DD Giveaway: 30 People Will Get A Free $7 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card And A Free Medium Beverage


Update: All 30 cards have been given away! Congrats to @AmexDP, @Drewguy33, @jmk9989, @aryeh_s, @diethea, @sammiezack, @ChaimShapiro, @moishylew, @kevinkashani, @Mark_from_NY, @pittzgreen, @cherryb92, @DCSuns, @jollyfeller, @AriFeiger, @vr67, @amandapaschal, @yaelfarzan, @Yiz_Borol, @Hawks50_52, @TDavis248, @TDavis248, @JoshuaRedlich, @YitzSchwartz, @joe_mansour, @Stryker1sf, @elvis4eli, @zklein71, @Jveritas, and @zombiemarcus!

Join the 40,400+ people who follow @DansDeals on twitter and you’ll get a tweet when a deal is posted on DansDeals.com!
You can even have Twitter send you a text message whenever a new deal is posted.
30 random people will be selected to win a free $2 Dunkin Donuts gift card. Yes. I’m finally clearing out my Gift Chain stock 😉

With a $2 Dunkin gift card you’ll be able to enroll in DD Perks for free and you’ll get a bonus $5 gift card and a free medium beverage as described in this post if you enroll today.

Here’s what you have to do:
Step 1: Follow @DansDeals on Twitter
Step 2: Tweet to @DansDeals with the hashtag #DDFreebie in the message and you could win a free gift card.

For example your tweet can be:
@DansDeals I run on DD #DDFreebie

I’ll be selecting winners at random. Winners will receive the gift card code via direct message.

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Tzvishin Dunkin Donuts un Mcdonalds is a dina mechitza….


#DDFreebie is now trending in USA, ranking 6


I have a lot of twitter accounts!!! 😉

I think it should go to the highest HTers…


Wow ur trending in the usa


Thanks for the card!

dan is the man but dan the man i am

during aseres ymei tshuvah u cant eat this stuff


@dan is the man but dan the man i am: Maybe put it away for later, lol


@dan. Does the following work via text
@dan is the man……….. Save for after aseresymei teshuva


Hey dan, how can I post a deal? I found a great deal on a 3 piece wool suit with flat front pants

Achas Ve'achas

@Scotchy88: forums.dansdeals.com



Thank you!

Thank you for the gift card, Dan! Much appreciated!!!


@Achas Ve’achas
Do I email it to forums.dansdeals.com?


You can post here. In the comnents. Dan will see it.