Prayers For Michael Goldsmith And All Those Affected By COVID-19

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Michael Goldsmith, 34 year old father of 2, is in critical condition and fighting for his life against COVID-19. He’s on a respirator, in a medically-induced coma.

Michael is the DDF member who found dirt cheap tickets on El Al to Israel back in August 2012, in a deal that quickly went viral.

משה אליעזר הלוי בן אסתר ציפורה can use all of our prayers. My Chabad custom is to say the chapter of Tehilim (Psalms) that corresponds to someone’s age, in Michael’s case, chapter 35.

Michael’s wife is making a plea for the experimental drug Remdesivir, so be sure to contact her if you can help with that.

Please add names of those affected by COVID-19 in the comments below or in this thread on DDF, so we may pray for a full and speedy recovery for all those that are sick.

With multiple people in our communities having passed away from COVID-19, and many more in critical condition it is more important than ever to practice social distancing and take all necessary precautions to keep you and those around you safe. Stay home and save lives!

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Please be mispalel for beloved mohel, Rabbi Avraham “Romi” Cohn,
*אברהם בן מלכה* שליט”א
who helped thousands of אחינו בני ישראל – enter the covenant of Abraham our forefather, including thousands of Russian Jewish adults and children, and who the Lubavitcher Rebbe blessed him that “Avraham Avinu is at his right hand side during the Brit Milah”.

Rabbi Cohn is in critical condition in ICU w/ corona virus.

Please pray and send to 10 people so the prayers keep on going!!! Who ever prays for his friend has his prayers answered first !!!

״כל המתפלל על חבירו נענה תחילה״ 
בשורות טובות!

א שִׁיר, לַמַּעֲלוֹת: אֶשָּׂא עֵינַי, אֶל-הֶהָרִים– מֵאַיִן, יָבֹא עֶזְרִי.

ב עֶזְרִי, מֵעִם יְהוָה– עֹשֵׂה, שָׁמַיִם וָאָרֶץ.

ג אַל-יִתֵּן לַמּוֹט רַגְלֶךָ; אַל-יָנוּם, שֹׁמְרֶךָ.

ד הִנֵּה לֹא-יָנוּם, וְלֹא יִישָׁן– שׁוֹמֵר, יִשְׂרָאֵל.

ה יְהוָה שֹׁמְרֶךָ; יְהוָה צִלְּךָ, עַל-יַד יְמִינֶךָ.

ו יוֹמָם, הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ לֹא-יַכֶּכָּה; וְיָרֵחַ בַּלָּיְלָה.

ז יְהוָה, יִשְׁמָרְךָ מִכָּל-רָע:


Romi Cohn does not have Covid-19. Its bacterial pneumonia. Please continue to have him in your prayers.


Chaim Levi Ben Chana Priva

meir grunhut

Call the doctor. In Kiryat Yoel


He prescribed zinc & Hydroxychloroquine for every patient who had severe symptoms before they even went to the hospital. He said the everybody’s symptoms cleared, and he is pleading to Trump to give enough of these drugs to all outpatient offices, so nobody will need to get to the hospital.


Eli Beer of United Hatzolah of Israel:

Eliezer yehuda ben Chaya

Dr Moose

The Facebook post you linked says he’s 34 at the end of the post. Do you say 35 because he’s in his 35th year or is it a mistake?

Different Dan

That’s incredibly kind of you, Dan. May Michael have an immediate and complete refuah.

Michael Levin

Say a prayer for Eliezer Yehuda Ben Chaya
founder of United Hatzalah


Refuah for Ariella Yeshua bat yael alla ella, 8 months pregnant and batteling COVID-19. Thank you.

David N

Which hospital? We’re seeing rsv pneumonia quite common in Brooklyn – midwood, canarsie, Bergen beach.

Yael saadon

How can we contact her

Nina Eizikovitz

(732) 718-0953


My friend’s father has been hospitalized for a week with the virus. Status became very severe today.

Moshe Yaakov Yosef ben Rus


Please also daven for Elimelech Shmuel ben Fruma

Be Mispalel

Please say tehilem for well known Hatzolah, pedemdic & beloved Doctor Dr Dov Landa, who is very sick from the Coronavirus & in the ICU. Dov ber Ben liba Raizel L’Refauh Sholamoh Bekorov

Dr. Dov Landa has helps lots of people from different communities and helped out lots of people with cancer. We ask please to be mispalel from him he should be able to have a speedy recovery and should be able to continue helping our communities.


As far as I know, there is no source to saying an ill person’s kapitel for his refuah. There are specific kapitlach which are a segula for this.


Nice. Perhaps in chabad they bless “Till 150 years”..


Now more than ever is a time to express achdus, not spiteful comments. I could also retort with something immature but it’s only going to do damage. Let’s focus on the positive and respect each other’s differences and what makes each of us unique.


had to chuckle.


Tnx. All these sources tell us that an individual should say everyday his own kapital. But what is the source to say it for refuah (for someone else)?


From the last two sources you can see that the person’s kapitel brings him shefa from above


It’s all about saying your OWN kapitel. Nothing about saying someone else’s kapitel as a segula for them.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Thank you for posting and encouraging tfilah for our brothers and sister. Thank you for all your amazing work.


So say tehilim for the Cholim however you wish – Dan is not preaching anything here he is simply asking for Ahavas Yisroel and to daven for a Refuah Shlaima for all our brothers and sisters who need it, we should hear Besuros Tovos Bekorov Mamosh


Hashem should send a Refuah Sheleimah to all of the cholim speedily!!

And he should send seichel to all those who are unfortunately still not taking this seriously and are not staying home and practicing social distancing! The faster we all get with the program, the faster it will hopefully be over.


My wife, Chaya Elka bas Sara


בעז”ה רפואה שלמה במהרה במהרה אמרתי תהלים


Please add my dad גמליאל דוד לבאיש בן ברוך פנחס ורודל חיה

Tova Taragin

Menashe Dov ben Rasha Riva


מרים חי אסתר בת שרה

(Not a typo. It’s חי, not חיה.)

El Ingeniero

don’t bother with social distancing. go home. stay home. don’t come out except for medical attention.

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

… That’s what social distancing is.


חיים דוב בן קריינדל
HaRav Keller שליט”א, the ראש הישיבה of Telshe Chicago.
In critical condition with Covid-19


Information from Vienna’s laboratory studying COVID-19 say vast majority of people who died had ibuprofen/Advil in their system so do not take it!! Those who recovered did not take ibuprofen so if you have symptoms, take Paracetamol only!!! Looks like this virus thrives on ibuprofen so don’t do it and tell everyone you can!!!

Please pass this information on to everyone in each family. I don’t want to miss anyone so share as much as you can. Or copy and paste!

I just spoke with my friend who is a nurse at VGH (Vancouver) and they just learnt that Advil makes the virus 10x worse. Tylenol ONLY for the time being. She said Advil kickstarts the virus into pneumonia.

She also said they are not releasing the correct number of cases on the news and they have patients coming in everyday and some currently on ventilators. Soon they won’t have enough room in the hospitals to treat patients and will have to turn people away. They’ve cancelled all surgeries to use the ORs for available ventilators, but it still won’t be enough.

She also said she found some people in there 40s and 50s who were previously healthy to be on ventilators and having major difficulty breathing because they took Advil.

Also 4 doctors at VGH are now infected and she said she has never seen her doctors so worried before. So please no Advil and stay safe!!!

There are a few articles online
No Advil
No Advil or any NSAIDS!!!!

M. Josef

Not to make light of anything, but your post about Advil is NOT confirmed, and supposedly started by Johnson & Johnson (makers of Tylenol).

May everyone have a Refuah Shlaima B’korov!


Please don’t be silly. J&J also sells ibuprofen under the Motrin name.
I can not know what the final finding will be but the alleged finding is plausible, Ibuprofen has anti inflammatory effect while acetaminophen does not. turning off or retarding inflammation might not always be a good thing. Look at Viox.

Jack out of the Box

Paracetamol is known as Acetaminophen in the US.
Popular brand names are Acamol (Israel) and Tylenol (US).


Can you please cite your source from a credible general news or medical information source for this Vienna and the date of such source? There are plenty of credible news agencies (e.g., AP, NPR, BBC, US News, the NHS of the UK, and the list goes on, easy for anyone to looks up in 5 seconds) that have directly addressed this very question and have presented documentation from medical professionals who plainly state that there is no evidence to suggest ibuprofen exacerbates the illness. Your “I know an person in Canada whom I won’t even bother to name” anecdotal, third-, fourth-, and-fifth person rumor-mongering doesn’t meet standards of even the most tendentious tabloids. Plenty of these sites warn against this very type of internet misinformation. I’m calling it now: you know no such person and are anonymously posting either out of ignorance or malice; either way, the lives of those who are affected negatively based on the disinformation you and others are disseminating are on your head. Here is one of many warnings of against exactly those of your ilk:

I’ve never posted a comment here to chastise anyone, but this is serious enough that this kind of irresponsible posting needs to be called out. I assume most who read this site are intelligent enough to know that our primary source of information on this matter should be the medical community and credible news agencies (and not mere rumors of such), but for those with doubts, please take with a large grain of salt those who post anonymous claims (especially–most nefariously and cowardly–those with official *sounding* handles) on a blog.


I was the one who originally posted this. I didn’t make my research on this, who this lab is… As I got this post & felt I needed to spread the word. Why I didn’t Make my research is because 4 doctors had told me the same to use tynol & not motrin, assuming they made there research & not just telling that to patients. The doctors that told me that is my pediatrician, 2 Urgent cares which are supposed to be specialist in COVID-19 and my OB.


I dont believe you can name any of the 4 doctors. You are a silly alarmist looking for anonymous attention


By definition, that makes no sense. If it is anonymous, then she is not getting any attention.

Either way, it was very thoughtful of her to post the message here, and whoever wants to heed this warning can take tylenol, and if someone chooses to ignore the warning and take advil/motrin, ‘שומר פתאים ה.

Also, I heard the same thing from a family member in the name of Dr Shanik of Lakewood.


Dr Allan Lampell of Ocean County internal medicine, told me to stop using ibuprofen immediately.

michael ringleheim

The Politco article that cites it as fake news was only referring to the research-if you read the article it clearly says stay away from ibuprofen (advil). It may not be as bad as the fake news but its still the more dangerous option.

Sarah from lakewood

Dr shanik in Lakewood sent out a message to stay away from ibuprofen.


Mass general has a dedicated Covid-19 hotline and they told my wife that there is no proof for this claim.

A friend

Please pray for my friends father in need of tefilot: Chaim mordechai bn rachel


Yisachor Chaim Ben Esther Malka

Dr. Yisachor Greenberg is a Maimonides Medical Center doctor that is the ICU in his own hospital

He needs a Refuah Shelyama


Refuah Shalayma. He treated my dad a few years ago.


מיכאל בן דינה


Sending prayers.
Have her doctors contacted Bayer? They are donating a drug that assists in fighting this. Her doctors should be able to request “compassionate approval” in this case.


Pesach Yehoshua Ben Tova Chaya a father of 4 young kids.


May Allah grant him a quick recovery so he can be happy with his family


See Fox News for discussion of hydroxychloroquine & arithromicin combo working 100% of patients in France after 6 days


מרים לאה בת בילא


Eliezer yehuda ben chaya. Chaim dev ben kreindel. Yaakov ben rochel.pesach yehoshua ben tova chana. Liba ben noah(that’s all i have have). Yosef ben esther. Mordechai ben brendel. Mordechai ben nendle.


Sorry chaim dov ben kreindel. Mordechai ben breindel


my uncle is in induced coma too. Young man.
avrohom meyer hakohen ben aliza


When saying Tehillim/Mi Sheberach for someone you don’t say “Hakohen” or “Halevi”, just the name and mother’s name.




Take this Hydroxychloroquine and zinc and you will be OK iyh like the Dr in kiyas joel said !! We had family member that smuggled it in to the hospital and took it and is out of danger BH!! Why the dr and hospital don’t want to give it is beyond me it’s real retzicha!
refua shleima to all cholei yisrelo bekoriv


Rabbi David Olewski, World known Gu’on and famous Speaker, (had a speech at the previous Great Siyum Hashas about 8 years ago)
in very serious condition:
Dovid Shlomo Zalman ben Zlata
דוד שלמה זלמן בן זלאטא
Please click on this link and read (at least) 1 Kapital


Zvi Yehuda Ben Rivka
צבי יהודה בן רבקה


The book of Isiah 53:5 states that, “by His stripes we are healed”. We pray that God will heal all those infected.

Tehillim list
Tehillim list

If you are in any groups, other sites, etc, please spread this link around so we can keep it updated. The more people that see it, the more accurate it can be.

Dante Ferman

Since the malaria drug seems to help combat the corona virus, I wonder if taking malaria prevention pills prevents one from contracting the corona virus?


Doctors officially aren’t giving it only for patients with symptoms as there is a shortage


Gershon been Miriam


משה שלום אליעזר בן שושנה רייזל
דוד יחזקאל בן שושנה רייזל
Two brothers in their 50’s who need רחמי שמים

David H Lyon

Please include our Rebezin’s father in your davening for those afflicted with COVID-19:
אליהו הכהן בן לילא


Praying for him


יונה אליהו בן שרה

sarah lagnado

Baruch Dayan Hamet for Rabi Romi Cohn


Please say tehilim for Yosef Zindel ben Serel, Well know W54 Zindel Binik paramedic at the Williamsburg Hatzlucha in critical condition. He has helped the community for many years.

the big x

theres a new treatment now that theyre testing in mount sinai hospital for extremley critical patients by injecting the patient with plasma from another patient that had the virus and recovered, they’re injecting the patient with the antibodies from the other patient


Please daven for Yom Tov Lipa ben Chaya


This is a clinical trial for a promising drug coming from an Israeli Company. Very smart team, jewish medical doctors collaborating around the world.
Trial is based in NYU (NY), Baylor (Tx), and Tel Aviv.

This is an unproven drug, but the data is promising. If you cannot got into the other trials then this may be a strong consideration.

Stay healthy!


B”H Michael just got home!!


Video on Facebook
He just came home