sell the cards to me on my credit card, but today’s salesperson had no problem with it at all.


I know this post is for in-store, but (unrelated) I tried to buy some cards online at they are showing the ALL the demoninations of visa cards are out of stock. they do show some mastercards, but the highest denomination is $100


are these ever available online?


Rarely, but can happen. Dan posted such a deal in the past.

David rose

Dan / can it be used for Venmo ?


I was just in staples and they rang up with the $7.95 fee. Is there a code or is it referenced on their website anywhere?


The $200 Visa?

It’s on page 6 of the weekly ad:


I’m having a lot of trouble purchasing money orders with these Visa gift cards. When I called up the gift card number they said the transactions were declined because I was trying to purchase money orders. Any ideas what to do?

Josh Levine

Can’t find any supermarket or post office that accepts gift cards for money orders. Any suggestions in westchester. Transactions were declined in Venmo


Hi I did this with a lot of cards and was hoping to do a money order to pay my cc and they don’t accept gift cards for money orders unlike what it says in the article!! Does anybody know how I can get cash from these gift cards??

Isaac Braun

Can these cards be used in Israel?
Will there be a a foreign currency charge?


US only

N. F.

For some reason the manager at my local store (10950 AC) doesn’t let the staff to put out the GC’s on the shelf it is stashed away behind the register sometimes I have luck that the manager is not in the store and the workers are willing to be helpful and look for the GC’s behind the register I already called In the staples hq to complain but no change so far, any solution?


How much is advisable with these purchases? Will chase stop you after a certain amount, or can I buy $10,800 worth on one card over six days?


I wouldn’t recommend , unless you do tons of other spending too, I still wouldn’t do


does anybody know a place where i can get a money order for this


Is it better to buy this and use it to make a donation, or make a donation on my cc and use pay yourself back with 25% bonus?


alive again 5/28 – 6/3


This post was very useful. Thank you Dan!

Although this deal is over for the time being, my post may be helpful when/if they do it again.

The $200 gift cards may be in the back, behind a case, and not on the rack.
So if you don’t see them on the rack ask an associate/cashier.

Also, I was able to get 9 at once at the staples near me. I don’t know if they have different amounts available by store but it’s worthwhile to ask them how many the max is before purchase, just in case.

Dan, Thanks again!


Can one use these gift cards for every day purchases?




Thank you Dan for continuing to post when Staples has these deals
I would have no way of knowing and my local staples usually doesn’t put out the display stickers advertising it, you just have to know
Also, as a tip I use these to pay doctors, dentists, my kids orthodontist, etc. They sometimes think its strange, me paying with multiple gift cards, but they never complain. No surcharge
Also, you can usually pay online too.


same here. I appreciate you posting these OfficeMax or staples GC deals as I buy them to pay insurance premiums and other purchases to earn 5x chase UR points.

Been tbere

Buyer beware of returns (credit to the card).
A slow, slow process to receive your credit. And… you’ll have to call customer service to unblock your card.


Incorrect, done many times with zero issues. Takes a day or two like every return to cc.


If I spend 1k on these gift cards will it go towards the money I have to spend on my ink cc to get the bonus?




I walked in to staples in Pennsylvania. They did not honor the promotion


Can these be purchased w/ Amex points?


Why would you? Get an Ink Cash and get 5% back.


1. I have 170k Amex. There are little options of redemption for full value; booking flights, Home Depot and (I think) Staples. I have AA points for flights, so not looking to transfer the Amex or redeem for flights, only to cash out.
2. A few months ago, I applied for an Ink, was rejected because of relatively low score -/=600 and having maxed other Chase cards, so doesn’t seem like a possible option at the moment.


If you have a different Ink card you can product-change to Cash.

This is an in-store only deal, so you would have to be able to pay with points in-store.

Also, this deal seems to be popping up roughly every 2 months (first MC, then the following week Visa).


Thanks for always letting us know, so we can exercise our inks


Anyone have success with this? I don’t see this deal in the weekly ad.


alive again


Dan, a gut yuhr!
I visited my local staples the last time these 200 visa giftcards had this promotion, and saw that staples carries 2 identical 200 visa gc’s, one with a 7.95 activation fee, and another with a 6.95 activation fee. The promotion was only on the former. The latter was sold out ……
Just worthwhile everyone double check they’ve chosen the correct card!

David R

I went to the store and found $20-$500 cards for $5.95 fee on the rack near the $200 cards that are on sale. This is new, presenting a good deal for when $200 cards are not on sale.