T-Mobile Customers: Sign Up Now For MLB.TV For Free!

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Update: Sign up for this offer ends tonight. Use this link to sign up.

T-Mobile will once again offer their subscribers a free MLB.TV subscription for the 2019 baseball season. That’s a $118.99 value!

They will also offer the MLB.com At Bat Premium app for free, a $19.99 value.

T-Mobile subscribers will be able to enroll in these via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or Apple between 3/26-4/1.

Once you’re registered for MLB.TV you can use the account on multiple devices simultaneously.

Note that streaming games from non T-Mobile phones can lead to the free subscription being terminated, though you can signup from a T-Mobile phone and then stream from non-phone devices.

Play ball!

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Hi. Can I sign up through my TMobile Phone and then use the login on my roku ?



Yes, you should I was able to this past year w/o a problem.

VZ 4 Life

Thanks Dan! Do you know if streaming from a non-T-Mobile phone on WiFi, will cause it to be terminated? I’ve done it in other years and never had a problem.

Dan\'s the Man

Anyone know if this would work using a T-Mobile mnvo such as Mint Mobile or Metro Mobile?


T-Mobile only, as it requires the T-Moble Tuesday app to redeem the code


I looked last year and didn’t find the answer. I use Teltik for phone, which occasionally advertises on this site. Love them, BTW. They use T-Mobile. Will this work for Teltik subscribers?


Yes, I got it to work, as many other T-Mobile Tuesdays specials in the past. Teltik is the best!


New to T-Mobile so good deal but, really confused over the following comment from your post

Note that streaming games from non T-Mobile phones can lead to the free subscription being terminated, though you can signup from a T-Mobile phone and then stream from non-phone devices.

First you state that streaming from a non T-Mobile phone can lead to the free subscription being terminated and then you state I can signup from a T-Mobile phone then stream from a nn-T-Mobile phone. Seems like a complete contradiction. Am hoping I can stream on my computer or smart TV so does the sign up allow streaming from computer or smart TV once I sign up??? Almost too good to be true.

And with multiple devices allowed, can I let my son stream as well and how would they know we had signed up for streaming on non I-mobile phones??

Go Cubs!!!!

Thanks Dan


Dan says “non-phone devices” i.e roku, laptop, fire tv etc
in short, if your logged into the app on a phone that uses verizon and watch games your acocunt may be terminated


Forgot to get notifications so posting this with the checkmark to notify about replies


In previous years, I’ve bought an account on ebay for around 10$. Used on many devices, no problem. Just make sure your buying from someone reoutable, and whos giving his account to you only. And also dont leave feedback, so u can have the threat of negative feedback to your advantage.


DDF and SD have for around $5

Dan\'s the Man

Where are they for sale for $5? Could you let me know the name of title of the forum. I couldn’t find it.


Did you check SD?


Enjoyed last season, will be returning from Israel about 3-4 hrs too late to sign up in 4.1.19 – have six lines I could’ve shared but have to activate on T-mobile network

Go Cubbies!


I had the MLB league pass last year through T-Mobile, do I have to cancel my free subscription before the 2019 T-Mobile promotion to be eligible this year

Points 99

Does this package have blackouts? Do they let u watch local teams games?
Got a few codes from some teams…


I had this last year, and local games are blacked out


Blackouts are national televised games (ESPN and playoffs) and market blackouts like Portland Ore is in the blackout region for the mariners so I cannot watch the mariners with out a VPN saying I’m elsewhere.


I had the Tmobile MLB tv package last year. I thought that the MLB tv included the next year’s spring training games too. It was that way when I had an account through MLB tv. Is it different because my account is now through Tmobile?


You can’t do it through the t-mobile app. Must use https://www.t-mobiletuesdays.com due to terms of services.


seems like it works only on the android version, for ios users the url you posted is the only way


Thanks so much, the T-Mobile Tuesdays app wasn’t letting me do it!


Does it work for business accounts?


Can you try and let everyone know????


Yes it does, I Signed up


thank you!


Wish it was slingtv offer. I despise this fake cricket, boring sport called baseball! They should cal it cricket instead. Super boring thing to watch


go drink some tea and eat some crumpets, while sailing on the t(h)ames!

Barry Sharpe

As amazing as it is I have a Nokia oldie but goodie and have used T-Mobile for
almost 20 years with this phone…I would like MLB TV OFFER……..is this possible?
For my 55inchSamsung?


Is this only for post paid T-mobile? I am on T-mobile prepaid, do I qualify? Thanks.


Anyway to watch a local game? Any ideas?




I’m getting a ” Promo Expired” message when I click redeem.

Steve L Ramirez

How do I log in to see the game