Free 1 Year Subscription To Forbes Magazine!


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If you want to avoid having to take a long survey to get the subscription you can follow these steps.  In Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level.  Then scroll most of the way down to “Scripting” and click on “Disable” under active scripting. Click on OK at the bottom to confirm the change.  Then you will be able to click on the link below and bypass the lengthy survey.  Then you can enable your active scripting once you are finished.

Free 1 Year Subscription To Forbes Magazine Linky

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Thanks, got one. Any free subscriptions to SI?

lewis garfinkel

wanted it for a long time




You can also do it on firefox or any other browser you just need to press “Esc” on your keyboard before the page forwards you to the survey


Did you get the Economist

Moshe P

Thanks Dan, keep up the great work!!!!!


Dan, I have never commented on your site before, but truly enjoy reading your posts. I do take issue with you providing a workaround on bypassing the survey. By using the shortcut recommended, isn’t this stealing? You are being paid for your time/opinions(via a free magazine subscription) for filling out a survey. To me this seems like fraud. If you want the magazine for free, at least fill out the survey.




thanks dan, this is a great magazine, and u allowed me to do this quickly. This is why people look at your site. To bypass long surveys. If someone doesn’t like it, then they dont need to do it.


@Hi: Yeah, fraud. “Act of deceiving, concealing, or misrepresenting information[bypassing the survey via a workaround and purporting that you did by getting to the replace page) that results in benefits being paid to an individual(benefit being the free magazine).” Not as ostentatious as Embezzlement or other frauds, but still fraud.
@Zvi: Agreed that they don’t need to do it, and clearly in my own opinion, should they do it. I was just disappointed that the workaround was provied. Do whatever you want.


I agree this is a beginner ganif. You do this you’ll get pulled into some bigger Shtick until it’s naase lo kiheter, and you’ll lose all your morality. Where do you draw the yellow line? I think it’s from the time even one person raises his eyebrow and questions “is this fraud?”. Do yourself and the world a favor and be a bessera mentchin!


How long should this be good for? (I have a free 26 week subscription now that started less than 8 weeks ago, I don’t want them to overlap too much.)


I signed up to a few of the mag’s/newspapers and so far only Forbes has been showing up but hay I am still happy 🙂

Dan Rocks!!

I once heard from a certain famous Rav that it is Matur to buy test banks before an exam since it is the professors issue that he cant make up the exam himself and that the test banks are readily available.

I would assume the same idea would apply here. If they wanted to they can fix this issue, but they dont! so to bad!